Our Favorite Summer Looks for Boys

Attention all parents! We hope that you are enjoying the summer weather and having your children home from school so far. No matter what your plans are for the summer, whether you are sending your child off to attend summer camp, to play sports, or just to hang out with their friends and family during the day, we want them to look and feel great while doing so.


We can provide you with all of the essentials that you will need to make sure that your child’s summer is as trendy as possible. We know that sometimes your child may not agree with what you choose for them to wear, so we want to help you change that.


We have curated a guide full of our summer favorites. All of these garments are summer essentials that you will definitely need to have in your child’s wardrobe. These clothes will help them achieve a trendy, cool, and fashion-forward summer. It is never too early to have your child start putting effort and thought into their outfits. We want them to feel inspired and be able to express themselves through their clothing choices!



Kid's shorts from Brooklyn Cloth


Stylish and Comfortable Kids Shorts

Shorts are obviously an essential category of clothing to own during the summertime. Luckily for you, we have every kind of shorts that you can imagine. We are here to offer you and your child various materials including khaki shorts, basketball shorts, and fleece shorts, and all in different patterns and colors.


Let’s begin asking, do they prefer bright colors? Or are they more of a simple solid-colored trend setter? With all of our color and print options, it can be difficult to choose which fits their style best. Since they are young, it may be a good idea for them to try a couple of different styles to discover what suits them.


Printed Shorts


These shorts will make them stand out from the mainstream. No matter their age, they are never too young to step out of their comfort zones and become involved with fashion. We encourage everyone at Brooklyn Cloth to step out of their comfort zones and try wearing clothes that they normally wouldn’t experiment with.


Our pop color graphic print shorts come in both aqua and yellow shades. Both of these pairs of shorts have a subtle, one of a kind, graphic design on the bottom of the left leg.


Our tie-dye shorts are also extremely popular. They are offered in two different colors: a multi blue and green color tie dye and a yellow tie dye.


All of the shorts that were previously mentioned are offered in very bright colors that will definitely add a pop of color to your closet this summer. These shorts can be paired with a solid colored t-shirt or tank top. We suggest a solid color top so that the patterns from the shorts are not clashing with the top that they decide to wear with them.


We suggest pairing these outfits with a pair of their favorite sneakers so that when they are out playing with their friends or at summer camp, they will be able to move around easily and win all of the activities for their team.


Kid's T-shirts from Brooklyn Cloth

T-Shirts Kids Love


Just Like our shorts, our tees are also essential for the summertime weather. Unlike our shorts, these t-shirts can be worn all year round, alone in warm weather or under a jacket, hoodie, or cardigan in colder months.


Some of our favorite tee shirts that we offer here at Brooklyn Cloth include our marble print tee shirts that come in three different colors. These colors include, white, sand, and charcoal. The sand and charcoal All Over Marble Drip tee shirt is an extremely popular and trendy option for this season.


Since these are very creative and eye-catching t-shirts, we again suggest pairing these tops with a solid-colored pair of shorts. Despite what we usually suggest, we believe that, in this case, simple shorts are the way to go.


For a simpler and more formal look we suggest wearing our boy’s Royal Blue Single Striped tee. If you have a formal event to attend like a family barbecue or a graduation party and your child is unsure what to wear, this striped t-shirt is a great option. This tee can be paired with a pair of khaki or cargo shorts. Choose their best dress shoes or sneakers to complete this formal outfit.


Our vertical striped tees are also a great choice to wear to more formal events. Our boy’s White Legend Puff Print Vertical Striped Tee or our boy’s Blue Hype Vertical Striped Tee all also fit the attire to wear to a graduation party or a more formal event during the summertime for boys.


Our yellow tie-dye shorts also go great with our boy’s Light Blue and Black All Over Drippy Smiley Tee shirt. This outfit is a fun, bright and colorful choice to wear during this summer season.


Hoodies: Every Boys’ Favorite Article of Clothing


Last but never least, we have our favorite hoodies to share with you. Believe it or not, hoodies are essential during the summertime.


During the day it is hot, but at night the temperatures drop like crazy within minutes leaving us cold when we are hanging out with our friends late or right after going night swimming. There’s nothing worse than getting out of the warm pool at night and having to run around looking for a towel to warm you up.


Some of our favorite hoodies include our marble print hoodies. Just like our marble print tees, the hoodies are offered in both white and black. The white marble hoodie has the word “savage” printed across the chest and the black marble hoodie has the word “hustle” printed across the chest.


Some other trendy hoodies that we would like to share with you from our collection here at Brooklyn Cloth include our splatter paint print hoodies. We don’t see splatter paint prints that often, but it is definitely one of our favorite prints that we have because it is so unique. We love sharing our favorites with you so that your child can rock them and put their own spin on them.


Our splatter paint print hoodies come in both black and white as well. The black splatter paint print hoodie has white splatter paint and the white splatter paint print hoodie has blue splatter paint. These hoodies match perfectly with our shorts as well.


The colors on these hoodies aren't too bright so you don't have to worry about them taking away from the rest of the outfit. Therefore, we encourage you to pair these hoodies up with a bright colored pair of knit shorts for your child.


If they don't want to have too much attention drawn to them because of their clothing’s bright colors, they can also go the other route and stick with a solid color neutral pair of shorts.


Kid's Happy Face Tees and Shorts from Brooklyn Cloth

Cool for the Summer


For kids, summer is the time to express themselves and do what they enjoy. During the school, year it can be hard for kids to let loose and have among all of their extracurricular activities and homework filling up their weeks.


We hope that you, the parents of our Brooklyn Cloth kids, are helping them express their fashion choices and allowing them to wear what they feel comfortable in. Some schools may require a dress code, so the summertime is the children’s time to wear what they want to wear without having to follow a code of conduct.


All of our kid’s attire that we offer here at Brooklyn Cloth are made to provide endless comfort and style for our consumers. All of our shorts, hoodies, and tees coincide with each other to make the perfect outfits for your child.


We want you to know that our clothes are made to be mixed and matched with their current wardrobe. We will always encourage you to continue to upgrade your child’s current wardrobe and we believe that our garments here at Brooklyn Cloth can help you do so.


We hope that this guide helps you to achieve summertime outfits for your children. We hope that it helps and guides you to purchasing the coolest clothing that you can share with your children.


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