Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts to Give Yourself

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, those of us here at Brooklyn Cloth have been thinking about you! We believe that we all deserve to celebrate and love ourselves a little extra this year for getting through such a difficult and unprecedented time. Loving yourself is such an important ability and it is much harder than it seems for many of us. We hope that everybody is able to see the beauty that they are putting out into the world as clearly as everybody else sees it.


Loving Yourself in Difficult Times

This was a very eye-opening year for most. Many of us learned and grew from the hardships that we had to face while adapting to our “new normal” at such a fast pace. We deserve to be rewarded for staying so strong throughout! The isolation that we were stuck in for many months has subconsciously forced our minds to grow, while also teaching us to be content with our own company.


Hopefully the slow down gave you the chance to learn to love yourself even more than you already did. We know Valentine’s Day is known to be a day to show your appreciation and love for your significant other but, this year specifically, it should also be a day to show your love for friends, family, and most importantly yourself.


Gifts for Yourself

Now that we are all able to understand why it is so important that we treat ourselves this Valentine’s Day, you may be thinking, “what should I get for myself?” while also thinking, “I really can’t spend that much on just a gift for myself.  I don’t want to be upset again this month when I get my bank statement.” Don’t worry, that’s what we are here for! Our affordable, trendy clothes have you covered.


We believe that comfort is of the utmost importance for our consumers. We suggest that this year, you treat yourself to a new pair of joggers. We are currently offering $20 off your purchase of two full price joggers to make this Valentine’s Day even more loveable. You can love on yourself a little extra or gift a second pair!


Joggers and Sweatpants for Women


Women’s Blessed Tie Dye Jogger from Brooklyn Cloth
  • Women’s Blessed Tie Dye Jogger : this jogger is a perfect staple to wear this Valentine’s Day. If you plan on spending the holiday snuggled up watching a movie or eating takeout from your favorite restaurant during your Galantine’s Day get together, these will be the best choice to wear! Tie dye is making such a comeback and wearing a pair of trendy tie dye joggers is the perfect way to hop on the trend. Plus, they come in both a pink tie dye and multicolored tie dye print. These joggers would match perfectly with a with an over-sized puffer jacket and a beanie during your chilly weekend adventures, too.

Women’s Sand Wildlife Fleece Sweatpants from Brooklyn Cloth 

  • Women’s Sand Wildlife Fleece Sweatpants: these are such a trendy, must-have piece. Life may not always go as planned, as we have experienced this past year, but there will always be something good to come out of a difficult time. It is important to continue loving yourself throughout the wild ride that you might be on. Pairing these joggers with our Women’s Sand Wild Life Fleece Hoodie is the best way to complete this outfit. On a colder day, try pairing the whole set with a black or white Sherpa jacket to give you some extra warmth.

 Women’s Orange Tie Dye Boyfriend Jogger from Brooklyn Cloth

  • Women’s Orange Tie Dye Boyfriend Jogger: this jogger is an absolute must have! This pair of joggers will give you endless comfort all year round. Pair them with our Exclusive Brooklyn Cloth Marl Beanie and your coat for winter wear or throw them over your suit after a summer beach day. These Orange Tie Dye Boyfriend Joggers will give you that extra pop of color to brighten up your day any time of the year.


Women’s Black Camo Sweat Joggers from Brooklyn Cloth
  • Women’s Black Camo Sweat Joggers: Everyone needs at least one pair of camo joggers in their wardrobe. Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we love camo so much that we couldn’t offer the option of just one color. Both our olive and black camo joggers are such statement pieces. These comfortable, trendy joggers paired with white sneakers and our matching camo sweatshirts are such trendy outfits that everyone deserves to rock.

Women’s Black Marl Zip Pocket French Terry Jogger from Brooklyn Cloth


Joggers for Men

 Men's Twill Jogger Pants from Brooklyn cloth

  • Men’s Twill Jogger Pants These take the comfort of your favorite sweatpants and mesh them with the style of your favorite jeans. They’re a great at home option but have enough style to dress up as well. They come in various colors such as, white, black, tobacco, and khaki which makes them extremely versatile for all of your events. We suggest pairing these joggers with a pair of white sneakers to keep them on the casual side or pair them with boots or loafers to dress them up.


  • Men’s Core Fleece Cargo Joggers are the perfect combination of comforting and trendy. The deep pockets on either side of the pant legs are so valuable while hitting the gym or running errands. Your belongings stay where you left them while you are moving around. We offer them in multiple colors such as black marled, , black, and olive camo. These joggers are a simple staple that every man needs to have in their wardrobe.



    Men’s Savage Repeat Fleece Jogger Pants from Brooklyn Cloth
    • Men’s Savage Repeat Fleece Jogger Pants these joggers would look extremely festive in your post on Instagram this Valentine’s Day. This style comes in both black and red prints and have matching hoodies and crew neck sweatshirts. Treat yourself to this staple set and give yourself that stylish edge that you have been aiming for while also maintaining endless comfort.


    Valentine’s Day Self Care

    “Look good, feel good” is a saying that we absolutely agree with. We all know that exciting feeling when we get when putting on a new outfit for the first time or when we get a new haircut. We can all agree that that excitement tends to give us an extra little boost of confidence that we sometimes need. At Brooklyn Cloth, we are here to make sure that our #bklynfam is always feeling like their best selves.


    We are here to remind you to continue giving yourself as much love as you offer to your friends and family. Do not forget to spoil yourself not only this Valentine’s Day, but every day. Trust us here at Brooklyn Cloth, you deserve it!

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