How to Dress Your Kids this Summer

The summertime is full of fun and excitement, but that also means that the kids are out of school, home from college, and family vacations are in full effect. Whether your child is 5, 15, or 25, it is important to make sure that they are dressed for any occasion. Brooklyn Cloth has got you covered. The most important things to remember in regards to the summer and being able to mix and match style with being comfortable go hand in hand, such as wearing light fabrics that are light colors to keep you the coolest (in more ways then one!) to keep you going throughout the day. A light t-shirt could be considered your best friend during June, July, and August. A top suggestion for t-shirts this summer would be the Brooklyn Cloth striped tees with embroidery symbols. A light weight basic t-shirt with stripes to give contrast from plain shorts with a little pop of design to stand out from the rest while still keeping the minimalism and simplicity at a high.

Pairing with a cool and comfortable pair of jogger shorts, French terry or twill, and some low-top shoes will add complete a cool outfit that is easy to match is always a safe bet for multiple occasions from running errands, hanging out with friends, or taking a trip to your favorite amusement park or boardwalk to have a day of fun. If you are the type that is more adventurous and have no problem standing out from the crowd, you can’t go wrong with some of this seasons tie-dye. With the 90s and 2000s making a surge in the fashion world, having some cool and in style tie-dye is a no-brainer. With colors such as white, lavender, sky blue, light and dark green, and rose as the staple colors for this seasons to-go styles. Few of the top styles with cool tie-dye and can match with any combination of bottoms and shoes are the Brooklyn Coast to Curb Tie-Dye, BRKLYN Tie-Dye, and Low Fives Tie-Dye Tee.

brooklyn tie-dye mens t-shirt     brooklyn coast tie-dye mens t-shirt







These two example T–shirts all have tie-dye designs that will catch the attention of on-lookers but won’t distract from the rest of your fit due to the pastels! With hints of greens, blues, and pink (or what trendsetters might say ‘rose’) you are right in the flow of things and able to do it in the way that Brooklyn knows how! For when the clouds come out and the nights get chilly, it is always best to come prepared, and sticking to the theme of the summer, and the throwback vibes, have to do it in style.

mens brooklyn lightweight coaches windbreaker jacket

Best recommendation is with a lightweight windbreaker. Brooklyn Cloth’s Turquoise Color Block Windbreaker, Red Color Block Windbreaker, and of course, for those holiday parties, Red White and Blue Color Block Windbreaker. Can’t go wrong with this simple style to match colors and to go with the flow. Brooklyn Cloth has got you covered from tops to bottoms, basics to elevated essentials, it is your one stop shop for all your tops and bottoms needs to look your best, feel your best, all with comfort at its best during those hot, sunny summer days. 

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