Top 10 Back to School Looks for Girls

New school year, new look! For many girls, there's peer pressure to look good and trendy while at school. If you are one of those girls, you've come to the right place. Creating a day-to-day look for school should never be a daunting process. Especially this fall, as many students are relegated to Zoom, so you probably won’t need to worry whether you are paring the right pants or cool kicks.


When you have to attend classes every day, putting together a new outfit can be tricky. So here’s our golden rule - keep it simple. It doesn’t mean that we’re suggesting girls wear the same boring white tees and blue jeans outfit every day. Simple school outfits can definitely be trendy and captivating. We’ve picked ten back to school outfit essentials that can create cute, modern looks that give off a carefree vibe. Even for girls who want to show off their fashion senses, these back to school must-haves are the best combination of stylish, casual, presentable, and comfortable.


Back to School Must-Haves for Girls


Pink Sherpa Mock Neck Pullover


You can never go wrong with a cute pink Sherpa mock neck pullover for fall and winter. This school-appropriate wardrobe staple is so cozy, yet so light. It is a perfect essential for long school hours. You can simply wear a pair of tights or sweatpants and enjoy maximum comfort.


Women's Purple Ombre Gradient Hoodie


Who says striking a balance between trendy and casual for a school outfit is hard? This women’s purple ombre gradient hoodie is the best go-to when you’re looking for pieces with an athleisure feel while adding some personality to your looks.


Cream Sherpa Mock Neck Pullover


This cream Sherpa mock neck pullover is a no brainer. It is cozy, lightweight, and versatile enough to go well with everything already in your wardrobe. This cute and trendy Sherpa pullover is the perfect essential for building a day-to-day school wardrobe.


Women's Dusty Rose Ombre Gradient Hoodie


Here’s another stylish must-have essential for school clothing. This women’s dusty rose ombre gradient hoodie provides maximum cozy and cute vibes. You can wear it with your favorite yoga pants, joggers, or shorts to create a balance of comfort and Zoom presentable look.


Women's Blue Ombre Band Heather Jogger Pants


These blue ombre band heather jogger pants are the perfect essentials for any Zoom-ready outfit. This classic piece works well with a wide variety of clothing in your wardrobe. After all, when it comes to Zoom classes at home, comfort is king.


Women's 5" Inseam Grey Bike Shorts


If you’re a sporty girl, these 5" inseam grey bike shorts are the perfect choice to show off your athletic vibe. Throw on a trendy hoodie or sweatshirt to complement a sporty vibe that is still fitted and fashionable.


Women's Black Space Dye Shorts


Whether you’re logging on to class from your couch or desk, you want to be comfortable and able to move freely without feeling restricted. These black space dye shorts are so comfortable that you can wear them all day long for intense classes or even nap in them on your couch during breaks.


Natural Varsity Striped Women's Shorts


These comfy natural varsity striped women’s shorts will be your best friend on lazy school days when you roll out of bed late and try to put together a last-minute outfit. Pair these shorts with a hoodie or sweatshirt and boom, class starts!


Women's Light Grey Speckled Streaky Shorts


Cozy shorts are forever a wardrobe staple. These light grey speckled streaky shorts pair well with almost anything and keep you feeling comfortable during class. If you don’t own a pair of cute shorts, it’s time to stock up on these comfortable school essentials!


USA Women's Crewneck Sweatshirt


Sweatshirts have always been a classic and powerful player for school outfits. This cute USA women’s crewneck sweatshirt is a trend-setter when you’re planning an outfit for school. You’ll look appropriately casual yet cute without even trying.



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