Top 10 Styles for Kids This Fall

Parents, we all know the stress of back-to-school shopping. Besides the whining and yelling, it can almost feel impossible to find clothes for your kids that are comfortable and practical yet still fashionable. If other parents don’t ask you where your kids’ clothes are from, you could probably use some help. But don’t worry, there’s good news! We’re here to give you the run-down of the top 10 trends your kids should be wearing this fall, along with some styling tips.


All About Fall Clothing Essentials for Kids


Fall is approaching, and it is time to upgrade your kids’ wardrobes. Have you thought about where to start? Let’s get down to the basics.


Some fall wardrobe essentials for kids include:


Graphic Tees




Denim Jackets




When it comes to plain T-shirts, any color from white to fuchsia will come in handy. You might wonder, “how?” Well, it’s all about the layering, people. This is where fall fashion gets exciting. T-shirts essential to every closet because they go with each and every pant option you can think of, depending on how it is styled.


Your child can then add a denim jacket or flannel over the top of their T-shirt outfit and call it a day. A scarf, beanie, or baseball cap can top off the look. Always remember, a pop of color will make a fall outfit really stand out. Start thinking about buying some pieces that can enhance your kids’ wardrobe instead of another neutral that we both know they don’t need.


Graphic Tees


Kids graphic tee shirts by Brooklyn Cloth



When it comes to graphic tees, anything from a vintage Rolling Stones T-shirt to a tee with a cartoon on it will suffice. Graphic tees scream versatility. Kids’ fashion is all about being versatile. Graphic Tees allow kids to add their personality to their outfits while still being trendy. An example of a good staple graphic tee is the Kids Brooklyn Navy Graphic Tee.

For a fun look, pair a graphic tee with a tennis skirt. For an outfit that’s easy to throw on, a graphic tee can be tucked into a pair of jeans with Converse. Jeans substituted for joggers work well, too.





Kids joggers by Brooklyn Cloth


Joggers give you the comfort of sweatpants with a cleaner finish. This is because joggers cuff around your ankles and allow your kids to show off their cool sneakers. What says “comfortable yet chic” louder than a pair of joggers? The answer is nothing. Joggers will be everywhere this fall, in various different colors. Joggers allow kids to be comfortable, warm, and stylish all at the same time. Throw on a hoodie, and your kid is ready to go to school and/or practice!




Kids hoodies by Brooklyn Cloth by Brooklyn Cloth


Hoodies now are becoming more of a fashion trend than formal clothing. The pandemic showed us all that you do not need to leave your house to have style! More and more styles spurred from the pandemic have had a huge impact on how people are dressing today. Whether it’s matching sweatsuits or sweat shorts and a matching zip-up, comfort is in.


Flannels and Denim Jackets


Kids Denim Jackets by Brooklyn Cloth


Flannels and denim jackets are crucial for fall 2021 fashion because they are the perfect layering pieces. You can throw a denim jacket or flannel over a T-shirt, tank top, graphic tee, turtleneck, or even a hoodie, and it will, without a doubt, complete your child’s outfit.


Now that you know the importance of your wardrobe essentials let’s help you style them!


How to Style the Perfect Fall Outfits for Kids


            #1: Mix and Match

            #2: Go Old School

            #3: Embrace Tie-Dye

            #4: Rock Vertical Stripes

            #5: Practice Layering

            #6: Consider Comfort

            #7: Pick Bold Colors

            #8: Try Matching Sets

            #9: Pick a Smiley Face Print

            #10: Opt for Joggers


#1: Mix and Match


This fall, you’re going to see a whole lot of mixing and matching as style trends for kids focus on uniqueness. If this is something your child is into, it’s worth giving it a shot. To help your child achieve this look, find patterns and colors they like and mix them together.


An example of this would be The Kids Camo Fleece Joggers paired with the Kids Red Savage Repeat Scoop Tee. The red pop of color on the shirt makes the outfit stand out, while the joggers make the outfit unique. If you want this look to be dressed down, you can pair it with Vans or Converse. If you are looking to dress it up, you can add combat boots or Doc Martins. This mixed and matched outfit will leave your kids thinking they actually had a say in what they were wearing.


 #2: Old School


The second style that’s trending for Fall 2021 is retro/old school. Every day, more and more kids are trying to be like their parents, and they don’t even realize it (even jeans are rocking names like “mom jeans” and “dad jeans”). This retro look can be achieved by the use of graphic tees and baggier clothing, with a flannel tied around the waist.


 For this easy kids look, we have the Kids Tobacco Cargo Pocket Twill Joggers paired with the Kids Sand All Over Marble Drip Tee. These joggers scrunch up more at the bottom, giving them a baggier look. The word “Drip” on the shirt definitely portrays Gen Z and their lingo while still come off as old school due to the whole style of the outfit. A graphic tee is a timeless piece that goes perfectly with this style.


