The Best Athleisure Wear for Summer into Fall

Athleisure wear is an important part of your summer wardrobe. Most of the time during the summer we are lounging around. Whether we are going to the beach, hanging out with friends, or just running errands, most of the time we are in our most comfortable outfits. 

The Best Athleisure Wear for Summer into Fall

Summer nights tend to be when we dig out our nice outfits to go out. During the day, we usually see casual outfits including shorts, t-shirts, biker shorts, and flip-flops or slides being worn. While enjoying the warm weather during the summer months, we tend to spend most of our time outdoors in the sun, which calls for comfort.


Athleisure wear used to be known as just athletic wear—clothes that individuals would wear to the gym while they are working out or playing sports. It would also be considered the clothing that professionals wear during meets or games.


Nowadays, athleisure is widely known to be worn during any point of the day, not just while working out. Athleisure is also seen to have its own category on both clothing websites and in stores. This is a big deal for this type of clothing because it is now being recognized not just as gym clothes but as clothing that people wear on a day-to-day basis. Clothing that can be considered a part of the category of athleisure include shorts, leggings, sports bras, and sneakers, to name a few.


As our BK family knows, our number one goal is to provide comfort for our customers, therefore, most of our clothing here at Brooklyn Cloth will tend to fall within the athleisure category. We offer a variety of clothing for men and women that can help them up their athleisure wardrobe.


Athleisure has become such a phenomenon that there are now brands designated to providing their customers with solely athleisure pieces. We can thank scientist Joseph Shivers for the start of athleisure. He created the first pair of “dress trousers” that were meant to be worn while working out.


The lifestyle of wearing athletic clothing daily is now linked to 24% of clothing sales in the world. Do you expect anything else though? Why would we want to wear uncomfortable clothing when this extremely comfortable clothing is now also cute and trendy? It's a genius creation!


Athleisure Trends


Men's matching set from Brooklyn Cloth


Trends are constantly changing and here at Brooklyn Cloth, we want to inform you about the new trends and provide you with the right pieces to achieve them. Our biker shorts can be paired with a sports bra and a hoodie or zip up to achieve a trendy look. Although we do not provide matching sports bras, our clothing and the colors that we use are easy to match.


Another great athleisure outfit for men would be a pair of our shorts with either a tank top or a tee. If you are hitting the gym and would like some extra protection, feel free to throw on a pair of workout leggings underneath your shorts. During the colder months feel free to pair the gym outfit with a hoodie from our large selection.


To complete any outfit, we tend to see people wearing sneakers because they are meant to be worn to the gym while exercising. If you do not want to wear your gym sneakers while wearing these workout clothes daily, feel free to grab a pair of trendier sneakers to finish off this look. Sandals work too for summer roaming. These shoe choices can make your outfit look a little less work out ready and a little more casual while still maintaining that athletic look


Work From Home Athleisure


Women's biker shorts from Brooklyn Cloth



Athleisure wear has also become wildly popular during quarantine over the past year and a half. When working from home, all we want to do is be comfortable. Why would we want to put on a pair of jeans just to sit at our kitchen table?


Look trendy and professional while working but achieve extreme comfort in these outfits. It is no wonder nobody wants to go back to the office.


Putting on this athletic wear can automatically make you feel productive like you would if you did decide to go to the gym, all without actually having to go and exercise. It’s the thought that counts, right?


Men’s Athleisure



Men's matching set from Brooklyn Cloth


Our collection of men’s clothing is what every guy needs to stay stylish and comfortable. Some athleisure outfits for men include…



Our brand new 2.0 sweatpants for men come in a variety of new colors. These colors include burnt orange, dark cherry, soft moss, French navy, and forest green. These bright colors are exactly what you need for this season. Go for a simpler look with a solid color shirt or add a printed top like a tie-dye or camouflage to add a little bit of your own style to these statement pieces.


Our Forever Young Bandana Shorts for men also come in a couple different colors for you to choose from. These bandana shorts are extremely trendy. We are currently offering these shorts and both sand, navy, black, white, dusty rose, and red. Since they have a very specific print on them and also have text at the bottom of the pant leg, we suggest pairing them with a simple hoodie or tee shirt depending on how hard you decide to work out that day. If you wanted to be a little more daring though, feel free to pair them with its matching hoodie to complete the set.


Our Allover Marble Print tee for men also comes in a variety of colors. Not only are there many colors to choose from but there are also various shades of each color. These colors include red, dusty rose, white, black, sand, dusty tear, and dusty blue. Since these shirts are very busy looking, we suggest pairing them with a solid color pair of shorts or joggers while working out or just lounging around your home so that the two pieces of clothing do not clash with each other.


Women’s Athleisure



Women's joggers from Brooklyn Cloth


Some of the sportswear that we recommend for our women to add to their wardrobe includes our biker shorts that come in a variety of different shades and prints. Our polyester fleece shorts also come in many different prints for you to choose from. We also love all of our t-shirts and tank tops for stylish comfort.


Some of our favorite tank tops that we offer for women include our…




Tank tops come in a variety of different shades, prints and colors for our Brooklyn Cloth family of women to choose from. Our current styles are in the shape of a muscle tank top instead of a spaghetti strapped style. Feel free to throw on your favorite sports bra under these tank tops and pair them with either a pair of our shorts, joggers, biker shorts, or your favorite pair of workout leggings.


If you do not plan on working out in your athleisure outfit, feel free to pair it with a pair of your favorite slippers while lounging around your house. Throw your hair up in a messy bun or a high ponytail with your favorite scrunchie to keep your hair out of your face if you do end up planning on working out in this outfit.


Just like we have mentioned before, these outfits can be paired with your favorite pair of workout sneakers, slippers, sandals, or, you can even be bold and throw on some heels like the celebs are doing.


We hope that this guide to athleisure wear for both men and women has helped you to curate ideas while planning out your next gym or lounge outfits. We want you to look and feel your most comfortable no matter what you are doing throughout the day. Don’t forget to continue upgrading your closet and wardrobe all year round because athleisure isn’t going anywhere!

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