Tonal Dressing Trends for Women and the Best Ways to Style the Look

Calling all women! Are you aiming for an effortless and chic look this season? If so, then this trend is definitely for you. Tonal dressing is all about wearing the same color while taking it to the next level. Matching different shades, textures, and patterns of the same color will give you the perfect tonal outfit.


But how are we supposed to look effortless when we still have to consider so many different things? Well trust us, once you get the hang of it, this is all you’ll be wearing. This trend is so in that the #bkfam would hate it if you missed your opportunity to try it out. So that’s why we are here to give you all the tips on tonal dressing for women.


What is Tonal Dressing?


Let’s first cover why tonal dressing can be considered the lazy girl way of getting dressed. According to Vince’s creative director, Caroline Belhumeur, “Tonal dressing is a natural part of our language, as it allows for an ease and effortlessness when getting dressed or purchasing new pieces that can naturally sit in an existing wardrobe.”


Don’t get hung up on the word “lazy” because tonal dressing definitely does not present itself that way. It is considered cool, and a favorite of the runways.


Tonal dressing is the complete opposite of color blocking. Color blocking would consider matching the same color a crime, but right now we aren’t worried about what those color blocking lovers think. We are all about single shades and sets.


Wearing all of the same color may sound boring, however when adding different shades, textures, and patterns, it’s actually quite fun and interesting. It gives you a chance to experiment without that extra thought of matching colors. It’s super hard to mess up and really easy to look great.


Shades, Textures, and Patterns


We want to make getting dressed as easy as possible for you. In order to create a better tonal look, it is important to understand the concepts of different shades, textures, and patterns. The beauty of matching different shades of the same color is each piece already has the same base color. Some pieces may be lighter and some darker but they still all go together.


When it comes to mixing and matching textures, it is very similar to mixing and matching colors and prints. However, it is easier with tonal dressing because you are working with all blues, all whites, all greens, etc. Adding textures is basically just styling different materials together to create a more eye-catching look.


The last aspect of tonal dressing is pattern. Just because we are working with one color doesn’t mean we can’t wear fun patterns to spice up the outfits. You are able to stay within the tonal dressing category by finding patterns with the same colors you are trying to match. Patterns are in the rule book, so definitely don’t rule them out.


Yes, we just talked about not breaking the tonal color rules, however we’re about to suggest a rule break. But don’t panic, this rule break is totally acceptable and in fact will take your outfit to the next level. Your accessories don’t have to be the same color! This is where you add a different color to add more expression to the outfit. However, the #bkfam is in full support of keeping with the color scheme for the whole fit.


Tonal dressing is another way of showing off your style and expressing yourself. The vibes are not as loud as color blocking, but tonal dressing still captures attention and lets everyone know that you are keeping up with the trends. Now that you have an understanding of how tonal dressing works, let’s bring these outfits to life.


How to Wear Blue Tones


As the weather is warming up there’s no time to be blue; however, there is plenty of time to talk about how to wear blue tones.


If you’re typically a neutral dresser but looking to spice things up a little, consider starting with blue tones as you embark on your tonal dressing journey.


Our Women’s Blue Wash Angel Joggers are perfect for a day out running errands or just hanging out with friends. They are super comfortable and are a great staple to build the rest of your outfit. Since this wash of blue is lighter, you’ll want to consider matching the top with an even lighter blue or the same shade to make it a set.

Women's Blue Wash Angel Joggers 

Style with:


  • A blue hoodie or tee
  • White Nike sneakers (consider sneakers with shades of blue)
  • Black or white accessories


To add some pattern and texture to the tonal blue look, our Dusty Tonal Blue Biker Shorts will do the trick. Without much thought, throw on these biker shorts for an automatic elevation for tonal dressing. Unless you're planning on wearing a spandex top, adding texture is easy by switching up the fabric of the top you choose to wear. We suggest something simpler to allow the biker shorts to pop. But of course, stay within the blue family!


These will look dope with:


  • A light blue tank or tee
  • White high-top sneakers
  • Some fun jewelry and sunglasses


How To Wear Green Tones


Green tones can be tricky to style without looking like a leprechaun, but since we don’t want you stepping out like that unless it’s for St. Patrick’s Day, let’s get into how you can rock an awesome green fit.


Sage is a really cool shade of green that is super easy to match and style. It is very light, allowing you to match with many different shades of green without looking over the top. Since we love this color so much, we think matching a sage top and bottom would look amazing. Our Sage Biker shorts can be worn for a day out running errands or meeting friends for coffee.

Women's Sage Biker Shorts

Style with:


  • A sage tank, tee, or hoodie
  • White sneakers
  • Dark green accessories


If you want a looser fit but are still all about the shorts, then try out our Moss Angel Embroidered Short. The color is still a super light shade of green making it easy to style. Experiment with different shades of green from your top to your shoes. Sticking with lighter shades will make it easier but adding a dark green top or bag will look great as well.


Style with:


  • A dark green tank
  • Nike dark green Air Jordan’s
  • A white or black bag


How To Wear White Tones


Just for a brief moment we are shifting away from color and focusing on white. It may not seem as exciting but don’t forget accessories don’t count when matching colors. When Brooklyn Cloth thinks of tonal dressing with white, we obviously have to create some dope sets.


