Gifts for Mom

Holiday 2020 Gifts for Mom

Moms. We love them, we don't deserve them, they've been our OG ride or die since day one. Literally... they've changed our diapers, listened to our questionable life choices, and weathered through our angsty teenage years...oof and now that some of us are staying home with them during quarantine all day? How can we ever begin to repay them? 

Your mom may tell you to not get her anything this holiday season, or that a simple card will do, but honestly, that's just what moms do. They even worry about us spending money on them because they want us to be frugal. While her mom sentiment is appreciated, a thoughtful gift doesn't mean heavy splurging. Our #bkfam has compiled a list of affordable wardrobe gifting essentials ranging from stylish hoodies to joggers that will absolutely warm up your mom's heart! 


Wearing our joggers is like hitting two birds with one stone. There’s the obvious comfort factor, and then there’s this effortless style that is versatile enough to pair with tees or denim jackets. And sometimes, they are the perfect substitute to mom jeans! This holiday season, we recommend giving thanks to your mom with some cozy leg warmers. Our joggers are made out of upcycled polyester fleece, which means that you won’t only have Mom in mind, but you’ll also be giving back to the Earth! Here are some of our top picks this holiday season:

Marl Core Women's Cozy Jogger

Marl Core Cozy Joggers

Want your mom to feel appreciated? Give her a back massage, run her errands for the day, make her a cup of hot cocoa while you tell her to sit back and relax in these snug, true fit joggers. This pair is stylishly simple and necessary for lounging or complimenting a casual outfit. We recommend pairing this for your mom with our Soft Camo Cozy Hoodie for optimal comfort! 


Cosmic Sweatpant

Cosmic Sweatpant

Another mom appropriate, simple, sporty black sweatpant holiday gift that she will want to live in forever. These are a pair of leg warmers that she will wear 100 times guaranteed. Made from our sustainable 100% upcycled polyester, the Cosmic Sweatpants are cute to rock with sneakers or a statement hoodie such as the Leopard Cozy Hoodie. These Cosmic Sweats are also true fit because here at Brooklyn Cloth, we believe style follows function, so they will absolutely compliment her body! 

Marled Varsity Waist Cozy Jogger

Women's Marled Varsity Waist Cozy Joggers


Our Marled Varsity Waist Cozy Joggers are a next level classic that features pink ombre stripes along pocketed sides that are finished with ankle cuffs. If your mom is on the go, she can easily juggle her morning yoga classes along with grocery shopping. This cute pair is a versatile athleisure pick for moms who need to jump between errands, lounging, and taking care of kids. 



Our next favorite styles this season are hoodies. Hoodies keep us warm during the cooler months, provide us layers, and compliment our staple joggers. Dress them up over a tee with a winter coat, some jeans, and boots...or, dress them down, with some warm sweats for those lazy potato days. During the holidays, our trendy hoodies make for an easy two minute outfit decision that can save Mom some time on her clock. They are also great for those movie nights when the family gets together to watch netflix on the big screen! 

Who said hoodies are only acceptable for those lazy days? Tell your mom to put on her best mom jeans and pull over this feminine, lavender accented pastel hoodie with white patterning. This pastel hoodie is super soft and fun so your mom will feel all things lovely and adorable in it. Its relaxed fit makes for a layering must have over any shirt without feeling too bunched up. After coming home from a cute get together with some of her friends, she can slide into our matching dusty rose core joggers to transition her look from a casual fit to cozy chic!

Soft Camo Cozy Hoodie 


Here is another example of how comfortable hoodies don't have to be boring or for lounging. Our modern fit Soft Camo Hoodie features an edgy camouflage print that Mom can vibe in during her outings or her remote WFH life so she can still feel put together! This pattern is a super creative way to jazz up some plain bottoms and really make that outfit pop. 

Cosmic Sweat Hoodie

Cosmic Hoodie

Instead of a plain black hoodie, opt to give her a Cosmic Sweat Hoodie, which is ten times more dynamic than your average pullover. The graphics on the back showcase a giant pink sun surrounded by decorative elements that throw in an element of surprise. And did you see the planets on the sleeves? The possibilities are endless with this one. She can literally carry the universe with her throughout the day. Make sure you check out our cosmic sweatpants to complete the look for her. 


Leopard Cozy Hoodie


2020 has been anything but boring with these patterned trends from tie dye, camo, animal print. If your mom likes to be bold with her style, this is a sure piece that will elevate any laid-back look. Featuring a relaxed fit, the leopard hoodie is fierce, playful, and adventurous. This one's certainly for all the moms out there who still have that youthful liveliness within! 

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