2021's Must-Have Women's Jogger Styles

As we all know, jogger pants have become one of the most popular bottoms to wear in the past recent years. They are known for having the comfort of sweatpants with a more professional and stylish look.  Joggers are great because they have the coziness of loungewear along with the added ankle cuffs to trap warmth and give a polished hem for a more finished look.  


Versatile loungewear is now trending, due, in part, to the rise in jogger popularity. We created this super simple guide for you to follow to find the perfect additions to your daily wardrobe. Whether you're flashy or prefer your clothes to be understated, we have the right fit for you.



Stand Out: All About Patterns


Women’s Pink Blessed Tie Dye Jogger


Brooklyn Cloth's Women’s Pink Blessed Tie Dye Jogger


Tie dye has been one of the most popular trends of 2020 and we're bringing it into 2021 because we believe tie dye shall never die! Don't waste your time dying your joggers at home; DIY is fun but it’s difficult to achieve a desired pattern at home. We've made the perfect tie dye jogger for you:  the pink blessed jogger.


This pant shows off a funky, soft pink and white design with graphic details on each leg.  They’re bold and cozy and have easy open side pockets, elastic waistband with drawstrings and a true fit . We suggest styling with a white turtleneck, your favorite jean jacket, and some socks in sandals to unlock your true hippie vibes. Plus, if you’re loving this style like we do, we also carry these babes in multicolor, featuring lavender and baby blue.



Women’s Black Camo Sweat Jogger

Brooklyn Cloth's Women’s Black Camo Sweat Jogger 

Camo will always be a classic, even if you’re not trying to hide in plain sight. If pastel tie dye isn’t your style but you still love a bold pattern, camo is for you! They’re a grey and black pattern with easy open side pockets, a comfortable elastic waistband with drawstrings, and a true to size fit. We think they look awesome paired with a fluffy white Sherpa and your favorite fashion kicks. If black camo not your thing, we also carry these fashionable joggers in olive for a more timeless look.


Keep it Simple: Solid Colored Joggers


Women’s Light Grey Core Cozy Jogger

 Brooklyn Cloth's Women’s Light Grey Core Cozy Jogger



There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving a simple style. As Coco Chanel once said, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” Keep your classy, understated look by adding these cozy grey joggers to your wardrobe. They feature a light gray coloring with a darker gray speckled effect, which will bring an added element of depth to your neutral palette. Plus, the thicker ankle cuff ensures a finished look and warmth.


Dusty Blue Pop Color Ladies Jogger

Brooklyn Cloth's Dusty Blue Pop Color Ladies Jogger


So, patterns aren’t your thing, but you still want to make a statement with your favorite loungewear piece? Look no further because these dusty blue joggers catch the eye and keep things cozy. The soft blue brings about a feeling of calm elegance, but you are not limited to one color with this style. They also come in a soft moss, dusty black, lavender, camel and purple, which can be found here.  They come with our favorite features: pockets, a drawstring, and an ankle cuff. Pair them with a cozy sweater for maximum comfort!


Make a Statement: Graphic Joggers


Women’s Sand Rainbow Blessed Jogger

 Brooklyn Cloth's Women’s Sand Rainbow Blessed Jogger

Streetwear is not just for hype beasts anymore! You can now achieve your streetwear graphic clothing dreams by shopping Brooklyn Cloth’s women’s clothing. We love the women’s rainbow blessed jogger because of its gorgeous sand colored material and the fact that these jogger pants would be a blessing to all wardrobes.


These joggers include graphic details pictured on both legs. The upper left leg features a blessed rainbow logo, and the word blast cascades down the lower right pant leg. The versatility of these women's joggers makes them easy to style. However, we think a matching set moment would be the best choice here. Pair with our women's sand blessed rainbow hoodie. Having a matching set and graphic detailing will give you the ultimate street wear outfit for the duration of the cooler season.


Let this women's 2021 jogger styles guide helped you decide what will help your personality shine through. For every category we have listed, there are tons of other styles that are just as cute featured on our women’s jogger page. We want to see your personality in your new fabulous joggers so tag us on our Instagram that way there will never be a moment you’re not getting hyped up by the #bkfam.

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