Must-Have Summer Styles for Ladies

Ladies! It's summertime, and we have just what you need to create all of your favorite summer looks! Summer is all about making memories in the sun with your friends and family. Don't you want to remember all of those memories and the fantastic outfits you were wearing while creating them? 


Whether you were looking at pictures or are just reminiscing about those great times, part of the great memory is how good you looked in your trendy outfit. So this summer, you want to make sure that you always wear an outfit that makes you comfortable. 


It is always important to wear pieces that flatter you and your body type to love the way you look while wearing them. The worst is when you are looking back at photos of some of the best memories and want to post them on social media, but you decide not to because you don't love what you were wearing. We have a mission to make sure that that doesn't happen this summer season. We want you to believe that all of our photos are Instagram-worthy even though we already think they are. 


Have you already started to upgrade your wardrobe for the season? Looking for some more Summer 2021 styles? We're here to help with our guide for summer looks. We hope that you enjoy these outfits and trends as much as we do. We can't wait to see you rock them this summer and add your accessories to make them yours.


Your summer essentials include:

- Biker shorts

- Oversized Hoodies

- Trendy Tees and Tanks



Biker Shorts

Women's Biker Shorts from Brooklyn Cloth

We don't know about you but, we for sure will be living in our biker shorts this summer. We are currently offering a variety of biker shorts for you to choose from for this season. Not only do they come in various colors, but we also have unique patterns and prints. 


Some of our favorite biker short prints include:


-       Snake 

-       Leopard 

-       Tie-dye 

-       Camo 


These biker shorts pair great with our hoodies or our tee shirts. We continue to see influencers and individuals walking the streets in their biker shorts and oversized tops. As mentioned in our blog dedicated to our beloved biker shorts, we have seen celebrities following the lead of Princess Diana from the 90's rocking the biker shorts and oversized crew neck outfits. 


We love biker shorts because of the tight fit that gives that favorite legging feel. In addition, they are so easy to style, again, just like leggings. And don't worry, you don't have to stick to biking with them on; we recommend these for everything from running errands to a night out; it's all about how you style them.


Brooklyn Cloth biker shorts are the perfect fit! With our 5-inch or 7-inch inseam, you'll love the comfort of the polyester blend. 


Oversized Hoodies


Hoodies are always a favorite, and the summer of 2021 is no different. So this summer, enjoy all the different styles of hoodies for day or night; trust us, there's something for just about everything (skip the hoodie for those formal affairs). 


Favorite Hoodies with Biker Shorts

- Women's White Good Vibes Only Doodle Hoodie

- Women's Multicolor Black Butterfly Embroidered Hoodie


You can finish off this trendy look with a pair of high-top sneakers like vans, converse or air force ones, and high socks. 


Trust us that you'll fall in love with our hoodies; we have drawstring and zip tops, different blends, and of course, all in our signature Brooklyn Cloth patterns. We promise you'll feel warm and cozy, but most importantly, comfortable! 


Trendy Tees and Tanks

 Women's Tee shirts and Tanks from Brooklyn Cloth

We suggest pairing these biker shorts with our tees or tanks for the hotter days during the summer. Additionally, we suggest ordering the tee-shirt a size up if you are trying to achieve that oversized look. A cute tee that would go nicely with our biker shorts would be our Women's Black Blessed Rainbow Short Sleeve Tee. 


If you are going for a sportier look, try a tank top. We suggest sizing down for a tighter look. A tank top that would fit this outfit perfectly would be our Angel Slick tanks. This specific tank comes in both dusty rose and dusty blue.


For shoes, you can pair this outfit with a pair of running or workout sneakers. However, if you stick with the baggy tee shirt look, also stick with the high-top sneakers, as we mentioned for the oversized hoodie and crewneck outfits. 



Sweat Shorts

 Women's Sweat Shorts from Brooklyn Cloth

If you would rather wear a regular pair of comfy shorts instead of a tight pair of biker shorts, we have that available for you as well. Comfort is what Brooklyn Cloth specializes in, so you can count on us to provide you with the most comfortable clothes. Our shorts selection is exceptionally vast. Just like our biker shorts, we offer our shorts in a variety of colors and prints. 


