It’s Never Too Early to Think About the Holidays: Best Gifts for Women in 2021

This year is already flying by! Summer came and went in the blink of an eye and September felt like it only lasted a minute. Before you know it the holiday season will be here!


Take The Stress Out of Holiday Shopping


We here at Brooklyn Cloth do not want the holidays to creep up on you leaving you frantically buying gifts for your friends and family last minute. That is why we suggest that you start early this year and think about what you want to give to the special ladies in your life.


Year after year, it seems like a constant struggle to choose just the right gifts for loved ones. It can feel like a challenge to find the present that truly expresses our gratitude towards them—especially when it comes to shopping for the women in our lives. We here at Brooklyn Cloth are here to help make that struggle disappear.


We hope that this guide to shopping for your favorite gals helps you make this holiday shopping season a little more bearable. We have tons of styles that will make women feel comfortable and trendy not only during this holiday season, but all year round.


One of our proudest flexes here at Brooklyn Cloth is that our clothes are extremely versatile and can be worn during any and every season. Of course, we have seasonal pieces, but most of our clothing can be incorporated into outfits that are durable for any weather.


Our Favorite Clothing Gifts for Women



Biker Shorts





Joggers are an extremely popular piece of clothing, especially during the cooler months. We constantly see joggers being worn in various ways and styles. Joggers started off as just a sweatpants type of bottom worn mostly while lounging. Of course, they still are worn while just relaxing around the house, but now they are seen being incorporated into all types of outfits.


We usually see our joggers being paired with a matching hoodie to create a matching set or even a hoodie from a different set creating a mix-and-matched style. Matching sets are extremely popular, and they continue to be popular every season. They are the perfect combination of style and comfort, making it totally acceptable to wear them outside of your home while still enjoying the comfort of your baggiest sweatpants. If you do have to run out to do a few errands in this outfit or want to wear the set around on the weekends, we definitely recommend wearing them with a pair of your favorite sneakers to finish off the trendy look.


Our typical jogger outfit is on-trend, but we want to see these outfits spiced up like never before. Strutting around the city is the perfect place to spot these more formal jogger outfits. We constantly see women wearing joggers with a graphic tee or a simple tank crop top, but what if we were to throw on a pea coat or a puffer jacket with that outfit?


How about replacing sneakers with a pair of chunky boots or high heels? We know that it may sound silly to pair joggers with high heels but trust us, this is the new trend. We are certain this is going to take off, so gifting these joggers to your fav ladies will help make sure they’re at the front of this new wave of fashion trends.  


We all come home from a long day and crave the feeling of changing out of our formal work clothes and into our comfier pieces. But wouldn’t it be great to forget about those uncomfortable outfits all together and just wear our comfy outfits all day? If you decide to dress up your jogger outfits into these trendy looks, you can definitely rock them to the office. Throw on a blazer with your favorite pair of joggers and seize the work week!


Some of our favorite joggers for women include:


Women Take Care of Yourself Joggers by Brooklyn Cloth



Women's Hunter Green Take Care of Yourself Sweatpants

Women's Black Wash Angel Jogger

Women's Light Blue Tie-Dye Sweatpants

Women's Grey Pork Chop Pocket Brushed Jogger


Biker Shorts


Biker shorts are essential for every woman's wardrobe. These are probably the most versatile pieces of clothing that women can own. Biker shorts are a must-have because they can be worn with literally any type of clothing.


As we have previously mentioned in our biker shorts blogs, biker shorts can not only be worn with any combination of clothing but can also be worn during any time of the year. There are so many different ways to style them so that you can rock them year-round.


Biker shorts are another piece of clothing that we wear to bring us comfort. Jean shorts during the summer can be uncomfortable, so why not get the same trendiness from a way more comfortable option? Like our joggers, these biker shorts can also be worn to the workplace if dressed up the correct way. When done right, people don't even notice the biker shorts, they just see a cute and trendy outfit.


One way to dress up your biker shorts would be with a cute crop top and an oversized cardigan or blazer. It is important to style your biker shorts to match the weather as well. We know that when you gift these incredible pieces it will be winter, therefore, your loved one needs to know how to style them correctly for the weather.


We here at Brooklyn Cloth love to see all of the different ways that these shorts are styled during the cool months. If you are stuck or want to provide some inspiration when they open the gift, a few of our personal favorites are listed below.


