Choosing the Right Women's Biker Shorts All Year Round

It's extremely important to wear and purchase clothing that makes you feel comfortable all day, every day. We here at Brooklyn Cloth hope to provide you with clothing that helps you achieve this important feeling.

All year round, one of the hottest trends is, in fact, women's biker shorts. We have previously spoken about the various looks that you can achieve with biker shorts, but we are now going to get more in-depth about all of the outfits that you can create with them. Some may believe that women's biker shorts are only for the warm weather, but we here at Brooklyn Cloth definitely beg to differ!

Women's biker shorts by Brooklyn Cloth


Brooklyn Cloth Women's Biker Shorts

Our Tie-Dye Patterned Biker Shorts Come in...

Our camo-patterned biker shorts come in…

Our leopard-patterned biker shorts come in…

Our solid color biker shorts come in…

There are various ways to style all of these biker shorts, so let’s jump right in!

You can keep women's biker shorts to their original purpose, athleisure wear, or you can incorporate them into your more formal outfits as the newest trend. These shorts are a very versatile piece of clothing to own, meaning that they will come in handy often. The same pair of biker shorts can be worn in a variety of different outfits throughout the whole year. This is why we love women's biker shorts so much here at Brooklyn Cloth.

Both of our Women’s Black 5-Inch or 7-Inch Inseam biker shorts are such essential pieces to own in your wardrobe. These pieces can be worn in a variety of different ways.


Biker Shorts While Hitting the Gym

Women's biker shorts are an essential for the gym. While working out, you want all of your focus to be on your workout, not your clothing. Of course, you want to look cute while at the gym, but you do not want to have to constantly adjust your clothing in between sets to feel comfortable. This can be an extremely distracting issue to have to deal with and will definitely interfere with reaching your reps record. Therefore, we want to encourage you to wear biker shorts to the gym because you will feel cute and will avoid this issue completely.

Wearing gym shorts can become frustrating because of the chafing or bunching that you may experience. Women's biker shorts won't give you that issue. They will stay right in place during your entire workout or even while just walking down the block or around the city. The only thing you will have to adjust during your trip to the gym is your weights and speed on the treadmill.


Biker Shorts in the Winter? 

Women's Biker Shorts by Brooklyn Cloth

Fashionistas! Don’t let the cold weather that is slowly approaching make you pack up your biker shorts until the next season! We all have those pieces of clothing that we leave in our drawers or hanging in our closets rather than putting in the seasonal rotation. We leave them easily accessible because we know that we can wear them all year round by incorporating them into different outfits that will be acceptable no matter what season it is. Women's biker shorts need to be added to that list!

During the summer, we may just pair them with a sports bra or a T-shirt to lounge around or work out in, but in the winter, we can style them up and turn them into classy, dressy outfits!

One dressed-up way we recommend styling these biker shorts would be by pairing them with a strappy pair of heels and a blazer or trench coat. If you choose to wear these women's biker shorts with an oversized coat, we recommend wearing a fitted tee or tank underneath. We know how unnatural it may feel combining two pieces from such different categories but trust us; you won’t regret this pairing!


Biker Shorts as an Undergarment

The undergarments that you choose to wear under an outfit can make or break it. If you are not wearing the correct fitting undergarments, you won’t feel as comfortable as you hoped to. You also may not achieve the look that you had originally planned for.

Biker shorts can be worn underneath a dress or a skirt to help you to avoid chafing—the uncomfortable thigh rubbing experienced by many of us, especially during the hot weather. This burden can make us feel uncomfortable or unconfident while wearing an outfit. Experiencing this discomfort can make us want to go home and change our clothing into a more comfortable option and make us miss out on a new, trendy outfit! A pair of women's biker shorts under your skirt or dress can defiantly help you to avoid this discomfort. They can also save you from having a Marilyn Monroe moment while on your way to the office.


Oversized Tops With Biker shorts

The most common way to rock these biker shorts that we have been continuously seeing in the media and even just walking down the street in the city is by pairing them with an oversized top. If you are trying to achieve this look, you have the option between an oversized T-shirt or an oversized hoodie or crewneck to pair with your women's biker shorts.

Of course, this decision will be determined by the weather or the occasion that you will be attending while wearing this fit. If you want to wear this look to the gym, you can wear a fitted cropped workout shirt or a matching sports bar underneath your hoodie to change into when the workout starts to become more intense. This gym outfit can be paired with your favorite pair of sneakers, depending on the type of exercise that you will be partaking in.

