Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids in 2022

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids in 2022

 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids in 2022

This Valentine’s Day, take the opportunity to celebrate your little loves a little extra. Of course, you tell your kids how much you love them each and every day, but Valentine’s Day is the one day a year when love is celebrated across the country. Take a minute to celebrate all the people you love on Valentine’s Day, not just your significant others. 


Kids in school may get goodie bags with all their favorite candies or maybe even a flower from a special someone. Of course, they may not expect anything from their parents, but it is nice to receive a little gift that shows appreciation and love.


Why Clothes Make the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Kids


We here at Brooklyn Cloth always recommend clothes as a perfect gift for anyone—clothing is great for all ages and occasions! Especially since we have such a versatile collection of clothing for every season.


When it comes to children, we encourage them to learn how to dress themselves and experiment with different styles while doing so. We encourage this because with them being young, they may not be able to verbally express their feelings and creativity, but they may be able to do so through the clothes they choose to wear.


At Brooklyn Cloth, we have a wide variety of different styles so that every kid can feel comfortable in what they wear as well as be able to find a style that absolutely suits them.


We know it may be hard to find a one-stop-shop that fits all of your kids' likes but we promise you will be able to find at least one piece of clothing that everyone in your family will adore. We can almost guarantee that these pieces will become part of their go-to wardrobe.


We have so many different styles for you to choose from. Whether your kid prefers activewear or likes to dress sharp, we have styles that will fit each of their needs and wants.


We here at Brooklyn Cloth want to make sure that your child is stocked up on every piece of clothing that they may want. From joggers and hoodies, to shorts and T-shirts, we have it all for every age group.


Top V-Day Gifts for Kids


We have created a guide on the top pieces to give your child this Valentine’s Day. We have also mentioned ways to style each of these pieces so that your child is the trendiest dresser in the whole school. We are here to make sure that our Brooklyn Cloth kids feel comfortable and stylish as they rock any outfit.


As we mentioned in our other Valentine’s Day blogs, although Valentine’s Day has a connotation to show your love and appreciation for other people, it is also important to show love to yourself especially after the last couple of years.


We want to make sure that your child feels confident in what they wear on their body and that they love themselves while doing so. We are excited to share with you some of the pieces that will help your child to feel this way.


There is nothing like a good confidence boost when you have a rockin’ outfit on during the school day. Not to mention everybody will be asking where you got these outfits for your children. You may even be referred to as the most stylish parents in the district.



Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids in 2022


We have a wide variety of T-shirts and hoodies for your child to love and wear often. What you decide to purchase will depend on where you live and the climate during this time of the year. However, we want to remind you that all of our pieces are extremely versatile, and we promise you that they will be worn all year round. 


Our Best Clothing Gift Picks








Some of our favorite T-shirts include….


All three of these T-shirts will radiate positivity while your child is wearing them. Not only will the repeat style on all of these shirts remind them of their dope vibes and savage attitudes, but they will definitely get tons of compliments while wearing them in school. While they’re playing during their after-school activities and sports, they will need that savage attitude that their shirt is reminding them of.


These T-shirts can be styled so many different ways for both boys and girls depending on where they are worn. If they are wearing them to gym class at school or to sports practice, they can feel free to pair them with a pair of sweatpants or shorts, depending on the weather.


If they’re wearing them under a jacket to a more formal event, they can always pair them with a pair of their favorite jeans so that they can look stylish and still be comfortable.


The shoes also depend on where they will be wearing them; therefore, if they're going for the formal look, a pair of Sperry's or nicer sneakers will definitely do the trick. If they want to wear them to sports practice, their cleats will look dope. 


We Can’t Forget About the Accessories


Accessories are one of the ways that children express themselves the most. Whether it be a baseball cap or a funky pair of socks, we here at Brooklyn Cloth are here for it.


The funky socks that your children may pick out may not match your aesthetic of the family’s night out to dinner but don’t make them change. This is their way of expressing themselves and it is so important that they do so especially while growing up.


