The Best Fit in Women’s Joggers

The Best Fit in Women’s Joggers


In a world over flooded with options, it can be overwhelming to decipher what fashion trends are here to stay. Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we're here to assure you that joggers are here to stay in the fashion world. Joggers are great because they have the comfort of sweatpants with the added bonus of a finished bottom that creates a more tailored look and shows off your shoes! However, there's so many types of joggers out there that it can be confusing which ones to choose. Fear not! With this guide, you'll be a jogger expert ready to show off all your new and fun clothes.


The Basic Jogger


Everyone needs some basics in their closet. In the current world we’re living in, we all especially need some loungewear basics for all those zoom meetings and home office comfort. This section is dedicated to helping you choose some super simple and comfortable joggers to add to your closet that will be incredibly easy to style.


 Women’s Dusty Black Pop Color Jogger

A pair of simple, black joggers are a closet staple because of how easy they are to style for a number of different occasions. These joggers are great because you can wear them lounging at home with your friends or they can be dressed up for a fun night out. For a very simple at home outfit, pair these joggers with a simple white tank top, some cute slippers, and a comfy cardigan for a chill Netflix date vibe. For a night out, we suggest pairing these women's joggers with a turtleneck bodysuit, some cool high-top sneakers and hoop earrings for a streetwear look.

 womens dusty black joggers by Brooklyn Cloth



The Pop of Color Jogger


Staple neutral colors are great, but it’s also fun to mix it up with joggers that bring an element of color to your closet. Statement pants are a huge trend this year. Stay on trend and stay comfortable with moss or lavender joggers.


Women’s Soft Moss Pop Color Jogger & Women’s Lavender Pop Color Jogger

 women's soft moss pop color jogger by Brooklyn Cloth

 women's lavender pop color jogger by Brooklyn Cloth

Our women's pop color joggers are an absolute must have for your loungewear closet this season. Both of these joggers have a gorgeous dye color to them along with ultra-breathability due to their cotton makeup. For styling, we suggest pairing them with some fun patterns on top like a graphic hoodie or a fun tank top. These joggers also give a ton of beachy vibes so they’re cute with some shell necklaces, socks and sandals, or some of our cute tank tops that can be found here.


The Tie Dye Jogger


Tie Dye has made a comeback and is one of the hottest trends in recent years. You can't open up Instagram without seeing cute tie dye loungewear. Tie dye joggers are a great item to add to your closet because they are super easy to style. They steal the show and because of that, all you have to do is throw on some basic pieces and you’re set.


Women’s Orange Tie Dye Boyfriend Jogger

 women's orange tie dye boyfriend jogger by Brooklyn Cloth


Tie Dye Joggers are so iconic and are a must for anyone trying to enhance their sense of style this season. Our women's tie dye boyfriend jogger is a great start for adding some tie dye to your wardrobe because they have a gorgeous orange coloring along with a fun tie dye pattern. This orange is great for the summer and will make you glow. Styling these is so easy you literally could just put on a plain white T shirt and look amazing. If you really want to flex the fit, we suggest pairing these with a tight white cropped T shirt, a slick low bun, your favorite sneakers and a jean jacket. Any fit you create with these will leave you looking like an Instagram influencer.


The Graphic Jogger

Loungewear featuring graphic designs is a great choice for achieving a simple urban look while feeling like you’ve never changed out of your pajamas! Brooklyn Cloth has an amazing selection of loungewear featuring super unique graphic designs. We’ve picked out some of our favorites for you below.

Women’s Good Vibes Only Doodle Jogger

 women's good vibes only doodle jogger by Brooklyn Cloth

The first step to a changing your vibes is to channel them physically. There is no better way to do so than wearing our Women’s Good Vibes Only Doodle Jogger. The peace inspired graphics are trendy and will add a fun element to any outfit. While they are very easy to style, the perfect chill outfit can be easily created by pairing these awesome joggers with the matching Women’s White Good Vibes Only Hoodie.


Women’s Pink Blessed Tie Dye Jogger

 women's pink blessed tie dye jogger by Brooklyn Cloth

Last but not least, get the chill look of tie dye with trendy streetwear graphics with these adorable women’s pink joggers. The light pink coloring is a dream and will give a fairy like vibe to your closet. The heart graphics cascading down the right pant leg will lengthen and accentuate your amazing legs. Because of all the detail along with the fresh pattern of these joggers, styling them will be no trouble for you. Dress these joggers up with a cute bralette layered with a fluffy cardigan for a fun restaurant date!


We hope you after reading this blog that styling and choosing joggers will be as easy as our joggers are comfortable. Check out the rest of our blogs at The Pipeline for more styling tips, that way your loungewear looks will never be boring! Be sure to stay in touch and follow us on Instagram to be a part of the #bkfam.


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