Say Hey to Staycation

When you can't think of what to do during the summer without draining your wallet enjoy a staycation instead! Staycations are the new trend and going down to a local beach and staying there for a few days is not that bad because you are not near your house. You can go anywhere you like either alone or with your friends. Anything with the word beach, ocean or sand should already put you in relaxing mode. Some of the top 5 places we like to staycation in New York are:

1. Rockaway Beach Floating Cabin

Enjoy a weekend not far away from home but far enough in the floating cabin. Yes you heard right floating cabin. You can bring 3 other people with you to enjoy sometime without hitting the books. This cabin is newly renovated along with all new furnishings such as a kitchen, master bedroom, full bathroom, living room and an outside patio. Imagine just kicking back relaxing on the water breathing in that wonderful salty ocean air. You aren't too far from civilization on this cabin you are really close to shops, restaurants  and the water

2. Shelter Island of Long Island

Shelter Island is located off the South Fork of Long Island, New York. This destination has so many different activities to offer during the summer. This island is mostly made of water so you can plan a day to go kayaking, rent a paddle boat, walk around the marshlands in natural habitats, go to the educational farm, play tennis, mini golf or enjoy a nice local cold brew-ski at the Shelter Island Craft Brewery

3. Jackson Heights

Eat your way through the taco crawl in this town on Roosevelt Avenue. The first stop you'll want to make is at el Gallo Giro which is a food truck under the 7 tracks. Everyone goes crazy over the of the chicken tacos or the charred carne tacos. Next you need to stop by Taqueria Coatzingo this little hole in the wall is the spot to be if you love Corona, stewed beef, chorizo and fresh corn tortillas. Then on the third spot you can hit up the Tacos Morelos for some amazing Spanish dishes like spit roasted pork and don't forget the tacos! When you can't get to the beach for a staycation enjoy a taco-cation instead! 

4. Asbury Park, New Jersey

Asbury Park is just one of the many beach spots along the Jersey coast line that everyone loves to visit. Pack the car up, blast some music, bring some friends and catch some Jersey sun rays laying on the beach or playing football or another sport. In Asbury there is not just the beach to relax but a bunch of bars, clubs and lounges native to the locals so if you are looking for good nightlife Asbury is a great destination.

5. Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

For all the families out there we did not forget about you! Mom and dad take your kids to one of the greatest places in Central Jersey. Your kids will love you forever if you bring them to Jenkinson's boardwalk for some awesome Jersey style pizza, rides, treats and all different kinds of games. Jenkinson's have everything to offer and look out for the summer calendar for the fireworks display and movies on the beach. Movies on the beach is a huge trend right now and people are just loving the idea of lounging in the sand with some pop corn and enjoying a movie beach side! The movies are free to watch and you can pick any seat in the house because Jenkinson's uses a giant projector so everyone can see! 

Wherever you stay-cation make it count because unfortunately summer doesn't last forever no matter how hard we try so soak up as much fun and sun as possible! 


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