Happy International Women's Day!

Mothers, daughters, sisters and friends, today is Women’s Day!  Every year, International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th commemorating the women’s rights movement.  We here at Brooklyn Cloth are excited to celebrate this day and honor women everywhere.  In fact, we had an entire photo shoot to celebrate Women’s Day.  Check out some pictures from our recent shoot and click on them to shop the looks!

Black Stay Lit Long Sleeve Tee:

 Stay Lit Tee for Women

Sherpa Collar Denim Jacket:

 Sherpa Jacket at Brooklyn Cloth

Turquoise Chevron Paint Splatter:

 Chevron Short Sleeve Tee from Brooklyn Cloth

Good Life Print Long Sleeve Tee:

 Good Life Graphic Tee for Men

Ladies rockin’ men’s clothes!  What’s even better about the products shown above is that they can be worn by themselves or layered up.  Layers are one of our favorite things.  Wearing a short sleeve or long sleeve tee underneath a soft denim jacket means you can stay warm when it’s chilly out or switch it up and tie the jacket around your waist when it’s warm out.  The beauty of fashion is that it is about personal style and expression; it’s important for everyone to keep that in mind. 

Happy Women’s Day Brooklyn Cloth Fam!   

International Women's Day at Brooklyn Cloth

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