Men's Guide to Maximalism, The Latest Fashion Trend

You know the saying “less is more”? Well, in this case, more is more! Maximalism is all about bright colors and patterns, and there is no such thing as too much. We want to make sure our fashion-forward men are in-the-know on the new maximalism trend and how to wear it.

Turning away from the minimalist aesthetic, designers took advantage of adding more color, more patterns, and more fabric to their designs. In attempts to make a statement, men have been showing off their colorful wardrobes by pairing bold and bright pieces of clothing together. If you consider yourself a minimalist, this concept may be shocking to you but trust us, it’s the hottest new trend.


History of Maximalism


Maximalism has always been a part of fashion history, however this season it is making a major comeback. Maximalism originated in the 1960s, an iconic era for funky patterns and bright colors. Men in color from head to toe and different patterns was no foreign concept.


In 2015, Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele showcased an abundance of prints in his Fall/Winter show. This was arguably the reemergence of maximalism.


Express Yourself with Maximalism for Men


The trend is a way for men to take risks, be bold, experiment, and show off their wild side. Clothing allows people to be expressive and that is exactly what maximalism does. It allows communities to show off their cultures, diversity, and creativity.


Considered the ‘aesthetic of excess,’ this might be what everyone needs in the times of the pandemic. With uplifting and playful prints, maximalism is allowing men to literally wear their emotions.


Dopamine Dressing and Maximalism


If you’re up to date with the dopamine trend, you’ll understand how it goes hand-in-hand with maximalism. If not, let’s make it clearer. Dopamine dressing is all about wearing bright colors that make you feel good. Maximalism takes that idea to the next level by pairing every bright color and extravagant piece together so you and others will have a sensory overload of feeling bright, bold, and happy.


Don’t get it twisted though, you can’t just throw on every color and pattern and think it looks cool. There’s an art to maximalism dressing and that is to know what colors and print complement each other.


How To Rock the Maximalism Trend


It’s super easy to get the hang of and, once you start, there may be no going back. However, if you feel like it’s just not making sense then wear what you think looks best. That’s the great thing about fashion and maximalism - you can just call it art!


We here at Brooklyn Cloth want to help you get started on embracing your inner maximalist. Whether you want to start off slow with a little pop of color or go all in with a whole outfit, the #bkfam is here to help. This season we have dope options for you to add to your closet and hop on this trend. If you aren’t already, you might become the new style icon for your friends and family.


Let’s Start: Top to Bottom


If you are feeling a little nervous about this new trend, don’t worry, we are starting simple.


These hoodies and tees are perfect to throw on with any pair of joggers and sneakers for an effortless way to test out being a maximalist.



Let’s start with our Men’s Colorblock Hoodie. The great thing about this hoodie is that it already has a variety of colors within one hoodie. If you are unsure about how to color match and don’t have time to think about it, the #bkfam has already done it for you. You’ll look like a maximalist without even having to try.


If you want to play it safe, then let this hoodie pop on its own by styling it with a pair of our Men’s White Twill joggers and sneakers. Or you can take it to the next level by adding bottoms that match one of the colors in the hoodie. The colorblock hoodie is so versatile and comfortable, you can’t go wrong with it.


Men's Black Colorblock Hoodie by Brooklyn Cloth

Plus, you’ll have many colors to choose from:


  • Black
  • Dusty Sand
  • Multi-Pastel
  • Multi
  • Yellow Light Blue
  • Sand


Next, if you are new to print, we’ve got you covered. Our Graffiti Smiley Fleece Hoodie is an easy way to add some texture to your outfit while still fitting the theme. This hoodie comes in many colors and the way you style it all depends on which color you choose. The tie-dye is easy to match and you don’t have to worry about prints on prints.


If your choice of color is black, then why not try wearing it with a more colorful pair of joggers or shorts? If you choose a brighter color, either wear neutral bottoms to stay in your comfort zone or embrace the trend by matching your bottoms to the color of the hoodie to make a set.


The colors include:


  • Black
  • Gray Tie Dye
  • Navy Tie Dye
  • Royal Blue
  • Sand Tie Dye
  • Teal Tie Dye
  • Yellow


On warmer days, the hoodies will have to go and the tees will need to come out. We’ll show you two options, one for those who are still warming up to the trend and another for the ones that want to jump right in.



Why not combine the hottest trend with the hottest color? We here at Brooklyn Cloth took the hottest color of the season, Lavender, and added smiley face print to create a dope maximalism look. The Lavender AO Smiley Print Tee is not too crazy but is still perfect for this trend.


We love this tee with our white joggers or shorts and a pair of colorful sneakers. Remember, we are still easing our way into maximalism and how to style it, but this is a nice way to be comfortable and trendy.


Other colors include:


  • Black
  • Dark Teal
  • Mustard
  • Red
  • Sand


Woah! You may be looking at our Men’s Writing On The Wall Emb Tee and be thinking that’s a lot of words. If you are, great! Don’t forget maximalism is about more is more! This tee is your way to express yourself through wearing print.


