Picking the Perfect Kids Joggers

Ever tried to convince a kid to wear something they had no interest in? How did that go? Guessing not too well, and that you may have a closet full of clothes that never get worn – the worn ones are likely either on the floor or in the laundry. So how do you build a wardrobe your kids will love and wear? You start by picking the perfect joggers! 


What are Joggers?


Consider joggers to be a modern take on the classic, comfortable sweatpants. The jogger pant style combines the advantages of loungewear, activewear, and casual pants into one convenient package. This could be why your little one has been pleading with you to stock his closet with the latest boys’ joggers.


Joggers are the modern answer to style and adaptability! They can be dressed up or down and are trendier than your basic sweatpants. They work for hangin’ at the mall with friends, going to school, and riding a bike.


Why Joggers for Kids?


At Brooklyn Cloth, children’s joggers are some of our best-selling items. Our joggers are some of our favorites because they come in so many various styles, patterns, and colors.


Even if you're having trouble deciding which trendy style to go with, you can rest assured that your boy will be extremely comfy and fashionable. We have two different types of joggers for kids at Brooklyn Cloth - both highly comfortable and adaptable, making sure they can chill anywhere.


Types of Kids Joggers


  • Knit joggers
  • Twill joggers


Knit Joggers for Kids


Have a son that complains about jeans constantly? We’re confident that they will be pumped to add these knit joggers to their wardrobe. Our kids' nit joggers come in space dye, streaky fleece, and savage printed styles. When kids arrive at school dressed in these laid-back outfits, they’ll be so comfortable and stylish there will be nothing to distract them from their learning.



Twill Joggers for Kids


Twill joggers are perfect for more formal occasions. We love seeing them styled for family photos! We have a huge variety of colors and patterns including camo, khaki, tobacco, black, grey, olive, and more. You’ll like that they have a more pant-like appearance but still the comfortable stretch your kiddo will love. 


For your kid, the benefits are all in the comfort. They won’t be complaining about uncomfortable, itchy pants, and when doing those family photos, you’ll be more likely to get that great smile.


How to Style Joggers for Boys


Sweatpants have evolved into a more fitted jogger pant design to fit any day-to-day outfit thanks to the emergence of athleisure. Whether your boy is a toddler or an adolescent who prefers a sporty style, preppy casual, or just a comfortable feeling, joggers are a must-have in their wardrobe. We have a large selection of boys’ joggers at Brooklyn Cloth to assist them in discovering comfort and style for every situation.


If you're looking for the most up-to-date joggers for your little man, we have a huge range of dope joggers to choose from. Whatever the occasion, joggers are the way to go for a hip, modern look without sacrificing comfort. The key to wearing them is to pair them with the right outfit.


What is the Right Outfit to Wear with Joggers?


To build a wardrobe that your kids will wear, think about their activities and where they spend their time. Obviously, don’t fill their closet with dress clothes if they spend most of their time at school or hanging at the park with friends. That’s what joggers are for!


3 Ways to Style Joggers:


  • Casual
  • Preppy
  • Classic


Boys' Joggers and a Sweatshirt for Casual


Their go-to outfit can be a pair of worn-in sweatpants on the couch. When you add a hoodie and boys' joggers to their wardrobe, they can go from relaxing at home to going out with friends without changing their clothes. The current athleisure styles combine the two for any setting. Their selection of boys’ joggers will contribute to the overall feel they’re striving for.


Pair this cool pair of Kids Black Streaky Fleece Joggers with a hoodie for the ultimate casual outfit.


Rock the Preppy Look in a Polo and Boys’ Joggers


For a sophisticated preppy look, dress your guy in a solid Polo shirt and joggers. Our twill jogger pants come in a variety of styles that combine a clean, classic look with the comfort of leisurewear that they'll appreciate. Do you need an outfit for a particular occasion or dinner? If they’re more of a casual-dress kid, a Polo lends sophistication to any pair of boys' joggers, so they'll still feel like themself.


For the ultimate preppy look, check out these Kids Khaki Twill Jogger Pants.


Boys' Joggers with a Tee for a Classic Style


When paired with their favorite joggers, even the simplest white T-shirt may enhance your son's style. When they wear a comfortable or form-fitting basic tee, they may let their boys’ joggers and shoes do the talking. On the other hand, a big graphic tee goes great with any pair of joggers, allowing them to show off their personality on top while keeping things simple and easy on the bottom.


What Wardrobe Staples Should Every Child Have in Their Closet?


To keep your kiddo rockin’ in comfort and style, they should have six tops and five bottoms as the base. The staples should be comfortable, durable, and ideally sustainable – aka our best-selling joggers. They also need to meet their needs – does he need a uniform for school or an activity? Are your regular activities casual, or do they need to dress up?


Once you’ve defined your needs, then it’s time to look at their personal style. Are they like many kids these days and only wearing soft pants? If so, joggers are going to be the base of their wardrobe. They are so soft and comfortable it may be a challenge to get them out of them at bedtime.


The Wearable Wardrobe


After a certain age, kids will insist on picking their own clothes and will start to define their style. To help them remain stylish and comfortable, make sure their wardrobe is stocked with Brooklyn Cloth joggers, and you’ll have a wardrobe that they wear and love.

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