Guide to The Village Halloween Parade

Guide to The Village Halloween Parade

If you've never been to the annual Village Halloween Parade, this is the year to be part of the parade! So what do you need to know? Check out our Guide to The Village Halloween Parade 2017 


Village Halloween Parade Guide

Time and Date: the event is on October 31st, 2017. Its from 7pm-1030pm. 

Where's the Parade Route: The Halloween Parade is from Spring Street to 16th Street on Sixth Avenue 

What to wear? If you want to be part of the parade, costumes are mandatory! So better log on to Etsy or your local Party City and grab your costume. And if you want to a costume that you can wear again, here's our suggestions from our line 

Costume Ideas for Village Halloween Parade

1. A traffic cone- all orange would be dope 


2. Military guy/gal- we got tons of camouflage to make this look amazing 


3. Rockaway Surfer- 


4. Skater dude- 


The line starts at Canal Street and moves its way uptown. If you're with a group of people, don't meet near the line, we'd say pick a spot a block or two before Canal Street. 

Sixth Avenue and Canal Street


Trump Costume in Village Halloween Parade

If you want to watch the Parade: any part of the Parade up and down Sixth Ave works but it's get super crazy between Bleecker and 14th Street.

Happy Halloween 

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