Our White Be Kind Sweatpants are a great staple to creating a white set. Sets look clean and effortless, which is what this trend is all about. To add some color, you can add a funky bag and some colorful jewelry. You will look fresh and fun for a day out with the gals.


Style with:


  • A white sweatshirt or tank
  • A colorful bag
  • Petit Moments jewelry


For warmer days, you can create a white set with a pair of our White Self Love Print Short. These shorts can be styled the same way as our sweatpants, or you can switch it up by removing the color and adding white accessories instead. You’ll definitely have to be careful not to spill anything, but we know the risk is worth it! 


Style with:


  • A white tank
  • White high-top sneakers
  • A white bag
  • A white baseball cap


How To Wear Pink Tones


Recently it’s all been about how men can wear pink, too, but we can’t forget that women still want to wear pink as well. Wearing all pink is definitely a bolder choice, but if Elle Woods can do it … we can, too!


Our Dusty Rose Tonal Tie-Dye Biker Shorts add an edge and pattern to the all pink vibe. Although we are channeling our inner Legally Blonde moments, we need to add our own personal touch of street style. We love this look to meet friends for coffee and shopping. We can’t get enough of it and neither will they. Since the biker shorts are so great, we want to keep it simple on the top. Try matching your top to the dark or light pink color in the tie-dye.

Women's Dusty Rose Tie Dye Biker Short  

Style with:


  • Dark or light pink tank
  • White or pink sneakers
  • White or pink bag
  • Pink scrunchie


If you already have a pair of pink bottoms that you love but are in need of a cool top to go with them, then our Dusty Rose Angel Slick Tank is perfect. This tank will definitely add an edge to your outfit. While the black graphic breaks up the tonal look, it is still very much on trend. We think this look is great without accessories but if accessories are a must for you adding a black bag will do the trick.


Style with:


  • Pink shorts or sweats
  • White sneakers with pink accents
  • Pink scrunchie


How To Wear Purple Tones


Purple is the hottest color of the season, so why not wear it head to toe?


However, it’s not just any shade of purple, it’s specifically lavender. Which is why some of our hottest products now come in lavender and are perfect for your tonal vibes. Hopefully you’ve caught on by now that tie-dye is an awesome way to add pattern to your outfit, and what better way to do it than through biker shorts. Our Lavender Tonal Tie-Dye Biker Shorts are almost as hot as you. They are a must for looking like you came straight off the runway. Dark purple or light purple you can’t go wrong when putting together your fit.


Style with: 


  • Simple purple tee or tank
  • White sneakers
  • White bag


If you are having a more chill day or just need to keep warm, then our Lavender Tie-Dye Sweatpants are a great alternative. Just like the biker shorts but longer and cozier. Maybe you and your friends are having a lazy day, but you still want to show them that you have style. These are a great way of embracing the trend and feeling confident while being comfortable.

Women's Lavender Tie Dye Sweatpants  

Style with:


  • A matching hoodie
  • White sneakers
  • A purple beanie



A Guide for Tonal Dressing


Hopefully the idea of tonal dressing gets you excited to wake up and get ready for the day. It’s an easy way to look like you came straight off the runway without thinking too hard about how to style your outfit.


If you’re unsure what color you want to wear for your tonal outfit, think about starting with your favorite color or a color that complements your complexion. As you probably noticed, tonal dressing doesn’t have to be boring by only wearing neutral colors. It can still be fun by wearing all pink, purple, or green.


Don’t forget, if you do opt for a neutral palette, you can still make it fun with fun accessories or you can keep within the theme and match your accessories to your clothes. It’s still possible to be creative while wearing all the same color.


If you don’t have the same-colored shoes as the color of your outfit, we suggest going with a neutral pair of shoes. You don’t need to go out of your way to buy a new pair of shoes to match an outfit you may only wear one time unless you really want to. Neutral colors will always go along with a tonal outfit and still keep it within the tonal dressing realm. When in doubt choose neutral accessories.


Although we at Brooklyn Cloth have a focus on street style, tonal dressing can be worn for any occasion. You can style a nice pair of pants and a blouse, a skirt and a top, a dress and jacket, or pants and blazer. There are so many options when it comes to tonal dressing, and we encourage you to experiment with the concept for every occasion.


We know you’ll be an inspiration to your friends and family. Be ready to be approached for style tips and tricks. You’ll look effortless and totally chic.


Another key trick to nailing the tonal dressing look is how the pieces fit your body. Having a more fitted look can help to elevate your tonal outfit, making it look more sophisticated and put together. Or try one fitted piece with another more oversized piece. The way items of clothing fit changes the visual of a whole outfit. The style and vibe you are going for is entirely up to you. Tonal dressing is not limited to a specific style of dressing.


Another awesome thing about tonal dressing is it’s not limited to a specific season. You can wear matching colors any time of the year and always look effortless and cool. Just switch up the pieces you wear depending on the weather. The rules don’t change whether it's hot or cold. Always wear different shades of the same color and spice it up with accessories. The #bkfam would love to know how your tonal dressing experience goes and what outfits you style and rock!

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