The Best Pants for Cool Weather

As winter is slowly approaching, we know that it is time to make our transition from our fall clothes to our winter clothes if you haven’t done so already.

Shorts season may be over for now and we know how upsetting that can be to our #BKFam kids, however, our kid's joggers are better than ever and we guarantee you that your children are going to adore them.

We have so many different styles and prints for you and your kids to choose from this season. Whether it is for just a casual day look or your child’s picture day at school, we have everything that your kid needs in their wardrobe.


The Best Pants for Cool Weather

It is important to have many different styles so that your kids can choose their favorite ones to wear each day. We know how frustrating it may be getting ready in the morning for school and having to pick out an outfit.

Kids’ Favorite Pants 

Kid's twill joggers by Brooklyn Cloth


Kids like to express themselves and choose their own clothing. Even if that means that their tops don’t match their bottoms. Our kid's joggers or gender-neutral clothing are for all your kids to share them. This is very beneficial because you can style your joggers in both feminine and masculine ways.

It may be hard shopping for all of your kids, so why not make your life easy and grab a couple pairs of kid's joggers that will fit into all of their wardrobes. We have joggers that are solid colored and those that have different prints, colors, and even materials. It is important to have pants that you can wear to formal events while still feeling comfortable.


Stylish and Comfortable Pants

As you know #BKfam, our goal here at Brooklyn Cloth is to provide ultimate comfort and style to all of our customers. Joggers are a great alternative to jeans for kids. We know that jeans may not be your child’s favorite type of clothing because they aren’t the most comfortable choice of pants in their wardrobe. Although they definitely come in handy when you need to attend more formal occasions, it is better that your child is comfortable in what they were because comfort equals happiness.

We have created this guide to our top must-have kid joggers to wear now so that we can provide you a little help on how to style all of our kid joggers, both twill and knit, so that you have a little guidance when your kid asks you for help on what they should wear to school.

As we have mentioned in previous blogs, it is super important to let your children express themselves through their clothing even at such a young age when they don’t fully understand what matching means. We encourage our #BKFam kids to mix and match all of our styles that we provide for them.

We hope that you and your children adore our must-have joggers as much as we do this season. They are all on-trend and will not go out of style anytime soon.


Our Favorite Kids Joggers

Savage Box Logo Repeat Joggers

One of our first pairs of joggers that we adore are our Kid's Savage Box Logo Repeat Joggers. This specific pair of joggers is extremely trendy and can be made into either a matching set or your child can rock them with a top from a different collection or one that is already in their wardrobe.

These joggers come in a bright red color that will definitely brighten up their day while at school or just hanging out with their friends. We also offer this style in adult sizes as well so that you can match with your kids.

We have so many different styles in the Savage collection. We also offer this style in shorts in black, white, and red shades. The specific pair of joggers can be paired with the matching Savage hoodie. Your kids will love the Savage Box Logo Repeat Hoodie that is offered in white, black, and red, just like the shorts. You can mix and match this collection up all year around with these three different pieces.

The next style is our kid’s streaky fit joggers. The print on these joggers is very subtle so they basically look like a solid pair of joggers. These are definitely a staple to have in your kids wardrobe because they can learn so many different ways.

Our streaky French Terry jogger comes in black marl and solid black, it is also offered in white. If you are going for a warmer material, our kids white streaky print heat seal jogger pants are another option that we know your kids will love to wear. They can throw in any type of top with these. Whether it’s a hoodie or even a denim jacket over a graphic tee. These joggers will definitely be put to use.


Rock a Tie Dye Pair

Kid's Drip Splatter Set by Brooklyn Cloth

Next up are our tie-dye joggers. As you know, we love our tie-dye prints here at Brooklyn Cloth. We offer an enormous amount of different styles that come in all different color tie-dyes. We believe that tie-dye can brighten up anybody’s wardrobe and everybody would look at rocking it. We offer our tie-dye joggers in adult sizes so once again you can match with your kids while you both rock matching tie-dye sets that are extremely popular this season. Some of our favorite tie-dye products in our children’s jogger collection include our black Cali vibes tie-dye joggers and our kid's black tie-dye hype fill jogger. Both of these options are black tie-dye so they can be paired with basically any solid color top.

