Gender Neutral Styles for Kids

It is very important to let children discover who they want to be. We all hope to teach kids to be themselves as they grow up. Society can sometimes play a major role in how children act, dress, and show interest in. We want the children of the Brooklyn Cloth family to be able to freely express themselves with the help of their clothing and their style choices.


We do not want them to only follow the social norms if they do not like a specific style of clothing that may be trending for their age group. Of course, young kids do not know how to match their clothing perfectly yet, but we’re here to help them choose what is comfortable and catches their attention.


Gender Neutral Styles for Kids

Here are Brooklyn Cloth, we have a variety of gender-neutral clothing for all kids to rock.


We hope that this list helps you create outfits that will satisfy all of your children no matter how old they are.


 Kid's Joggers from Brooklyn Cloth


Joggers for Every Kid


Joggers are one of the most gender-neutral wardrobe staples. They can be worn by anybody, at any age. As you all know, joggers are a huge part of our collections here at Brooklyn Cloth. We offer a variety of styles for you and your children to choose from.


Our Two Favorite Jogger Styles


Savage Box Logo Jogger

Camo Fleece Jogger


Our Savage Box Logo Jogger comes in a couple of different colors for your family to choose from. These colors include black, heather grey and red.


Our fleece jogger comes in both camo and black camo print as well.


Any of these joggers can be paired with a solid-colored shirt. We suggest a simple one for these joggers because of the prints on each of these bottoms. We do not want to pair these bottoms with a busy top causing them to clash with each other!


 Kid's Hoodies from Brooklyn Cloth


What Kid Doesn’t Love Hoodies?


Hoodies are another essential part of our collections here at Brooklyn Cloth. We suggest stocking up your child’s closet with a whole variety of hoodies for them to be able to choose from throughout the entire year.


We want your child to have many hoodies to wear and not just repeat wearing the same hoodie every day. Trust us, they will want many because the comfort of our hoodies is unmatched.


Gender Neutral Hoodies for Kids


Cozy Knit Desert Stripe Hoodie

Black Drip Splatter Hoodie

Kids White Savage Box Logo Repeat Hoodie

Red Savage Verbiage Hoodie


Our Cozy Knit Desert Stripe Hoodie is a gender neutral piece that provides your child with colorful comfort. We guarantee they won't want to take it off!


Your child can rock this pattern all year round and especially during the winter months. They can pair it with a pair of sweatpants and slippers to achieve the comfy look.


Both our savage collection and our drip hoodies are extremely popular. The “savage” collection is also offered in t-shirts, joggers, and shorts that your child can rock. The drip hoodie is offered in either black or white with the word “drip” in the middle of the hoodie. These hoodies are covered in a splatter paint print to add a bit of color to both of these options. Feel free to purchase a couple of these pieces for them to mix and match and create matching sets with.


We guarantee that all of them will love choosing which style from the collection to wear with one another. Feel free to finish off any of these outfits off with a pair of their favorite sneakers and any other accessories that they would like to wear with the look to make it their own. We suggest accessories like hats, jewelry, bags, and fun socks.


 Kid's T-shirts from Brooklyn Cloth


A Tee for Every Child


Last, but not least, we know that your child will appreciate our tee shirts most of all. Our wide variety of shirts will provide your child with some shopping fun while they choose which ones to add to their cart.


Although it was tough to decide, we have chosen a couple of our favorite t-shirts that we believe your child will enjoy most and be able to create their favorite outfits with.


Our Best Gender-Neutral T-Shirts     


- Royal Blue Rose Embroidered Striped Tee

- Royal Blue Single Striped Tee

Distressed Tee in Cedar

Dusty Rose Positive Vibes Crosswalk Tee


All of these tee shirts come in a variety of colors and shades for you and your children to choose from while they are shopping to stock their tee shirt collection.


Our Royal Blue Rose Embroidered Striped Tee comes in three different colors. These colors include royal blue, black and navy. This mostly solid colored tee would be perfectly paired with so many bottom options for your child to choose from, like a solid-colored bottom as well as a printed bottom such as our camouflage joggers or tie dye shorts.


Each of the tees listed can be styled in a variety of ways. Let your kid get creative—encourage trying the tees on with different bottoms, jackets, shoes, and accessories so they can discover their personal style.


Why Choose Brooklyn Cloth?


Your child will get a ton of use out of simple clothing because of the versatility of these pieces. They will be able to wear them repeatedly with so many different combinations of bottoms. Many of the pieces we offer here at Brooklyn Cloth can be worn all year around so you can mix and match them with different pieces to make them appropriate for whichever season it may be. Help your child feel comfortable in their clothing in any season.


We want your child to be comfortable in anything and everything that they wear. We encourage our #bkfam to wear whatever suits their tastes and makes them most comfortable!


Although some styles on websites may be labeled as for a specific gender, do not let that discourage you or your child when picking out clothing and creating a look that you have in mind for them. If you or your child believes that a specific outfit will look trendy, but the piece is labeled for another gender, choose it anyway. Any individual can rock any piece of clothing that they desire no matter their age or gender! 

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