5 Ways to Look Cute In Your Boyfriend's Clothes

In today's fashion scene. there's no such thing as just for men or just for women's clothing. It's about what makes you feel and look good. Read Brooklyn Cloth's latest blog post: 5 Ways to look Cute in your boyfriend's clothes. 



Whether you're staying in and watching the latest Netflix movie or hitting up the grocery store together, take your bae's favorite pair of men's joggers and make it yours. It's not meant to be tight or too loose but just right, so it should feel that way for you too. We suggest loose joggers with a fitted t-shirt or cropped hoodie. Need some more inspiration? Discover how to wear 4 types of joggers.

 How she wears men's joggers


Taking his jacket is no longer just for cold nights. The whole oversized look has never gone away and works in every season. Our favorite is when you take our bomber jacket or denim jacket and just lay it over your shoulder. This can be done with any outfit from jeans to a dress. The point is that it makes it your look. 

 Brooklyn Cloth Jackets


Who doesn't love hoodies!? We do and our new colors and styles this season will make you want to keep it permanently for yourself. You can't go wrong with simple tights, leggings or short shorts. Whether it's a messy hair or a dad hat, you're gonna look warm, cozy and fire with his hoodie. 



Our jogger shorts feel super soft and comfy like it's been worn so much that it almost feels vintage. Take this men's jogger shorts and put it over some tights, your bathing suit or on its own.  Keep is loose and comfortable which makes it even sexier (why: cause you're feeling good about yourself!) 

 How to wear men's jogger shorts


Nothing better than a cute girl wearing a dope hat. Whether its a dad hat, beanie, backward or forward, hats fits everyone and pretty much looks good on all. 

 Dad Hats

We hope these suggestions help you shop your boyfriend's closet. Or get some Brooklyn Cloth merch for yourself with our women's clothing collection.

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