It’s Never Too Early to Start Thinking About the Holidays: Best 2021 Gifts for Kids

Kids can be challenging to shop for during the holidays, so we want to help out our #bkfam and help them brainstorm some ideas on what to give your kids this holiday season! We want you to get a head start on all of your holiday shopping so that you are not stuck at the last minute with whatever is left on the shelves or can ship in time! It is safer to get ahead on all of your shopping—the holidays will be here before we know it!


Stuck on What Gifts to Give Your Kids?


Kid's sherpa jacket by Brooklyn Cloth



This holiday shopping guide can be used to help you get some ideas on what your kids want this holiday season. It may be easier to go through your children's closet and see what they already have and what they need to add to their wardrobes! You can also get a feel for what your child may want by showing them photos of new pieces here and there to get their honest opinion on what they like and don’t like.


Kids often follow the social norms from schools and social media for their style choices. Even if you feel like they are still too young to style themselves, you should let them have a bit of a say in their outfits each day so that they feel like they have control over their style. Clothing is one way that children have to express themselves. Therefore, it is extremely important to let the kids have a say in what they wear. We have kids sizes all the way down to 3T, so all of your children can choose the clothes they want to rock each day of the week.


Our 7 Favorite Trends for Kids


Kid's Graphic Tees by Brooklyn Cloth



We hope that this guide to the top 7 trends here at Brooklyn Cloth will be helpful to you when you’re doing your holiday shopping or starting to think about what to buy for your children this holiday season!


  • Joggers
  • Hoodies
  • Graphic Tees
  • Shorts
  • Accessories
  • Sherpa
  • Matching Sets


Our Kids Joggers


Kid's joggers by Brooklyn Cloth



Let’s start off with a fan-favorite: joggers! We here at Brooklyn Cloth offer two different types of joggers for kids. We have both twill joggers and knit joggers. These styles are extremely comfortable and versatile—they can be worn for any occasion.


Knit Joggers


Our comfortable knit joggers are made in a sweatpants-like material. We offer a ton of options for knit joggers; they come in all different styles, colors, and prints. We know that your kids would love to receive these joggers when they open up their presents during the holiday season. They will definitely be the trendsetter in school when they show up wearing these relaxed styles.


Some of our favorite knit joggers include:


Savage Box Logo Repeat Jogger


Streaky Fit Jogger


Hype Tie-Dye Fill Jogger


Drip Splatter Jogger


Twill Joggers


For more formal events, make sure your kids rock our twill joggers. They will definitely like to wear these joggers during more formal occasions because even though they look fancier, they are just as comfortable as the knit options. Maybe you can give them this gift early so they can wear them to Christmas Eve or Hanukkah dinner.


Get Comfy With Our Kids Hoodies


Our hoodies are a staple that needs to be in every kid's closet. We guarantee you that your kids, no matter how old they are, would love to open up a hoodie on their holiday morning. Just imagine how cozy they will be during the winter season, snuggled up on the couch wearing this hoodie and hopefully the matching sweatpants, sipping a warm cup of hot chocolate while watching a movie with the family. Lucky for you, we offer our hoodies in a variety of sizes so that the whole family can match.


Some of our favorite hoodies for kids include:


Have A Nice Day Gradient Hoodie

Worldwide Positivity Hoodie

Fuji Vibes Hoodie

Hype Stripe Hoodie With Print

AO Legend Pull Over Hoodie


All of these hoodies can either be worn while lounging around the house on the weekends or out in public with a pair of our twill joggers to dress them up a bit.


Kids Graphic Tees


Kid's graphic tee shirts by Brooklyn Cloth



Our graphic tees are another staple here at Brooklyn Cloth because all of our T-shirts have designs that are made in-house by our talented designers. Your kids will love these unique designs! These graphic tees can be worn in so many different ways. They can be worn over shorts in the warmer seasons or over a pair of sweatpants and under a hoodie during the colder months. They can even be layered under a jacket on extremely cold days.


Some graphic tees we recommend adding to your child’s wardrobe are:


Positive Vibes Crosswalk Tee

SS Let’s Change The World Tee

Repeat Savage Scoop Tee

Thank You Rose SS Tee

Good Vibes Gradient SS Tee


Best Shorts for Kids


We all know how much young kids love wearing shorts because of the ultimate comfort that they bring. Even though it will be winter when you give your children these shorts, we guarantee that they will still get some wear out of them. They will either rock them at school on PE days or enjoy wearing them around the house on the weekends.


