The Best Back to School Styles and Clothing Essentials For Kids

It's that time of the year again! Some of us may not be ready for our kids to get back into the classroom this fast, but the great part about a new school year is the fresh start that comes along with it. This fresh start also includes a whole new wardrobe your children can wow their classmates with.

The Best Back to School Styles and Clothing Essentials For Kids


Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we want to help you come up with a new look for your kids this upcoming school year that will make them excited to go back to school.


Parents, we know that it may be a struggle to take your kids to the store to shop for new clothes while the sun is shining. They would rather be outside playing with their friends in the pool or at the park. We are here to make this process easier for you.


We guarantee that both you and your children will love the clothing that we have in stock for them to rock on their first day of school and the rest of the year, for that matter. From shorts to joggers and tees to hoodies we have both them and you covered.


We have curated a list that will guide you and your kiddo through the best styles for the 2021 school year. We hope that you are inspired by our top picks for kid’s clothing this season.

Some of our favorite kid’s styles include our….


Kid's t-shirts from Brooklyn Cloth



  • Joggers
  • Shorts
  • Graphic tee shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Mix & match


Gender Neutral Joggers


Joggers are one of our top sellers here at Brooklyn Cloth. We love our joggers because they come in a variety of different styles, patterns, and shades. We offer such a variety of joggers to choose from, which is what makes shopping with us so exciting!


Although you may be faced with a tough decision on what dope style to choose, at least you know that no matter what, your child will be extremely comfortable and trendy.


Some of our favorite styles of joggers include our Twill joggers, our Tobacco Cargo Pocket Joggers and our Knit joggers.


Twill Joggers


These jogger styles come in various colors for you to choose from so that you can create the perfect coordinated outfit with pieces in your current wardrobe or with new pieces from our other collections.


Twill Jogger Colors for Any Look


- Charcoal

- Olive

- Black

- Khaki

- Tobacco

- Camo


All of these colors will complement any outfit well throughout the school year. A trendy outfit that can be made out of these joggers that you can rock to school would include a graphic t-shirt like our Dusty Rose Positive Vibes Crosswalk Tee or our Black Printed Space Thank You Rose SS Tee.


Your kiddo can always bring along a hoodie or a light jacket to go along with their outfits because you never know what the temperature is going to be throughout the school building. We also suggest pairing this outfit with some type of outerwear in the winter months. Our hoodies, jean jackets, and windbreakers will keep them on trend and comfortable.


Cargo Pocket Joggers


Another one of our favorite pairs of joggers is our cargo pocket joggers. These joggers, like our twill joggers, come in a variety of colors for you to choose from as well. He will love the tobacco, dark khaki, and grey camo.


The grey camo shade of these joggers is extremely trendy and will definitely receive a lot of attention in school by all of their classmates. We always encourage our BK fam to step out of their comfort zone while choosing and wearing new clothing styles. We promise, you will feel great when you become the trend setter of the grade.


Tees for Our Joggers



Kid's joggers and t-shirts by Brooklyn Cloth


The camo joggers would go great with our dusty green, Let's Change the World tee shirt. It will add a pop of color to the outfit while also complementing the camo print of the joggers. A pair of black or white Vans or Converse will finish it perfectly. We also recommend adding a beanie or a baseball hat depending on the weather. Just be sure they take it off during the school day because hats can be distracting to the rest of the class and we want to make sure that the dress code in the classroom is followed.


Knit Joggers


Our knit joggers are another one of our favorites here at Brooklyn Cloth. This style of joggers is a little more casual and gives off a comfy cozy vibe more than our previously mentioned styles. They would be best for a rainy day at school, a gym day at school, or a lazy Friday when you just want to be comfortable.


These joggers also come in a variety of colors and prints. Some of our popular prints include our “savage” logo print and our streaky print. Our savage box logo print joggers come in three different colors that you can choose from. These colors include heather grey, red and black.


If you want to fully immerse your child in the “savage” trend, feel free to pair these joggers with our Savage Repeat Scoop Tee which comes in the same colors as the joggers, red, black and heather grey. Feel free to mix and match these pieces with each other to create a matching set.