Another fun print that we offer here at Brooklyn Cloth for our #BKkids are our drip splatter joggers. This design is designed to look like your solid-colored joggers were just splattered with paint. Our graphic designers do a great job at making this look totally real. The kids at school might even ask if you splatter painted these pants yourself.

The splatter paint pants come in both black and white with colorful paint scattered all over the piece. Just like our tie-dye options, the solid color joggers can be paired with basically any top. Whether it is a bright T-shirt or a matching hoodie, we definitely recommend you add this to your child’s wardrobe. They will love it.

In addition to our repeat savage joggers, our solid-colored savage box logo joggers come in both a bright red and heather gray color. Both of which will definitely spice up your child’s wardrobe.

If your kid loves the Savage collection but doesn’t think that they want such an eye-catching piece to wear at school and prefer a simpler look, these solid color joggers would be great for them.

They have a small savage logo at the top of the leg but other than that small graphic, they are completely solid so the options for matching are endless. Your child can rock the kid's joggers with just about any time whether it be a hoodie, a windbreaker, or any jacket obviously depending on the weather. A matching savage hoodie that would definitely look good with this solid pair of pants from the savage collection would be our block savage verbiage hoodie or our camo savage box logo hoodie.

If they are going for a solid look on the bottom but want a more eye-catching look on the top, definitely feel free to throw on our kid’s black savage box logo repeat hoodie. We guarantee that your kid will love rocking a matching set.


Graphic Pant Designs for the Win

Kid's Twill Joggers by Brooklyn Cloth

In addition to our black Cali vibes tie-dye joggers, we also have our vibes box logo dusty rose joggers for your kids. The solid color bright dusty rose jogger is perfect and going for more simpler luck, but you still want to rock the vibes graphics. Our other vibes kid's joggers are tie-dye so if you are not the biggest fan of the tie-dye trend although we encourage everyone to be huge fans of it, it is ok, you can still rock these dusty rose joggers if you are going for a more simple look and maybe even throw on a tie-dye hoodie to incorporate some of the popular trend. Try finishing this trendy outfit off with a pair of your kid’s favorite sneakers. They will definitely tie this outfit together.

For a more formal look, check out our twill joggers. We know how challenging it can be to get your kids to dress up for a special occasion. They always want to just stay in there so pants are comfy joggers. Well, how about giving them a pair of joggers that feel just like their sweatpants but actually are a bit more presentable for a formal event. Our cargo pocket twill joggers come in a variety of colors for you to choose from. Some of our favorites include the tobacco and the dark khaki colors. Pair these joggers with a collared shirt and your kid will be looking extremely trendy at your next family event.

An extremely simple pair of joggers that we offer are our original twill jogger pants. Although simple, they will become an important staple of your kid’s wardrobe. They come in so many different colors that you will not know which ones to choose because your kids will love them all. Some of these colors include charcoal, black, khaki, tobacco, and olive. All of these colors can be worn with so many different top options that you will run out of events to wear them all to. Have your trendy kid pick out their favorite pair of sneakers or boots and they will love the outfits they create with these joggers.

Camouflage is such an exciting print for young kids to wear. As a young kid they see many of their heroes in camouflage and want to be just like them. Lucky for you we offer cargo-pocket twill joggers that they will definitely love to wear. We also offer many styles in camouflage print that they can choose from as well. We offer this print in many different styles of joggers, too. We have our kid’s camo fleece joggers, our cargo pockets twill joggers, and original twill joggers. Along with these styles we also offer different shades of camouflage including gray, black, and original camo green.


Get Stylish in our Joggers 

We hope that you enjoy this guide to our top joggers for kids. We hope that it was helpful and made your life a little easier when shopping for styles to dress your kids in. We also hope that you can love putting these clothes on in the morning while getting ready for school. We believe that letting children pick out and love their clothes will just make it that much easier while getting ready in the morning. We just want our #BKfam kids to feel comfortable and confident in everything that they put on their bodies.

We can’t wait to see what style that you and your children pick out for the rest of the school year. We love seeing how everybody styles each piece so differently by putting their own spin on the outfits. Accessories really tie outfits together so be sure that your children get to pick how they style each fit. From the shoes and the hats to the jewelry and belts, and even down to the socks, we want to see everything that your child wears with these pieces. Each part of the outfit will help your child to express themselves, even if it is a minor detail of the outfit.

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