We here at Brooklyn Cloth have tons of shorts for you to give your children that we guarantee they will love. These shorts all come in different sizes so all of your kids can match. Shorts are an extremely versatile piece, which is especially why we love them so much. Even when it is cold outside, you will see so many people wearing shorts because they can just throw on a sweatshirt with the shorts and continue to be comfortable even if it is a little chilly outside.


Some of our favorite children’s shorts include:


Cali Bear Print Camo Short

Streaky Short

Exploded Savage Box Logo Short

Tie-Dye Short

Pop Color Graphic Print Short


All of these shorts are extremely colorful yet simple, so they can be paired with any type of shirt, both long sleeve and short sleeve, during any time of the year.


Accessories Your Kids Will Love


The perfect outfit is always brought together by its accessories—they can make or break an outfit. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a variety of accessories so that every outfit you decide to dress your child in is completely put together. From baseball caps down to the socks, we want your child to have many options to choose from for each outfit that they decide to wear.


Some of our favorite accessories for kiddos include:


I Don’t Care Sakura Worldwide Socks


Tie-Dye Money Talks Sock Pack


These socks are the perfect stocking stuffers to give your children this holiday season.


Sherpa for Kids


Kid's Sherpa Hoodie by Brooklyn Cloth



Sherpa is such an important material during the winter. Its warm and fuzzy feel gives off a cozy vibe that can be enjoyed all throughout the day. That feeling of getting out of your warm bed on a cold morning can be really upsetting, so why not wear a material that can continue giving your children that warmth all throughout the day?


The sherpa material is perfect for super cold days during the winter months. Picture you and your family going to New York City during the wintertime to partake in all of the holiday experiences. Don’t you want your child to be extra warm and comfy? This sherpa is just what they need.


Our top-3 sherpa pieces for children include:


Kids Black BK Embroidered Sherpa Hoodie

Kids Sherpa Herringbone Cozy Hoodie

Kids Vibes Quarter-Zip Sherpa Hoodie


Have them throw on these sherpa hoodies with a pair of jeans or twill joggers, and complete the look with a pair of little UGG boots. Your child will be the trendiest kid this holiday season.


Matching Sets for the Whole Family



Kid's matching set by Brooklyn Cloth


Last but never least are matching sets! Here at Brooklyn Cloth, matching sets are a staple of our collections. We have so many matching sets to offer your children this holiday season.

matching sets are often underestimated; however, they are easy to put together and extremely trendy. We guarantee that your kids will love wearing them.


It may always be a struggle to find the perfect outfit that both you and your child loves, so why not purchase a bunch of matching sets that they can easily throw on? Having these matching sets will definitely make the mornings easier when trying to get ready for school.


Matching sets don’t always have to be worn together, though. If they have two different matching sets and they feel like mixing and matching the tops and the bottoms, definitely feel free to let them. Matching sets can always be dressed up by throwing on a jacket or a vest. Your kids will love wearing their matching sets. Just have them throw on a pair of their favorite sneakers, and they can rock their sets while they play outside with friends or while they’re just hanging out on a lazy weekend.


Some of our favorite matching sets for kids include:


Blessed Graffiti Hood Jogger Set

Good Vibes Only Hood Jogger Set

Forever Young Hood Jogger Set

Hype Crackle Hood Jogger Set

Multi-Splatter Hood Jogger Set


We also offer a ton of toddler pieces that we definitely think that you should add to your little one’s collection so that they are the trendiest toddler at preschool. It’s never too early for them to start expressing their fashion sense. And for a look the whole family can get in on, check out our adult matching sets, as well.


Holiday Gifts from our Toddler Collection:


Have A Nice Day Hood Jogger Set

Graffiti Smiley Hood Jogger Set

Marble Blocked Hood Jogger Set

Dripping Splatter Hood Jogger Set


Holiday Gifts Your Kids Will Love to Wear


We hope that this guide to early holiday shopping has sparked some ideas or has even gotten you to start browsing the Internet or the stores for some pieces for your children. It is extremely important to start looking as early as possible so that by the time the holidays roll around, you’re not frantically trying to find gifts. We know how stressful this holiday shopping can be, so definitely give yourself time to find the perfect gifts for your children before everything sells out. 


We here at Brooklyn Cloth are extremely excited to provide you with all these different styles of clothing that everybody in your family can rock this holiday season—and for the rest of the year, for that matter. We hope that this guide to the top seven trends for kids for the 2021 holiday season has helped you curate a list of gifts and has made this holiday shopping seem a bit easier. 


We can’t wait to see what you purchased for your kids and how they choose to style all of these pieces! Don’t forget to let them express themselves and make their new outfits their own with accessories and fun spins on the looks.

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