How to Wear This Season's Newest Shorts for Women

How to Wear This Season's Newest Shorts for Women

Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we are excited to see the new women’s short trends for spring. This season, we expect to see:

  • High-waisted anything and everything 
  • Biker Shorts 
  • Bright colors
  • Lots of prints and patterns 
  • Matching sets
  • Loose-fitting shorts
  • Personalization and mixes of fabrics for a fun look

High-Waisted in Every Style

Anything and everything high-waisted is trending this spring. Shorts of any length and fit with a high waist allow for a bit more coverage and a flattering look for any figure. These shorts will become a staple in your closet as they go with practically anything. 

Pair shorter shorts with a tee for an everyday look or pair some longer ones with a blouse for a night on the town or date night with your partner. If you’re looking to be more casual, pair these looks with a light sneaker or sandal. For an elevated look, try a pair of boots or your favorite heels. 

Biker Shorts - An Incredible Staple for Your Closet (Still) 

Biker shorts are another staple this spring. This trend is still strong and is expected to stay for a while. So why has this style been a staple for so many seasons? In short, they are perfect for many settings, and they are an easy way to look stylish. Biker shorts fit snugly, are the ultimate shorts when it comes to comfort, and they can be worn everywhere, from the gym to just lounging around the house. 

Biker shorts are really just super-cropped leggings so, of course they are still around! They are just as comfy as leggings, but with a chicer look. They also are a great clothing piece when you’re trying to stay cool. Basically, they let you have a fashionable moment while remaining comfy. Longer biker shorts are considered to be more fashion-forward and can be worn in even more places. 

Women have continued to come up with creative ways to style their biker shorts, whether they are just going on a walk around the city or for a night out on the town. Biker shorts allow you to be free to recreate your favorite looks while also adding your own creative flair to stand out in an intriguing way or to enjoy them as loungewear around your house. From being paired with crop tops and blouses to long jackets and blazers, biker shorts can be styled in numerous ways. Whether you are feeling adventurous or just looking for loungewear, biker shorts are the perfect staple piece to add to your closet. 

We here at Brooklyn Cloth are ready for biker shorts to stay for many seasons to come but we expect that longer biker shorts will be the way to go in the coming seasons. For now, we love the shorter and longer styles each in their own way. 

Loose and Cute

Going in a different direction, another trend this spring is loose-fitting shorts. Printed loose-fitting shorts are a fun way to add a cool style to your closet while not feeling constricted. These shorts pair great with an oversized tee, tank, or cropped sweatshirt. 

Sets are Still In

We are so excited that matching sets are still going to be a part of this spring. Matching sets are an easy way to make it look like you put a lot of effort into planning out your outfit without actually having to decide what would go best together. Even if it is not an exact set, try pairing like colors and go for a fun monotone look. 

Whether you prefer neutrals or bright spring colors to get you in the spirit of the season, wearing mostly one color is an easy way to look stylish this spring. Short sets are a great way to keep cool and create very versatile looks. Wearing sets or matching like colors can be perfect for an everyday look. Or you can easily amp up your style by adding your favorite accessories. Adding simple and classic or chunky jewelry can add some of your personal style to your look. 

Personalize Your Look

Lastly, we are excited to see everyone's personal style come through with a mix of fabrics and added personalization. Adding textures and adding personal touches is a trend we expect to see a lot of this spring. Whether you get outside to DIY with paint or bleach or just add a patch, making each look your own lets everyone see your personal style shine through. 

Does Length Really Matter?

Now that you know the styles to look for this season, let's talk about length. Short length can totally change your look and you should choose the length you wear based on your plans and whether you are looking to be more casual or a little chicer and more sophisticated. A shorter short is great for every day, from running errands to just lounging around. Looking for a fit for a girls’ night out, brunch, or date night? Try a longer or looser fitting short to elevate your look. 

Warm weather is around the corner and so are our new shorts. Check out our favorite styles to add to your closet.  

Biker Shorts:

When it comes to biker shorts, try adding some fun prints to your closet or try a new fun color. Here are some of our favorite Biker Short styles:

Pair these styles with your favorite tee or tank for a casual look or a long blazer or blouse for a night out. 

Looking for a specific length? Our biker shorts come in two lengths: 5” inseam and 7” inseam. Try our 7” Inseam Biker Shorts for the more elevated look we talked about for that girls’ night out or date night. Our 5” Inseam Biker shorts are great as loungewear for chillin’ on the couch, or a day of running errands. 

Shorter Options

A few of our favorite casual styles are our White Self-Love Print short and our Sand Cosmic Print Short.

These print shorts are super comfy, come in great colors, and even have fun decals. They are perfect for lounging around or if you want to stay comfy but need to leave the house to get things done. Have a show to catch up on? Working from home? Walking a pet? These shorts have a great message, will keep you cool, and pair well with any of your favorite tees and tanks for whatever you have planned. 

If you want a more subtle vibe, go for the Dusty Rose Garment Shorts. These are super simple and pair well with your favorite hoodie or tank.

Must-Have Styles for You

This spring’s short trends will be full of bright colors, patterns and prints, sets, and, of course, Biker Shorts. Biker shorts, high-waisted anything, and matching sets are here to stay. These classic and versatile trends, though may add a twist, are not going anywhere this season. 

High-waisted is flattering for many and is a staple that everyone needs to have in their closet this season. Wear this style with practically anything as an everyday look paired with a tank or your favorite tee or paired with a cute blouse for a fun day out. 

The great thing about this style is you really can’t go wrong. No matter your plans, you can find anything to pair them with from heels to sandals to blazers or sports bras. 

Add to your biker short collection this season with a fun color like our Women's Sage 7" Inseam Biker Short or a cool pattern like our Women's 5" Inseam Brown Leopard Bike Shorts. When it comes to biker shorts, we can’t get enough of their versatility and comfort - there really is a style perfect for anywhere. Their snug fit and ability to work for the gym, as loungewear, or for a date night is why they are one of our favorite closet staples. 


Other styles to be on the lookout for this season include loose-fitting shorts. With a more cinched waist and wider legs, these shorts have a cute and versatile look. They let us remain comfy while keeping our look elevated. If you aren’t as comfortable with biker shorts because of their tight fit, try this style out. 

Short sets are still in! they may look a little different this season - instead of long-sleeved tops they are shorts and tanks or tees, but they are still super cute. We are excited to see what sets our #bkfam come up with this season. Whether you buy a set or make your own monotone look, this is the must-have short style of the season. Short sets are an easy and comfortable way to look put together, keep it casual, or amp up your look by adding your favorite jewelry and bag. 

We can’t wait to see all your must-have shorts of this season personally styled by our #bkfam. Let us know what your favorite style is and how you made it your own with #bkshorts. 

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