Kid's shorts by Brooklyn Cloth


Although in many places the hot weather only lasts a short amount of time during the school year, it is still necessary to have shorts on hand to rock during the beginning and end of the year. Our ultimate goal here at Brooklyn Cloth is to provide your children with trendy and comfortable clothing and our shorts will do just that.


We offer a variety of shorts for you and your child to choose from, but we have chosen our top three favorite styles for you to incorporate in your child's back to school wardrobe.


These three styles include our Savage, Camo and our Streaky Print styles. Similar to our Savage joggers, you can create matching sets with our other Savage apparel. Our savage shorts for boys come in two different styles. We offer the box logo savage shorts identical to our jogger version of this style and we also have our savage repeat style, identical to our repeat graphic tee.


Matching sets are extremely popular, especially during the summertime. Therefore, we suggest mixing and matching all our pieces within the entire “savage” collection.


Children’s Shorts Styles


Our streaky shorts for boys also are very popular options for your child to rock during their first week back to school this September. This pair of shorts is a great staple to have in their wardrobe because it is easily matched with various tops and will ensure their comfort throughout the long day of class.


This specific style is offered in both black and white so you can choose which shade they will get the most use out of. Better yet, surprise your child with both pairs and let them choose which they want to wear on what day of the week.


Camo is a Brooklyn Cloth staple. The camo print shorts that we offer for our BK boys include the Camo Core Fleece shorts and our Camo Cali Bear Print shorts. Both of these styles come in both camo and black camo.


Similar to the outfit we created with our camo joggers previously, we suggest pairing these camo print shorts with any pop of color tee shirt that you would like. Camo print is one of the more subtle prints, so pairing it with a bright shirt will not take away from the pants or make the outfit look too busy.


Gender Neutral Children’s Hoodies



Kid's hoodie by Brooklyn Cloth


On to the top half of your child’s back to school outfits! Our hoodie and graphic tee collections are extremely diverse and unique compared to other brands. Many of the designs on our clothing are designed in house, therefore, your kids get to rock one-of-a-kind designs.


Some of our favorite hoodies they can show off this school year include our drip print, logo hoodies, and our basic knit hoodies that will all provide ultimate warmth and comfort.


Our drip hoodies for boys are one of our more colorful pieces that we have here at Brooklyn Cloth. The splatter painted hoodie with the word “drip” printed across the chest is a unique piece that can be worn all year round. It is offered in both black and white with various shades of paint splattered around them. We suggest pairing this hoodie with a colorful pair of solid shorts to make the colors pop.


Some of our most popular hoodies include our savage logo. Unlike our savage tees and shorts, we offer our savage hoodies in more designs and patterns. We offer our Savage Verbiage Hoodie which comes in white, red, and black, our white savage marble print


Graphic Tees for Kids


Graphic t-shirts from Brooklyn Cloth



Last, but not least, we have our graphic tees for your child to wear all throughout the school year. We have a variety of graphic tees for you to choose from that will go with outfits for every occasion.


Some of our favorite graphic tee designs that we want to share with our BK fam and their families include our positive vibes tee and our printed space dye tee. Our positive vibes crosswalk tee comes in a bunch of different colors including dusty rose, camo, black camo, red, and black.


Mix and Match to Create Styles All Their Own


As we mentioned, matching sets are extremely popular during the warm weather, so why not bring them with us into the fall and winter? Many of our sets include combinations of shorts, joggers, t-shirts, and hoodies. Therefore, we can mix and match them all throughout the seasons by interchanging the pieces depending on the weather.


We want you to be inspired by the outfits that we recommend. Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we want to provide you with comfort while also setting the newest trends for you and your friends.


Always remember to put your own spins on these outfits to make them unique to your children’s styles. We know that you may be sad that the summer is coming to an end, but you can bring all your favorite summer outfits and trends into the Fall, making this school year a little more exciting than usual.


Don't forget to encourage your kids to step out of their comfort zones this school season and try out some new styles!

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