Styling it with cool cargo pants, matching joggers, or a sick jacket is the next step to embracing maximalism. If you love an edgy street style look then this is the route for you. Don’t worry about feeling like it’s too much, in this case it’s not!

Writing On the Wall Emblem Tee for Men


Take your color pick:


  • Black
  • Green
  • Red
  • Sand


Time To Add Pants


If you can’t decide what to wear, just start with your bottoms and build your outfit from there. Here at Brooklyn Cloth, when it comes to pants and maximalism, we are all about those bright and bold colors.



Aqua Core Dad Sweatpants for Men

With our Men’s Aqua Core Dad Sweatpants, you’ll have the maximum amount of comfort but also an awesome maximalist fit. Aqua is a pretty hard color to match but we know it will look sick. We love how these sweats look with one of our white tees or sweatshirts but if you are all about trying color blocking then try matching aqua with shades of orange. This combo will give off major style icon vibes.



If you love the Core Dad Sweatpants and want another color to try, then our Mustard Core Dad Sweatpants are great for an effortless maximalist look. Bold but not too much, it is easy to style these pants with fun, colorful sneakers. Check out any of our Mustard-colored graphic tees to create a cozy and cool set. They are so comfy you may want to lounge all day at home, but it’ll look so cool that you’ll want to go show off in front of your friends.



Staying within the yellow color family, this is a brighter and bolder option to the Mustard Core Dad Sweatpants. Maybe you’re having a better day and feel like showing off how good you feel. Our Yellow High Demand Fleece Jogger is fun, loud, and will make a statement.


If you want to be super bold, you can pair these Joggers with one of our pink, blue, orange, or green tees and white sneakers. Yes, this might seem like a lot but that is what maximalism is all about, right?



Dusty Rose True Self Short for Men

The #bkfam is really loving pastels this season and to show you how much, we’ve added our Dusty Rose True Self Fleece Shorts into our style suggestions. Pastels naturally just go together, especially when it comes to this topic. So, think of these shorts as a pastel staple.


If you’re ready to fully go for the concept of maximalism then throw on your favorite pastel top and you’re ready to go. If not, try a more neutral color top like beige, brown, or cream.


What About Sets?


As maximalism enthusiasts, we can’t forget about one of the most iconic parts of maximalism. Print on print! Usually, experts would take different prints and wear them together, but here at Brooklyn Cloth we made it easy for you.



Wear these shorts and shirt together and you’ve mastered wearing prints together. The matching prints will give off cool street-style vibes. The shirt and shorts come in 3 colors (Gray, Light Blue, and Red). You can take your pick if you want to be bold with only print or be the ultimate maximalist and show off your style with print and color. Either way you can’t go wrong. Throw on your favorite pair of sneakers and you’re ready for a day out with friends. You’ll definitely have the trendiest, most eye-catching outfit.


Men's Pink Bandana Shirt by Brooklyn Cloth

If you aren’t feeling a set, you can always wear the pieces separately. Wear the shirt with our neutral joggers and match the shorts with a simple tee. These pieces are so versatile, they’re must-have to upgrades to your wardrobe.


The Maximalism Trend


At this point we hope you have a better idea of maximalism. Going through a pandemic tends to bring all of our moods down, but we know the best is yet to come. This fashion trend is fighting back against our plain and boring pandemic outfits. It’s time for us to shine brighter and be bolder. We can make ourselves and others happier through our clothes and expression.


They often say that history repeats itself, which is what is happening now with this dope trend. Maximalism is no groundbreaking idea in the fashion industry, it is just waking back up with a modern twist. Consider getting inspiration from when color and patterns became popular in the ‘60s.


Looking for a more modern approach to inspiration? Try searching for maximalism outfits on Pinterest or Instagram. Influencers are constantly posting their take on the concept.


Don’t be afraid of not matching the correct colors or patterns because that is what maximalism is about. It’s about more is more. If you are unsure about what looks good together, this is your chance to experiment and try new things. It’s about having fun, being bold, and happy.


The more you practice styling outfits, the easier it will be. You have to start somewhere so why not start now?


We love this trend because it’s not about being fancy or super casual. You can be colorful and dressed up or colorful and chilling at home. There are no limitations with how you implement your color and patterns. Our style tips are the perfect combination of casual and cool. You can dress the pieces up and down while always being comfortable.


Men’s clothing often is not as extravagant and colorful as women’s, but maximalism is changing that and we love it. Color and patterns express emotions, which everyone deserves to show off.


You may still be figuring out your style or consider yourself a minimalist but what’s the harm in trying out something new? It’s all about taking risks, so take a risk now. Start off slow and simple and, if you like it, grow from there.


Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we’ve implemented the trend into the coolest street-style looks. We know your friends will love your fits and will want to try them out, too. Show off how much you know about maximalism and why it’s so cool. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on the trend of the season.

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