 #3: Tie-Dye


Kids tie dye by Brooklyn Cloth



Tie-dye has made its way to every demographic thanks to the popular DIY Tik-Toks during the past year or so. Parents, grandparents, kids, and infants are all wearing tie-dye. Tie-dye is a style that celebrates youth and free-spirits. It can be used to liven up an outfit and just bring out the good vibes in your kid. Hence our sweatshirt for kids called Good Vibes Only Black Tie Dye SweatshirtIf you feel good in what you’re wearing, the vibes you give off will reflect that. This is why it is important to always wear what you feel good in!


You can always wear your tie-dye with, you guessed it, more tie-dye, or you can wear it with a solid color if you like to break up patterns. There can never be too much tie-dye in your closet! This is a trend that ALWAYS finds its way back into style.


When thinking about your kids and their comfort, you should consider adding joggers to this outfit. Joggers would go perfectly with this look. They will add the versatile aspect to this outfit, allowing your kids to wear this outfit to school, to the park, and even a playdate! They’ll be the trendiest and comfiest kids at the playground.


#4: Vertical Stripes


Tell your kids it’s time for them to earn their stripes! This fall, vertical stripes are in. Horizontal stripes, your time has gone. Our Kids Blue Hype Vertical Stripe Tee and Kids Pink Vibe Puff Print Stripe Tee are both perfect tees to have in your child’s wardrobe. This style can be very flattering when worn correctly.


We are here to show you the dos and don’ts of wearing stripes. A must for stripes is to make sure you’re wearing solid-colored bottoms. This will draw more attention to the stripes on your shirt than to whatever pants you are wearing. This striped tee can be paired with shorts, sweatpants, joggers, and jeans. This fall, vertical stripes will grace sweaters, flannels, blazers, and pants.


 #5: Layering


What’s the best part of pizza? The toppings, of course! When it comes to fashion, think of layers as your toppings; the more you put on, the better. Layering makes your outfit more fun and unique. However, when it comes to kids, layering is not only about fashion but about making sure the needs of your kid are met as well.


Layering provides you with the reassurance that your kid will never be hot or cold because they can always add or take away a layer. It’s also a perfect style for kids who have busy schedules and go from one place to another and might not have time to change throughout the day.


A prime example of layering is having shorts on under joggers for a quick round of tag, in case you don’t want to get your new Kids Red Savage Box Logo Joggers dirty. Another way to layer is by adding a hoodie or denim jacket to your graphic tee. Layering will always be in style for kids.


#6: Comfy Clothing



Kids Sherpa Hoodie by Brooklyn Cloth


A huge style that we can thank the pandemic for is comfy clothing (that almost looks like pajamas—but chic)! This basically gives your kids the OK to roll over out of bed and go straight to school. Just kidding. The idea of this style is to make it known you do not need to dress to the nines in order to be fashionable.


Fashion is all about presentation. Comfy clothes mean it is okay to wear your baggy paint splatter joggers, as long as you wear them with your clean sneakers and a blue sweatshirt to match. Your child can pair these joggers with Nike Air Forces, Air Jordans, Converse, and so much more.


#7: Vivid Colors


Vivid colors are here to brighten up your child’s day! Science proves that the brighter the color is, the happier the person wearing it will be. Optimism and happiness are key to any fashion tip. If you’re not happy in what you are wearing, don’t wear it. Bright colors include red and yellow. Our Kids Red Positive Vibes Crosswalk Tee and Dusty Green Lets Change the World Tee are prime examples of vivid colors that not only brighten your wardrobe but brighten your mood as well.


 #8: Matching Sets


Kids matching sets by Brooklyn Cloth



We talked about mixing and matching. Now it is time for just the matching. Matching sweatsuits has never been more in then now. Hoodies, it’s your time to shine! There is nothing better than a matching sweatsuit moment. You’ll even see celebrities rocking this look. The singular color/ pattern for your whole outfit is an idea you either love or hate… This year, we’re loving it! Aside from sweatsuits, you will see this look in many different outfits such as blazer sets, shirt/short sets, even sweatpants paired with tank tops. All in the exact same color/pattern to make a statement.


 #9: Happy Face



Kids smiley tee shirts by Brooklyn Cloth


The smiley face trend this fall seems to be serving the purpose of emojis for kids. Kids are looking to represent themselves through their clothes, and this is the perfect way they can do it. You’ll see more and more smiley faces on key chains, bracelets, shirts, and even socks. Happy = beautiful. Everyone wants to see their kid happy. Whether it is used as a brand’s logo or even just a colon with one parenthesis, there is no doubt we love the use of the iconic smiley faces in kids clothing this fall.


 #10: Joggers


The last kids trend for fall 2021 is joggers. Yes, joggers, once again. Joggers tie everything together. They are their own trend, the ultimate staple piece to every closet, and can be dressed up or down and serve many different purposes. Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we pride ourselves in the unique technique that goes into every individual pair of joggers that is manufactured. This technique makes these joggers durable and hard to rip. Each pair of joggers we sell can enhance your style in the best ways. Here are some of our joggers that will make a difference to your kids wardrobe this fall.



When it comes down to it, fashion is just that, fashion. So, when it comes to shopping, please remember who you’re shopping for to begin with: kids. Take their feelings into consideration when choosing their fall clothes. If your kid is unhappy with your choices, let them guide you to what clothes they feel are best for them. Family time is what shopping for your kids is all about.


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