The Top Women’s Shorts Styles You Need Now

Summer may be coming to an end soon, but that doesn’t mean you cannot add to your shorts collection! They may seem like a wardrobe staple that is only wearable in the summer months, but that isn't really the case. There is nothing better than snuggling up in a comfy pair of shorts and an oversized hoodie no matter what the weather may be outdoors.


Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we are excited to provide you with your shorts essentials. We can assure you that our shorts will keep you comfortable and stylish all throughout the year, especially our college bound friends packing for the upcoming school year.


We offer a variety of different styles of shorts for you to choose from. From biker shorts to lounging shorts, we have you covered for all occasions and events throughout the year.


The Versatile Biker Short


Women's tie dye biker shorts from Brooklyn Cloth


Biker shorts are a great choice of clothing to wear daily. They’re great while working out and also while just hanging out with friends in your dorm room or going to class. Biker shorts have been transformed from just a piece of activewear to a piece of clothing that can be worn to every single event.


Our Favorite Biker Shorts 


 - Snake Print Biker Shorts


 We are convinced that snake print will never go out of style. This classic print is extremely sleek and pairs well with many different styles. We believe that it is the perfect print for any clothing piece.


These biker shorts are offered in both 5” and 7” inseam. We do not want the rest of the outfit to clash or take away from the print of the biker shorts so we suggest pairing them with a solid colored top of either black or white. If you are wearing these stylish shorts when you hit the gym, feel free to pair them with a tank like our Blessed Heart Women's Tank Top.


 - Black and Lavender Tonal Biker Shorts


Another one of our favorite styles of biker shorts include our tie dye patterns. We offer tie dye biker shorts in many different color schemes including lavender, dusty blue, dusty rose, black, and dusty black.


Two of our favorite shades include our lavender and dusty black. Both of these give off such a great color scheme. If you are going for a more colorful look during the summer months try pairing our lavender tonal tie dye biker shorts with a light-colored top like our women’s White Repeat Faith Tee.


If you are feeling more of the dark colors for the fall or the winter months (yes--biker shorts are also worn in the winter time) feel free to pair them with a solid black hoodie or crew neck sweatshirt.


We love rocking the oversized hoodie look with our tight fitted biker shorts. One of our hoodies that would fit perfectly with this style would be our men’s black legend worldwide hoodie. Pair both of these outfits with your favorite pair of stylish sneakers if you plan on working out in these fits. We suggest a pair of chunky platform sneakers while just lounging in these fits or while going from class to class.


Women's shorts from Brooklyn Cloth


Lounge Around in Comfy Shorts


Our classic comfy shorts are also some of our favorite pieces that we offer here at Brooklyn Cloth. These shorts are a great option to wear all throughout the seasons while just hanging with friends or to change into after a long day at school or work to achieve some comfort.


We offer these poly fleece shorts in so many different styles. Each style comes in a variety of colors and prints that make each one so unique.


Our Favorite Cozy Shorts


 - Women’s Dusty Rose Angel Embroidered Shorts


Our Dusty Rose Angel Embroidered shorts are such a cute pair of shorts that you can add to your wardrobe. We have a bunch of different tops that you can wear with this pair of shorts to make a dusty rose colored matching set.


These tops include our dusty rose cosmic sweat hoodie, dusty rose women’s Color Block ¼ Zip Pullover, and our Dusty Rose Angel Slick Tank. This dusty rose color is one of our staple colors here at Brooklyn Cloth. This shade is perfect to wear no matter what the season because it isn't too bright or too dull.


 - Women’s White Self-Love Print Shorts


These self-love print shorts will give you that extra bit of confidence that you may need to get through the day. We all know how important it is for you to love yourself more than anything and these shorts can remind you to do so each time you wear them.


We offer these shorts in white, sand, and moss. All these colors are soft and can be paired with either a neutral or a bright color top. We suggest pairing these white shorts with our women’s evolve butterfly tie dye tee shirt. This tie dye tee comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from.


 - Women’s Dusty Black Cool To Be Kind Shorts


Remember to always be kind. We are taught this from a very young age, but it applies all throughout your life. Spread the word by rocking these Cool To Be Kind shorts which are offered in both dusty black and white.


Feel free to pair these comfy shorts with your favorite hoodie or tee shirt depending on the weather outside. If you go the hoodie route, we suggest pairing these shorts with our women’s multicolor color block hoodie to add a pop of bright colors to this fit. Finish off this look with the most comfortable pair of footwear you own so that lounging around your home in this fit gives you ultimate comfort.


 - Women’s Lavender Marble Print Shorts


Marble is such a cool print that we love here at Brooklyn Cloth! We believe that this unique design is extremely trendy. Feel free to rock these marble shorts with a solid-colored top so that it doesn’t take away from the rest of the outfit and the print of the shorts. We want these shorts to be the center of attention for whatever outfit they are paired with. We offer these shorts in dusty rose as well as the lavender shade.


 - Women’s Light Grey Streaky Pastel Cali Bear Shorts


Our Pastel Cali Bear shorts for women are another one of our go-to pairs of shorts offered here at Brooklyn Cloth. This style of comfy shorts comes in streaky light grey, black marl, and dusty rose.


This print of shorts has a small decal on the bottom of the leg on one side but is solid color otherwise. They pair well with a colorful hoodie that would add a pop of color to this outfit. Our women’s pink tie dye hoodie would be the perfect addition to this outfit with either the light grey or black marl shades of these shorts.


 - Women’s Black Butterfly Gradient Shorts


These black butterfly gradient shorts are the perfect pair of shorts to have in your college wardrobe. Because of their simplicity, you can re-wear them over and over again within different outfits.


Throw them on while cozying up around the bonfire outside or wear them over your bathing suit while hitting the beach. We love them with your favorite pair of slippers or flip flops, depending on where you decide to wear them.


 - Women’s Koi Garment Wash Shorts


Our most simple pair of shorts that we offer here at Brooklyn Cloth is our Garment Wash shorts. These shorts come in a few different colors for you to choose from. We offer them in koi, black, and dusty rose. These simple shorts are solid color with no designs on them so you can wear them with pretty much anything that you would like to and end up with a trendy fit.


If you want to add more color to the already colorful koi pair of these shorts, feel free to pair them with our men’s Open Your Mind Hoodie. This hoodie is white with black a koi graphics all over the hoodie which would match this pair of shorts perfectly. Feel free to finish this outfit off with a pair of Air Force ones to achieve ultimate trendiness.


 Women's biker shorts from Brooklyn Cloth


A Pair of Shorts for Every Style


All these shorts that we have mentioned above are perfect for all occasions throughout the year. We suggest stocking up on all different styles because you can never have too many. From our various styles and lengths of biker shorts to our many styles of comfy shorts, we hope that you have come across a handful of pairs that you can see yourself rocking during this upcoming school year.


All of these shorts can be worn either to the gym, while hanging in your dorm room with your friends or while going from class to class during the school days. As always, we want you to add your own spin of fashion to these outfits that we have suggested above. You do not have to wear them exactly as we recommend, but we encourage you to use them as a guideline if you are stuck on how to style a specific piece of clothing.


We wish you the best of luck during all of your endeavors and we hope that our clothes from Brooklyn Cloth will provide you with the trendiest and comfiest outfits that you can rock during the semester. We know how stressful college life can be, so we want to help you by making the clothing and outfit planning part as easy as possible for you no matter the occasion.

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