We constantly see our biker shorts being paired with cropped and oversized sweaters during winter. If the weather too cold for even a sweater, definitely layer a jacket over the sweater. Not just any jacket though-make sure it is just as trendy as the rest of the outfit. We love our long pea coats here in NYC during the winter. What better way to finish this outfit off than with a pea coat and a pair of knee-high boots?


Another office-acceptable look that these biker shorts can be incorporated into is biker shorts paired with a blazer. Oversized blazers are a trend that we adore here at Brooklyn Cloth and hope that they don’t go away anytime soon. Pairing your biker shorts with a blazer is a total boss move. Throw on a mock turtleneck under the blazer and you are ready to hit the office or the runway at NYFW, take your pick!


If your recipient is still working from home or just wants to lounge around in their biker shorts, definitely propose the idea of pairing them with a trendy hoodie or graphic tee. The oversized look definitely fits in with these biker shorts. We recommend sizing up in any tees or hoodies that you decide to wear with these shorts. They can finish off this relaxing yet trendy fit with a couple of gold chain necklaces and a pair of their favorite high-top sneakers. They can even throw on a trucker hat with this look to bring it all together.


Some of our favorite biker shorts gifts for women are:  


Women's biker shorts by Brooklyn Cloth


Women's 7" Inseam Dusty Blue Tonal Tie-Dye Biker Shorts

Women's 5" Inseam Snake Print Biker Shorts

Women's 5" Inseam Black Biker Shorts

Women's 5" Inseam Sage Bike Shorts




Last but never least, our hoodies are always a gift that everybody loves receiving. And lucky for you, we have so many for you to choose from to give to your best gals. Do they like the tie-dye trend? How about the paisley bandana print? Or what about a solid color with graphics? We have it all for you at just a click of a button.


Hoodies are the most comforting part of everybody's collection. There's nothing like curling up in an oversized hoodie after a long day. You always want your loved ones to be comfortable no matter where they are so why not gift them with a hoodie that will remind them of you?


Hoodies can be worn all throughout the year so you can give this gift to them knowing that they will get a ton of use out of it. And if they are anything like us here at Brooklyn Cloth, they have an extremely wide variety of hoodies and zip ups to choose from and they cherish every single one.


There are so many ways for them to rock their hoodies as well. Although hoodies provide us with the ultimate comfort we can also dress them up to create a more formal hoodie look. Of course, we see hoodies being worn as parts of matching sets but think about your gift being worn in a more formal setting. You will be bringing your recipient comfort for every occasion.


We are now seeing hoodies being worn with more formal pants like leather pants or leggings, jeans, cargo pants, and even skirts!


Rocking a long skirt with a hoodie is a new trend that we are all here for at Brooklyn Cloth. We definitely recommend rocking these hoodies with all different types of bottoms so that you can be comfortable at every occasion.


Some of our favorite hoodies to gift for both comfy and formal looks include:


Women's Hoodie by Brooklyn Cloth



Women's Multi Pastel Dreamer Tie Dye Hoodie

Women's White Embroidered Checkered Hoodie

Forever Young Bandana Hoodie



Perfect Holiday Gifts for Her to Make Her Own


We hope that this guide to holiday shopping for your favorite women has helped you pick out the perfect presents, or at least brainstorm some ideas of what to buy for them. We know the saying is, “The way to a woman's heart is through diamonds,” but trust us, it's actually through hoodies. Therefore, we’ve got you covered with our wide selection here at Brooklyn Cloth.


Of course, you don’t have to start your holiday shopping 3 months early, but we want to just get you thinking about it. There’s nothing worse than scrambling for gifts at the last minute only to find that everything is sold out and it’s too late to ship.


We can’t wait to see what you pick out for your favorite women to rock this season. We’d love to see how they put their own spin on everything that they receive and make the outfits their own. We hope that our suggestions gave you some ideas of accessories and styling that you can pass on to them with the piece of clothing to help them create the right look.


When people see loungewear, they sometimes think that they can only wear it around the house. Therefore, it is your job as the gift giver to remind them that is untrue. Encourage them to create more formal outfits out of these typically casual pieces so they not only get more use out of them but so they remain comfortable during all hours of the day, even while behind their desk at work.


We here at Brooklyn Cloth can’t wait to see what you come up with. You may even love the collections so much you purchase a specific gift hoping to steal it right after their first wear. Feel free to stock up on pieces for your closet while shopping for your loved ones! Nobody can have too many hoodies or joggers!

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