Tie-Dye Styles For All

Hey #bkfam! We here at Brooklyn Cloth are excited to share with you our evolving tie-dye styles. We continue to introduce new tie-dye pieces to you all because we know how much you will love them.

Tie- dye sets have been a top trend for the past couple of years starting while we were in quarantine. Some of us may not want to admit it, but tie-dye really is for everyone. Everyone can rock a matching tie-dye set whether they believe it or not. We here at Brooklyn Cloth are excited to show you how to style each and every look.

Tie Dye hoodie and joggers by Brooklyn Cloth

History of Tie-Dye

Many of us may not know this, but tie-dye really does have a long history. We are excited to share where it came from with you all.

The style of tie-dye originated in Asia. Individuals would create their own dyes using natural resources like fruits, berries, leaves, and flowers. In the 6th century in India, the type of tie-dying that was most popular was the technique where you section off a piece of material so that each section is able to be dipped in different colors. This technique was known as Babdhani and it is still used today.

This type of technique happened to be very cheap because of the natural resources that were used to create the dye. Therefore, it was widely used during the roaring ‘20s during the time of the Great Depression.

Tie-dye was picked back up during the hippie era of the 1960s. Tie-dye gives off a free-spirited type of style and that is how hippies lived their lives. Tie-dye has come and gone throughout the past couple decades; however, it always comes back-and when it does, it is always better than ever.


DIY Tie-Dye

If you're interested in making your own tie dye, the process is quite simple. There are many different techniques you can use to make the perfect tie dye print on a piece of fabric. In our opinion, the easiest way to make a tie-dye piece of clothing only takes a couple simple steps.


How to Make the Perfect Tie-Dye

This messy and fun process just requires a few simple items and a little bit of time and patience.


What you’ll need:

  • Cotton shirt
  • Rubber bands
  • Dyes
  • Buckets or trays
  • Warm water



  1. Section off fabric with rubber bands

  2. Set up your buckets or trays with your color dye mixture of dye and warm water

  3. Soak your fabric into the desired color

  4. Remove the fabric when submerged

  5. Lay it out to dry

  6. When dry, wash on a warm cycle

First, you want to start out with a blank canvas. You can choose a white cotton T-shirt or a baby-pink crewneck. The possibilities are endless! However, you want to keep in mind that cotton works best when tie dying.

Like mentioned previously, you want to section off your piece of clothing using rubber bands. You can either twist the fabric and then rubber band it in place or collect little bundles of the fabric and rubber band them.

You then set up your buckets or trays with your color dye mixture of dye and warm water. You then want to soak your fabric into the desired color in the desired area. When you think that the fabric has been fully submerged to your desired color, remove the fabric and let it dry preferably in sunlight.

When the fabric is dry you can remove the rubber bands and see how your design came out After this, you will want to run your material through the wash on a warm cycle so that you get the excess dye out of the fabric so that it does not stain your skin or any other clothes that you decide to wear with the piece.

The dye that you use is also a personal preference. Dye is sold at craft stores as well as Target or Walmart. There are many different types of dyes you can use. There are ones that come in a powder form that you mix with water to create or already liquefied dyes. You can do it the natural way as well by creating your own dyes from natural resources such as fruits and flowers with a natural pigment.


Styling Tie-Dye Clothing 

Tie Dye t-shirt by Brooklyn Cloth


Tie dye doesn’t always need to be a bright green and yellow pattern. It can be more subtle, or it can be just one color. The possibilities are endless when it comes to tie dye. That is why we do not want our #BKfam to be closed off to the idea of wearing tie dye after trying it on just once or seeing just one specific tie-dye clothing set.

Maybe you don't think the particular colors compliment you or maybe you feel you would look better in an all-black set with a lighter color tie dye, which is also known as reverse tie-dye.

Tie dye isn't only seen on clothing. This trendy pattern is also often seen on accessories, towels, comforters, blankets, throw pillows and most importantly fuzzy socks. Some people don’t really love the whole matching set look. When it comes to tie-dye; they can be overwhelmed by having both pieces of the set being tie dyed.

For people with this mindset, we recommend matching one tie-dye clothing to a solid-colored piece to ease into this trend. Regardless if you choose a tie-dye hoodie with a pair of solid colored joggers or vice versa with a tie dye pair of joggers and a solid color hoodie we know that you will look absolutely dapper in your tie-dye apparel.


Brooklyn Cloth’s Tie-Dye Favorite Clothing

We are excited to share with you some of our favorite tie dye pieces that we have here at Brooklyn Cloth. We have tie-dye for both men and women and even the little kids. You are never too young to start rocking and joining the tie dye trend.


