Sun's Out, Stars and Stripes Out

How many of you out there have at least one or two items in your closet with the American flag on it? How about with USA written in bold letters across the chest? Most of us have some form of the flag or nation pride hanging in our closets or shoved to the back of a drawer, ready to be taken out for the Fourth of July.


But have you ever wondered why there are American Flags and USA printed on everything?


Where Did the American Flag Clothing Trend Come From?


There is no denying that the American flag is everywhere in the USA. From waving your traditional flag on a flagpole to wearing it on tank tops and swim trunks, the US flag has made its way into fashion and style, as well.


No one knows how the American Flag clothing trend began, but it has been making its way into fashion since the early 70s. This was the era of growing patriotism with several wars and the hippie movement sweeping the nation. As the 90s and early 2000s hit, the American symbol took over and was printed on anything and everything. 


If you want us to be completely blunt, the use of the flag on any type of product from clothing to party supplies was widely frowned upon with a law forbidding it. There was even a man arrested for wearing the flag on his shirt. It’s an unenforceable law though, so don’t worry. The next time you put on the American Flag gear, wear it proudly like the rebel that you are!


So Many Flag Designs


The most common Americana wears are tanks and tees with the flag printed on them in the traditional red, white, and blue. But why stick with the same designs when you can mix it up?


A blacked-out flag, distressed flag, and flags in the shape of batman and soccer balls are just some of the many ways this symbol of American Pride has changed its shape. All in the name of fashion and style.


Yes and No’s of the Americana Style

Wearing the American flag might be a topic that sounds self-explanatory, but did you know that there are actually rules on how you can and can’t wear the national symbol?


  • The flag has to displayed from left to right, so it looks like the flag is the right way and not backward
  • The flag can’t be positioned upside down, or it is a symbol of disgrace
  • If the flag is on a shirt or hanging up, it can’t be so distressed that it becomes unrecognizable
  • If the flag is being displayed vertically, then the stars must be positioned to the top right

These are just a few rules to keep in mind when picking up a new American shirt or pair of shorts.


Wear Red, White, and Blue with Pride


The Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, or any holiday that supports national pride are typically when the red, white, and blue come out of hiding. This summer, between July and August, with the Summer Olympics upon us, there are even more opportunities to sport your Americana gear.


One way that we love to show our American spirit is by wearing a black, white, and grey American flag shirt or a dark USA shirt with a pair of camo pants when we are feeling really patriotic. Or even red, white, and blue throughout the whole fit.  We understand that you may not be stocked up on your American Flag and USA gear for this year, so with that in mind, we have a few style tips and tricks for you.


You can go the traditional route with the Red, White, and Blue Flag Tank. The tank is lightweight with a scoop hem and a U-neckline, allowing for maximum comfort while relaxing by the beach or the pool on those hot summer days. When it starts to get cool, throw on a denim jacket or hoodie and a pair of your favorite joggers to carry your national pride into the night.


This tank looks great paired with your favorite shorts or joggers. May we recommend the Heather Grey Zip Pocket Shorts or the Khaki Twill Jogger Pants. If you want to get really patriotic, you can always throw on the Core Camo Twill Jogger Pants. You could even mix it up and pair the tanks with swim trunks before or after hitting the beach.


No Walking Flags, Please


Your next question might be, how are you supposed the wear this without looking like a walking American Flag? Well, the first step is to not wear a matching flag top and bottom. Switch it up a bit - that is unless matching sets are your ride or die style, then you do you.


But for the rest of us that aren’t feeling the “walking flag billboard” look, Brooklyn Cloth has you covered. Try our USA tanks!


The navy-blue USA stars tank is a take on the typical USA jersey with wide armholes and a deep neck that allows for maximum comfort and mobility. You know, for those days that you want to pretend that you are an Olympic athlete racing for your gold medal.  


Or maybe you have decided that you have already won the Olympic gold medal and want something to show for it. The black USA World Champs tank will have you ready to show your pride and feel like the champ that you are!


Both are great breathable options that will keep you comfortable and stylish on hot summer days. Perfect with a pair of khaki or knit shorts, swim trunks, and you are ready for a BBQ in the backyard, hanging out by the pool, or watching the game. When it cools down, throw on your favorite pair of joggers — may we suggest one of our fleece knit jogger, a denim jacket, and you are ready for a chill night.


The American Flag swim trunks and the USA Flag swim trucks are a great option for days in the sun. They are light and breathable, perfect to continue your American Pride from land into the water. Pair them with a tank or t-shirt, and you are ready for the perfect patriotic summer.


However you want to rock your patriotism, check out Brooklyn Cloth to see everything that we have to help you represent in style. There really is no right or wrong way to wear the American flag, so express your own style with it. Have fun!


















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