Short Print Options



tie dye 


Because of the simplicity of these shorts, we suggest pairing them with a fun, eye-catching top. But, of course, depending on the weather, you can pair these shorts with any top option, including hoodies and tee shirts. 


Matching Sweat Sets Saving the Summer

 Women's Sweat Set from Brooklyn Cloth

What better way to start the summer than with matching sets? The matching set trend seems to have started during the pandemic, and ever since, it has been rising. We loved providing our BK fam with tons of different sets consisting of hoodies and joggers during the winter season. We saw how much you loved them and decided to continue the trend right into summer and the warm weather. 


Matching Set Style Ideas

-       Dusty Rose Angel Embroidered Shorts, pair them with our Women's Multicolor Color Block Celestial Embroidered Hoodie. These two pieces would pair very well together because the sweatshirt has a block of the same shade of dusty rose as the shorts. To finish this look off, we recommend a pair of sneakers or slides, depending on where you will wear this trendy fit.


- If you wanted to go with a more simplistic pair of shorts like our Women's Lavender Evolve Butterfly shorts, we suggest pairing them with a simpler top like our Women's Blessed or Black Thank God Tank.


- Don't forget our Dusty Blue Self Love Circle Embroidered Set and our Women's Dusty Rose Self Love Wavy Embroidered Set.


Snap a cute selfie wearing these sets on the beach with the beautiful sunset being your background. If the temperature drops and you want to switch over from comfy shorts to comfy joggers, we also have you covered. 



Jogger Sweat Sets

Women's Sweat Set from Brooklyn Cloth

Our Women's Dusty Rose Fleece Jogger Crew Set offers the same comfort as our shorts set but provides a little extra warmth. Both the tops and bottoms are interchangeable between these two sets because the colors are the same. Trust us; these aren't just for summertime; you'll love cozying up in them this winter, too.


Simple matching sets are a staple that you need in your wardrobe. The best thing about these matching sets is that they can be worn both together and with other pieces of clothing from your wardrobe. 


You can mix and match the shorts with other hoodies or tees or the hoodies with other shorts, joggers, or leggings. Our Women's White Ombre Band Heather Jogger Pants is another alternative to this matching set instead of the shorts. These matching sets can be paired with a jean jacket to dress them up a bit more. Add a couple of layered necklaces and a pair of gold hoops, and you have the trendiest new fit. 



Summer 2021 Tees

 Women's Tees from Brooklyn Cloth

If you were looking for a pop of color within your matching set collection, check out our Women's Dusty Blue Evolve Butterfly tee shirt and shorts. This set is already being displayed on our website together to get a natural feel for how you would look rocking this matching set. 


At Brooklyn Cloth recommend and even encourage you to wear both pieces together because we want you to stand out from the crowd. If you are not there yet, which eventually you will be, feel free to pair the shirt with a simple pair of joggers like our Women's Dusty Black Pop Color Jogger or a solid pair of comfy shorts like our black biker shorts or our Black Butterfly Gradient Short


Layering for the Weather


We all know that the summertime is known for its exciting weather patterns. As annoying as the inconsistency can be, we as fashionistas can use it to our advantage. If we were faced with the same weather every day, we would get bored and run out of the same outfits. 


With the weather constantly changing, we can incorporate new styles and trends into our summer wardrobe. We can use layering in our style choices on cooler days and nights by adding a jean jacket or another type of outerwear piece to our looks. 



Denim Jackets Pair with Everything

As we have previously mentioned, our denim jackets are listed under our men's tab on our website, but that doesn't mean that men can only wear them. These denim jackets are full of unique graphics and prints that everybody will love. Feel free to pair one of these denim jackets with a matching set or wear it over one of our tank tops with a pair of leggings or joggers. 


We want the girls of our BK fam to be prepared for this summer season. We know we have everything to complete your summer looks; whether you are working from home, going out, or traveling, we hope this guide helped and inspired you to stay comfortable and cute!


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