Tie-dye Clothing For All

Tie dye matching sets by Brooklyn Cloth

Some men may think that tie dye is just for the women but trust us we have some two men’s pieces that are full of tie dye patterns. Some of our favorite men’s looks that feature tie-dye includes our men’s white tie-dye hoodie, our men’s black tie-dye hoodie, our multicolor tie-dye hoodie, our navy tie-dye have a nice day hoodie and our grey tie-dye open your mind hoodie. All of these hoodies are full of different colors that will definitely suit each and every one of you no matter the time of the year that you decide to wear it.

Some of our favorite men’s joggers that feature our tie dye prints include our men’s grey tie dye stop the hustle sweatpants, our navy tie dye drip happy face dad sweatpants, our open your mind sweatpants that come in both black tie-dye and teal tie-dye clothing, as well as our more simple tie dye joggers which include our white tie-dye sweatpants and our black tie dye sweatpants.

If you want to hop on the matching set trend, feel free to match your navy tie dye have a nice day hoodie with the matching navy tie dye have a nice day sweatpants.

As far as outerwear goes, check out our Tie Dye Nowhere To Go Anorak. This lightweight comfortable jacket will definitely keep you and style while also being the perfect raincoat or windbreaker to wear on those chilly rainy days. If the colors of our Nowhere To Go Anorak aren’t your favorite, check out our Multi Tie Dye Ying Yang Anorak for a brighter selection of colors.

If you’re more into T-shirts, we have a variety of tie dye T-shirts for you to check out. All these T-shirts are in a variety of different colors so you can find and choose the color ways that suits you best. We have a bright yellow tie dye on our sand peace rose true tie-dye tee all the way to a bright pink on our dusty rose Tokyo Rose true tie dye tee. If you’re going for a more bright and edgy luck our drip T-shirts definitely will come in handy. Our pink drip true tie-dye tee is full of bright colors.


Women’s Tie-Dye Clothing Looks

Moving onto the women’s section of tie dye, we offer so many matching sets that we know that you will love. Our matching sets here at Brooklyn Cloth consist of hoodies and joggers, as well as crewnecks and shorts. We also do have a wide variety of tie dye matching sets including some of our favorites.

One of our most favorite is our women’s tie dye kindness hood jogger set. The set is the perfect outfit to wear while lounging around during the weekends. You could throw on this set and achieve ultimate comfort as well as look cute and trendy all at the same time. To put this matching set all together, throw on a vest over the hoodie and a pair of your favorite platform sneakers. For this particular set, we would recommend wearing a pair of platform converse or Air Force ones. On a chiller day, throw on a puffer jacket over the hoodie to give you an extra layer of warmth.

If you’re more of a one tie dye piece per outfit, check out some of our favorite hoodies that we absolutely adore in our tie dye section. Our women’s olive tie dye positive vibes hoodie is definitely one of our favorites with green being one of the most popular colors of the season.

Another one of our favorites is our women’s black self love club tie dye hoodie. This hoodie is still tie-dye but does not give off those bright vibes that other tie-dyes do. If you’re going for a bleached look, our women’s bleach tie-dye hoodie is a great hoodie because it gives off such a casual vibe, especially when worn with its matching pants.

For a softer colored option, both our women’s blue radiate love tie dye hoodie and our women’s pink peace tie dye hoodie are great options. These hoodies give off good vibes with their beautiful colors but they are not as bright and in your face as tie dye pieces are.


Kids Clothing On The Tie-Dye Trend

Finally, for our Brooklyn Cloth kiddos, we have such a great variety of tie dye as well.

When it comes to our kids’ collection, we like to ease them into the trends that are popular. We know that kids like to dress themselves and of course, we encourage that. However, we know that kids don't always understand how to match their clothing, so we don't want to overdo the patterns on every piece.

With this being said, our kid's yellow and white tie-dye hype fill joggers are the perfect way to ease kids into this tie dye trend. The joggers are solid-colored yet they have huge block letters running down the leg that are filled with bright tie dye.

With the tie-dye clothing not being so in your face with these joggers it is easy for kids to mix and match what they wear with these joggers each and every time they wear them. The possibilities are endless, and we are so excited to see what our young Brooklyn Cloth kids choose to wear their tie-dye joggers with.


It’s Never Too Late to Jump On The Tie-Dye Clothing Trend

Matching tie dye set by Brooklyn Cloth

If it has not already, we really hope that our tie dye collection grows on you and becomes a part of your wardrobe. We really believe the tie dye will never go out of style and will just continue to be on the rise of trendiness.

With a variety of different styles of tie dye incorporated into clothing, we know that each and every one of you will find a style that best suits you. We hope that if you have not in the past, give tie-dye clothing another try. We know not everyone believes it is for them, but we here at Brooklyn cloth beg to differ.

Nothing is more comfortable than matching sets and why not add a pop of color to yours in the form of tie dye. We hope that this guide to tie dye has been helpful to you and we can’t wait to see how our Brooklyn Cloth family decides to style and wear their tie dye pieces during every month of the year. 

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