Let’s Move on to Cozy Hoodies



Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids in 2022


It is important for kids to layer especially while they’re in school because while they are going to the bus stop it may be way colder than it is inside of the school. The worst is when you aren’t dressed properly and are uncomfortable throughout the day.


That is why we suggest layering to our #bkfam, not only for children but for all ages. Hoodies are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing in our opinion. No matter what your outfit consists of, if you throw on a hoodie, we guarantee that you will be instantly comfortable.


Some of our favorite hoodies for kids include the following…



As I mentioned previously, hoodies are super comfortable and there’s so many different ways that your children can wear them.


If it is super cold outside and they need something on top of their hoodie because one layer isn’t enough to block them from the wind’s chill, they can definitely throw on their favorite winter coat for an extra layer.


If it is the opposite time of the year and summer is coming to an end, you may want to bring a hoodie along with you in case your summer clothes aren’t keeping you warm enough. Our hoodies are extremely versatile for all months of the year.


All three of these hoodies give us such a different vibe than the others.


If they are going for a more boho inspired look try our…


  • Cozy Knit Desert Stripe Hoodie


This hoodie is extremely comfortable and a little more lightweight than our other hoodies.


For more of a streetwear style gift them with our…


  • White Savage Verbiage Hoodie


Like we mentioned previously about our Savage T-shirts, the “savage” lettering written down this hoodie will definitely give your child a reminder of their inner beast while on the sports court. The specific hoodie is more on the simpler side of our Savage collection.


Another one of our streetwear looks, however, it is a bit on the edgier side is our…



It is not often that you see marble print all over a hoodie, that is what makes our clothes unique.


This sweatshirt will definitely give your child a confidence boost that they may be looking for. Written in subtle letters that easily blend in with the print of the sweatshirt, is the word “hustle.” Our goal here at Brooklyn Cloth is to encourage and inspire people of all ages to express themselves and be their best self. Wearing this hoodie definitely will remind your child to do just that.



Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids in 2022

Joggers: Comfy but Trendy

Some of our favorite joggers include…



It seems like kids' favorite type of clothing are sweatpants or joggers obviously because they are the most comfortable and easy to wear.


Who wouldn’t want to be in ultimate comfort?


Our joggers are such a big hit with every kid, both boys and girls. We offer so many different types of joggers. Some have prints on them, some have different graphics, and some are simple and solid colored, perfect to easily match with anything.


We are here to provide every design for you and then it is up to you to choose the best fit for you and your children from our Brooklyn Cloth collections.


  • Black Streaky French Terry Jogger


This jogger is a basic style which is beneficial to have as a part of your child’s wardrobe being that it can easily be matched and worn with anything. It is not fully a solid color. These pants do have a little bit of white accents around them making them look distressed.


Similar to the streaky French Terry jogger, is our…


  • Printed Space Dye Jogger


Your child will be able to wear basically anything with both of these pairs of joggers, from our previously mentioned white savage verbiage hoodie to a fully solid colored hoodie, anything goes. They can finish this look off with their favorite pair of sneakers or their favorite pair of moccasins if the weather allows.


Finally, our final favorite pair of joggers include our…


  • Navy Tie-Dye Jogger


These joggers will make a bold statement for your kid to rock at school and we are all here for it.


If your kid wants to experience a little bit and take a leap of faith adding more color to their wardrobe, these are just the joggers to do that with.


We recommend wearing these joggers with a solid top being that they are very bright with a busy print. A white hoodie with either a windbreaker or a jacket on top, if needed, along with a pair of white sneakers will bring this outfit together. And, of course, don’t forget the accessories, throwing on a baseball cap will finish the look off.


We are super excited to have shared this Valentine’s Day gift guide for kids with you. We know that your kids will appreciate and love every single gift that you give them on Valentine’s Day. This holiday is not necessarily about giving gifts and is more about showing your love to your children and your loved ones; however, giving a gift is always an extra bonus that we know your child will greatly appreciate. Happy Valentine’s Day from our #bkfamily to yours.

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