Tonal Dressing for Kids and How to Wear the Latest Trend

Parents, we know that you always want you kiddies to look and feel their best! This season we have everything you need to know about how to wear the tonal dressing trend. We understand that trends like tonal dressing might feel too grown up, but we want to show you how it can be one of the easiest ways to create comfy and cute looks for your little ones.

Can Kids do Tonal Dressing?

Giving kids the freedom to express themselves will help to make sure they feel comfortable and confident no matter where they are. Tonal dressing is perfect for kids because of how easy it is to make an outfit feel put together. Kids love bright colors and tonal dressing allows them to mix-and-match as they wish!


Simply start by having your little one pick out their favorite tone and go from there. Start to match by pairing with familiar colors. Pull everything together using neutral colored accessories and shoes and your kiddos will be off to an amazing start!


What is the Tonal Dressing Trend for Kids?

Tonal dressing means centering your outfit around one family of colors and using different shades to create a coordinated look. This new trend encourages you to play around with colors, textures, and patterns to pull everything together. With tonal dressing, you and your little ones can never go wrong!


This trend is a great way to let your kids play with their own sense of style. Making their outfits within the same family of colors inspires them to play around with what makes them feel their best. This cool trend is all about experimentation and will make sure that your kids always feel fresh.


How to Wear the Following Tones for Kids 

Blue Tones

Never go wrong with navy! This dark hue is perfect for adding a pop of color to any tonal look. Whether your little one loves teal or pastel blue or any other shade, Blue is the perfect color to start off with to dip their toes into this trend. To play with texture, your little one can toss on a Navy Allover Legend Pullover Hoodie, a pair of light denim jeans and their favorite pair of blue sneakers.

 Another great way to bring a look together is by experimenting with layering and lengths of different styles. This can be done by matching our Kids Dusty Blue Vibes Repeat Box Tee with a dark blue zip-up hoodie and your little one's favorite pair of navy cargo joggers for an outfit made perfectly for the playground.

 Not sure if your little one will like these styles? No worries! Here are some other ideas:

Blue Legend Puff Print Tee


Green Tones

Your children can look great in green this season with tonal dressing. Blend different green hues to tie together the perfect outfit. The key to nailing this trend is to avoid colors that are too close and clash with each other. Keep in mind that the goal is not monochromatic but tonal! This means that cool differences in patterns are encouraged.


At Brooklyn Cloth, we have some dope new pieces to make it as easy as possible to create the cutest looks possible. Style the trending splatter print with our Hunter Green Splatter Short Sleeve Tee or our Soft Moss Splatter Short Sleeve Tee. No matter what shade of green your kiddie prefers, they’ll surely be feeling good in these green tees. Perfectly pair either of these tees with hunter green joggers and multi-colored sneakers.


Soft Moss Splatter Print Tee for Kids

Some other suggested styles include:



White Tones

If your little one prefers a more neutral look, they can opt for white tones. The key to tying this look together is by playing around with different combinations of patterns and textures. Some cool trending prints that would be great to experiment with include:


  • Splatter Print
  • Bandana Print
  • Tie-Dye


Playing around with these patterns is a great way to start creating tonal looks. While white might seem like a basic way to wear this new trend, we can assure you that it is a great way to get started! Although we don’t recommend that your kiddie wears white when painting, splatter print is a cool way to bring some color in this tonal look.


Some of our best finds for white tones include our White Drip Splatter Jogger with their favorite graphic tee. The great thing about rocking a white tonal look is that you can’t go wrong with shoes and accessories to match! Your kiddie can rock this look with their favorite pair of white sneakers and colorful bucket hat out for a day out in the sun.

 White Drip Splatter Paint Joggers

Some other great styles for white tones include:



Pink Tones


Apart from the ease of tonal dressing it is a seriously cool look for your kids to rock this season. Don’t count out pink tones from this trend, although it may not seem as straight forward, this color is a great way to create a versatile tonal look. Pastel, dusty, hot, or any pink in between means that your little one can put together a tonal outfit with ease.


No matter what hue your little one prefers, Brooklyn Cloth has everything you need to nail this trend. For a playdate or just for lounging around on the weekend, we have a pink piece for your kiddie from head to toe. Start off with our Dusty Rose Drip Hoodie on top and a pair of Brooklyn Cloth Rose Tie Dye Joggers on bottom. A white pair of sneakers ties the look together; and they are ready to go!


Here are some more great finds for your kiddies to flex:


Kids' Dusty Rose Hype Color Block Hoodie


Purple Tones

Purple may not seem possible to match at first but we’re here to help! The trick to tonal dressing is wearing what you know best. Don’t go overboard trying to find a pair of purple shoes if you don’t have them. Avoid that stress by sticking to what you know and pair a purple outfit with your little one’s favorite pair of white or black shoes.

 Kids' Purple Hustle Repeat Logo Tee


Right now, your kiddie can rock our Purple Hustle Repeat Box Logo Tee, featuring mustard text all over that breaks up the color. Pair this tee with a pair of dark purple sweatpants and a bucket hat for a day at the park with the fam. Enjoy the ease of tonal looks this season by mixing and matching until your little one finds what feels best for them!


Try New Tones This Spring

Parents, no matter where your little one is this spring, make sure they are feeling cool and comfortable while wearing the freshest looks from Brooklyn Cloth. Make sure your kiddie is in-style by trying out tonal dressing. Although it may seem intimidating, tonal dressing is one of the easiest ways to coordinate a look for your little one. The best thing about tonal dressing for kids is that it allows them to play with fun colors while still feeling put together.


Whether your little one is dressing for a family outing or a playdate with their closest friends, we hope they can feel their best in a tonal look featuring Brooklyn Cloth styles. This spring, we’re offering a variety of sweatpants, tees, and hoodies that are perfect to mix and match no matter what tone fits their mood.


This spring brings life to your kid’s closet by letting them play around with their look. Fashion fosters creativity and allowing your little one to experiment with their look will allow them to figure out what complements them and makes them feel their best! They’ll never go wrong when it comes to tonal dressing, which will open them to a world of possibility.


High Quality Kids Style With Comfort in Mind

Tonal dressing is certainly a great way to create versatile looks no matter what color palette you prefer. At Brooklyn Cloth, we hope to create high-quality pieces that your little one can enjoy for years to come. Too often we avoid trends that we aren’t used to - let your kiddies play with their style to find what works best for them.


We always want to make the lives of #bkparents as easy as possible by providing the best clothing year-round. Parents face enough challenges as it is, and we don’t want to add the stress of clothes to that list.


We want to see what you and your littles ones can create with Brooklyn Cloth styles. When you post wearing Brooklyn Cloth, don’t forget to tag us and use #BKFAM!

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