Dressing To Increase Your Dopamine

Dressing To Increase Your Dopamine

There are chemicals in our bodies that allow us to feel emotions. The feeling of happiness comes when the body releases dopamine. When we do, see, or feel something that makes us happy, those chemicals are released into our brains putting us into a great mood. The causes of these chemicals being released is different for all of us just like everybody having different and unique interests.


Many of us are pulled into a more positive mindset when we are surrounded by bright colors. Whether that be sunlight during the summer, the leaves changes during the fall, or the flowers blooming during the spring.


We have all heard the term “seasonal depression.” Some of us may not believe this to be a “real” form of depression; however, much of the population does experience this form of depression throughout the year depending on where they live. We tend to see a rise in this during the winter months because the trees are bare, the snow on the ground may be mucky from all of the traffic. and the sky is grey and dark.


There is not much natural bright color going on during this time, which can cause a lack of dopamine in our bodies. Picture this…


You are walking to your office, the sun is shining, the grass is green, and the flowers are blooming. You can’t wait to get through your day in the office so that you are able to spend time outside, get some fresh air, and feel the sunlight on your skin.


For most of us, this puts us in a better mood. Even just thinking about it can make us feel happier. Who would rather be looking out the window to a dark and gloomy environment?


The colors of clothing can have the same effect on us. We here at Brooklyn Cloth want to provide you with clothes that will cause you to release as much dopamine as you can! We want our clothes to bring you happiness and positive vibes while you are wearing them.


We have so many bright and exciting-colored pieces for you to rock, even when it is dark and gloomy outside. Not only will you bring yourself happiness, but you may also lift the spirits of anybody passing you on the street during your walk to work.


We see a rise in bright colored clothing during the nice and warm months. But why not during the winter months when we need it the most? There is some unspoken rule that when it is dark and gloomy out, society should match the weather’s vibe and dress in dark clothing. Don’t get us wrong, we are all here for a sleek all black outfit, but we also need a bright pick-me-up outfit once in a while.


We here at Brooklyn Cloth want to jumpstart providing bright and colorful clothing during all months of the year, not just the sunny ones. We have a wide variety of styles that are offered in bright colors for you to choose from. From hoodies and joggers to tees and shorts. We have them ready for you to rock from winter through summer.


Let’s get started with some winter styles that will provide your wardrobe with a pop of color


Some of our favorite colorful winter styles include our…


Let’s talk about some of the clothing terms that will release dopamine within your body.

  •  Comfortable
  • Trendy
  • Colorful
  • Versatile


Coincidentally, these are all words that we would use to describe our Sherpa pullover hoodies. Our Pullover Sherpa Hoodies come in a variety of different colors and prints for you to choose from.


Two of our favorites of this style include our mustard and color block pieces. These two versions of this style can be worn during so many occasions and styled in so many different ways. Our bright mustard shade of this Sherpa pullover is not only a bright choice of clothing that will provide both you and those around you with loads of dopamine, but it will also bring you so much comfort and coziness.


You will get the best of both worlds while wearing these Sherpas. You will get the cozy feeling that winter clothes provide along with the bright and cheerful feeling that summer brings us. The color block patterns of this Sherpa brings us a both a trendy pattern along with chill colors. This color blocking patterned Sherpa would be more of a complex outfit while the solid color would be part of a simpler outfit.


We would recommend pairing these Sherpas with a pair of your favorite joggers, either twill or knit, depending on the vibe you are aiming for. If you plan on curling up in these Sherpas, we definitely recommend pairing them with your comfiest joggers or sweats to achieve ultimate coziness.


If you are going the other direction and are rocking this Sherpa to the office, we recommend going with the twill joggers to achieve a more formal outfit.


Both of these outfits can be worn with a long trench coat over them to add a winter city-chic vibe if you still want to stick to the social norms of winter in the Big Apple while also setting your own trends.


Next up, Sets


Why are matching sets always trending in the summer but not during the winter? That needs to be changed immediately for everybody’s sake. What is better than a brightly colored matching set? We here at Brooklyn Cloth can’t think of anything that we love more in the fashion world.


We have a couple of winter-approved matching sets that will still provide you warmth but also add some color to your usual dark attire. We may even like wearing these matching sets during the winter rather than the summer because of all of the layers and accessories you can wear with them to spice them up.


Think about it… In the summer it’s hot and you want to wear the lightest clothing possibly so that you don’t overheat while still being cute and trendy. So, in reality you are only wearing the set. In the winter, we can rock these matching sets but also add to them to create many different versions of the one set.


One of our favorite winter matching colorful sets that you absolutely need in your wardrobe this winter is our:



These polar fleece outfits consist of both a polar fleece hoodie and sweatpants.


We offer these sets in both an aqua tie-dye shade and an earth tie-dye shade. The pieces that make up these sets include… 



These sets can be styles so many ways. The most basic way to wear these sets is just by wearing the hoodie and sweatpants with a pair of your favorite sneakers and some accessories like a baseball cap or a couple pieces of gold jewelry.


One way to have a little more fun with these sets would be to style them with some additional layers. Our favorite way to style our pieces is by layering because you can have so many different looks within one outfit. We recommend adding a long tan or black trench coat or a puffer jacket to wear on top of the hoodie.


Accessories, Accessories, Accessories


They can be the most important part of the outfit. They may tie the entire look together so it is important to put as much thought into them as you would the actual clothing. Accessories can range from the shoes to the jewelry to the hat to the bag. They are vital. Because these sets are full of color and are a pretty busy print, we recommend your accessories be solid colored so that they do not take away from the set itself.


These sets are also neutral, earthy colors, hence the name of the style. With this being said, we recommend sticking to the neutral vibe to highlight the brighter colors such as the blues and greens within the tie-dye.


A great accessory to add to either of these sets is a Yankee army green or beige baseball cap. This can give you the streetwear urban look while also bringing bright color to the streets. Another hat alternative in addition to a baseball cap would be a neutral-colored beanie, especially during the cold months.


We know that you will adore rocking these sets as much as we do here at Brooklyn Cloth during the winter season.


Last but never least, we have another way to bring color and enhance your dopamine amount through clothing this winter.


Our Color Block Hoodies may be the brightest option we have for you today. This hoodie is absolutely an amazing way to spread good vibes through color this winter. Not only is it bright, but the versatility that this hoodie provides is endless.


Unlike our previous pieces mentioned, this piece is easy to style during all months of the year. Our Sherpa and fleece pieces can be worn during the spring season, but it is definitely aimed for the winter cozy season.


This hoodie can be styled during all 4 seasons


This colorful hoodie can be worn with a pair of jeans, sweats, or joggers depending on the style you are trying to achieve when wearing it. We recommend pairing this hoodie with a pair of distressed black denim pants and a pair of black and white Vans.


Don’t forget about the jacket you will need to keep you warm while rocking this hoodie in the middle of the winter. We recommend a comfy long puffer coat and a scarf to complete this colorful winter fit.


We hope that you, our #bkfam, achieve high levels of dopamine throughout all seasons of the year. Life may not always be going your way and that is completely normal. If you ever feel defeated, just add a little color to your day whether it is natural or from clothing. This will be sure to brighten up your day both physically and mentally.


We hope that this guide to creating and releasing more dopamine into your brain through the brightness of clothing during all months of the year has helped you and inspired you to add some color to your wardrobe this winter season.


Don’t forget to focus on the little things in addition to the big picture. Little things can make both you and other people’s days 10x better, even if it’s just by wearing a bright hoodie.


Stay bright and cheerful this winter season, #bkfam!

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