Graphic Tees for Everyone

T-shirts are a vital piece of clothing in everybody's wardrobe. No matter how old or how young you are, everybody needs a comfortable and trendy tees. They can be worn to about every type of occasion, no matter how formal or how casual.

Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we offer a variety of tee shirt styles for men, women and boys, all of which can be interchangeable and unisex. Styling a graphic tee can be just as fun as it is fashionable!

Graphic Tees for Everyone 


Women's graphic t-shirts from Brooklyn Cloth


T-Shirt Styles for Women


We may be known for our joggers, but we also have an impressive collection of trendy tees for everyone. Women have this wonderful ability to make a t-shirt look like a million bucks. Whether throwing one on with jeans and a blazer for a night out, letting one hang over bike shorts for a workout, or tucking one into a pleated silk skirt, graphic tees are the epitome of versatility.


Our Favorite Women’s T-Shirts


- Women's Evolve Butterfly Tie Dye Tee

- Women's Repeat Blessed Tee

- Women's Repeat Faith Tee

- Women's Blessed Ombre Short Sleeve Tee

- Women's Boxy Pocket Tee


All of our women’s t-shirts can be paired with shorts, both denim or comfy. They can be worn to both formal and informal events throughout every season. They can be paired with jeans or joggers as well as shorts depending on the temperature that you will be wearing them in.


If the weather is a little chilly feel free to layer these tee shirts with a denim jacket or a windbreaker. We offer a variety of denim jackets for you to choose from. These denim jackets range from light wash to black denim.


We also have a variety of windbreakers for the ladies, too. Some of our windbreakers to pair our t-shirts with include our Tie dye Anorak jacket. These tie dye jackets are perfect for transitioning weather. Their lightweight material will provide you with comfort and just enough warmth and protection from the elements.


A Graphic Tee for Every Guy



Men's graphic t-shirt from Brooklyn Cloth


Gentlemen, some might say that you guys have it easy when trying to pick out an outfit. Whether you are packing to go on vacation or have a party or event that you need a planned outfit for, it probably takes you half the amount of time to pick something out as it does for the ladies.


We know, though, that picking out outfits and packing for trips are exhausting because you want to look trendy but you also want to be comfortable and pack light. This is definitely a time where our tees will come in handy.


Our Favorite Men’s Graphic Tees


- Sand Allover Marble Print Tee

- Mint Worldwide Positivity Tie Dye Tee

- Black Luxury True Tie Dye Tee

- Navy Nice Day True Tie Dye Tee

- Camo Straight Hem Tee


These tees are perfect to be worn at any occasion. If you are just hanging out with your friends and want to be in comfortable clothes, throw on one of these tees and pair them with one of our pairs of twill shorts. If you want a less casual look, throw on a t-shirt with a pair of your favorite joggers or jeans.


Layering your Tee Shirt


You can even layer these outfits with an outwear layer like a hoodie or jacket. If you are aiming for a comfortable outfit feel free to choose a pair of your favorite slides or sneakers to go with your look. If you are going for a more formal look for an event like a graduation party or just a backyard barbecue or a nice summer dinner out with your family, try pairing your joggers and tee shirt outfit with a pair of loafers or boat shoes to spice it up a bit.


We offer tee shirts that are a bit more eye-catching than others. We offer you the choice to choose a simpler tee shirt or a trendier one maybe with a print or graphic design printed all over it.


We also offer a variety of tee shirts for our Brooklyn Cloth family in the boys department.


It is safe to assume that our younger boys will not be dressing as formally as often as our older consumers, therefore we suggest aiming for comfortable looks for our younger crowd. In our boys department, we offer tee shirts as well and we have listed below some of our favorites for you to add to your son’s wardrobe.


These T-Shirt Styles for Boys Include…



Men's graphic t-shirts from Brooklyn Cloth


- Boys' Royal Blue Rose Embroidered Striped Tee

- Boy's Dusty Green Lets Change the World Tee

- Boy's White Vibes Repeat Box Tee

- Boy's Sand All Over Marble Drip Tee

All of the tee shirts listed above come in a variety of colors and styles for our boys and their families to choose from. Our all over marble drip tees for example, come in a variety of different colors. Some of these colors include sand and charcoal. This specific tee shirt is also available in our men’s sizes so that you can match with your older brother or older friends. We also offer it in a men’s size so that as you are growing and begin to grow out of your boy’s sized tee shirts you can re-purchase this piece in a larger size so that you can rock out in it for many more years.


Although all of these tee shirts are being distributed into specific departments, we want to remind you that all of these tee shirts can be worn by anyone. That is another great aspect of our clothing. All of the tee shirts can be worn as unisex pieces. If you are a girl and you are going for a trendy streetwear look, feel free to wear one of our oversized men’s tee shirts with a pair of your favorite biker shorts. Wearing tee shirts and biker shorts together is one of our favorite looks here at Brooklyn Cloth. We find that it is a great outfit to own in your wardrobe. This look is a good one to wear constantly because it is trendy yet extremely comfortable. We suggest pairing this trendy look with a pair of Air Force ones or a platform sneakers or boot.


Comfortable Women’s Tee Shirts


Women's graphic t-shirts from Brooklyn Cloth



Most of our tee shirts are made out of a poly fleece material so that you can maintain comfort and warmth even if it is a short-sleeved tee shirt.


Many of our tee shirts coincide with our tank tops and our shorts patterns therefore, you can often make a matching set out of our clothing by matching a tee shirt with a pair of shorts no matter if they are in either the men’s or women’s department.


Some of our men’s clothing can make a dope set even if they aren’t listed together. One example of this would include our men’s Where Is My Mind yellow shorts and our Worldwide Positivity tie-dye tee shirt.


A woman’s set that we think would look great together are our Dusty blue Angel embroidered shorts and our women’s dusty blue Evolve Butterfly tie-dye T-shirt that we previously mentioned above. We have a variety of tee shirts and shorts that would look great together whether you were out and about for the day or just lounging at home relaxing on the weekend. For our women’s outfits both formal or informal, we suggest pairing these with a pair of sneakers or a pair of your favorite sandals for the summer time.


Styling your Tee


In regards to our women’s tee shirts or women in general wearing tee shirts whether they were designed for the women’s or men’s department, there are different trends and popular ways to wear these tee shirts with every outfit.


A popular way to wear an oversized tee shirt is by tying it either in the front or in the back. If the tee is too small to tie a knot, you can use a hair scrunchie or a rubber band to tie the shirt to make it look more cropped and tuck it into the shirt. If the shirt is big enough to do so, feel free to just knot the shirt in the front or the back using only the material. We suggest using this technique if you are wearing high waisted pants.


Everyone has their own preferences for length. Some people cut the tee to fit their length preference, however we do not suggest this as it could ruin the shirt. If you’re going to try it, test it with a shirt that’s not a favorite.


Trendy Tees


Women's graphic t-shirts from Brooklyn Cloth



Tee shirts are seen as extremely trendy in the fashion world whether they are graphic tees, crop tee shirts, tie-dye tee shirts, ripped tee shirts. We often see tee shirts worn to concerts, festivals, and more informal events.


You may suggest one gender department’s clothing over another for comfort reasons and we support that 100%. Who doesn’t love an oversized tee shirt? We suggest ordering a size up from your usual size if you want to get a bigger look than you usually do. Find your new favorite tee with Brooklyn Cloth!

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