If you choose to wear this outfit as more of a lounging outfit for around your house on the weekends or while you work from home, you can pair your patterned biker shorts with an oversized T-shirt or even a loose cropped shirt. You can pair this lounge outfit with a pair of high-top sneakers like platform Converse. If you want a more easily accessible shoe to be able to slip right on and off, choose a slip-on sneaker or a pair of slides like Birkenstocks. You can even pair this outfit with a pair of chunky platform boots like Doc Martens. You can finish off this trendy chic outfit with a snapback hat and some gold jewelry. Some popular hats to finish off this outfit include bucket hats or a Yankee baseball cap.

We love seeing our garments being used in a variety of different outfit styles because our creativity shines when we create outfits ourselves. We also love seeing the same garment being worn over and over because that means that you are getting your money's worth as well as expressing yourself through your clothing.


Women's Biker Shorts to the Beach

Women's Biker Shorts by Brooklyn Cloth

Biker shorts were originally made for bikers; therefore, they are often seen being worn while individuals are on hikes or on bike rides through trails. While traveling, you may experience trails that lead to beaches or lakes. It may be a good idea to pair your patterned biker shorts with a bathing suit top so that when you are finished with your hike or come across a body of water, you can drive right in to cool off. It would be a shame to miss out on a beautiful experience like this because you weren’t prepared with the right attire.


Layering Women's Biker Shorts

In the morning, while you are getting ready to take on the day, if you aren’t sure about the weather conditions for the rest of the day, or if the morning dew air is still in effect when you leave your house, feel free to layer with your biker shorts.

As we mentioned, comfort is the most important feeling that we hope to provide you with. Feel free to layer your women's biker shorts under a pair of our comfy joggers or sweatpants. Layering is very beneficial because you still get to wear the outfit that you planned on wearing, but you can add or remove an extra piece of clothing to the outfit so that you are in sync with the weather for the day that you are being faced with.


Choosing the Right Pair of Women's Biker Shorts

Choosing the right pair of biker shorts to go with each of these types of outfits mentioned above is very important because you want to make sure you are picking the one that will fit best within the look. The length, material, print, and shade all matter when picking the perfect pair. All individuals have different preferences when it comes to all of these features.

The length of these women's biker shorts depends on the individual's body type and height. If you have longer legs, you may want to choose the longer shorts so that they hit mid-thigh. If you have shorter legs, you may want to choose a pair of the shorter length for the same reason.

The material that our biker shorts are made out of is the perfect combination to achieve both a formal and athletic look. This material works both ways. Some materials like spandex are mostly made for athletic activities because they absorb sweat and do not pill while being rubbed together if the individual is running. Other materials like nylon are created more for calmer activities like yoga because they do not avoid pilling and tears as well as other materials do.  

These versatile materials are needed in your wardrobe because they can be incorporated into so many different outfits. Instead of purchasing a variety of pairs of biker shorts in all different materials so that you can wear them to all different occasions, it would be more beneficial to purchase a couple different shades and patterns of our material to save yourself money and space in your drawers.

Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we offer various types of colorful pairs of women's biker shorts. Many of these colorful pairs include our tie-dye prints. These tie-dye pairs of biker shorts are a great piece to have all year round. Summer is full of bright colors and prints, and though winter generally swings more neutral on the color scale, you can’t go wrong with bringing a pop of color to your outfit.

Matching sets consisting of women's biker shorts and either sports bras or T-shirts are another great way to incorporate this piece. These sets can be worn to any casual outing, including beach days, the gym, hangouts, or just lounging around your home.


Feel Your Best in the Perfect Pair of Biker Shorts

Even when you don’t have anything planned for the day other than relaxing at home, it is still important to look and feel your best. Looking and feeling good boosts your confidence, which is vital for your happiness. We hope that this guide to choosing the right pair of women’s biker shorts has helped you and inspired you to choose pairs of biker shorts that will suit you and that will help you to complete all of your looks that you planned in your head for each season.

Don’t forget to put your own spin and touch on all of these women's biker shorts trends and styles that have been mentioned or that you see yourself on social media. We are all for you jumping on popular trends, but we want to make sure you are expressing yourself through your clothing, and the best way to do so is by adding your own style to trends.

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