Top 10 Women’s Fall 2021 Styles

Fall is right around the corner! You know what that means #BKFAM! It's time to change the clothes in your closet from your summer clothes to your Fall wardrobe. Clean out those drawers full of your shorts and bathing suits and replace them with all your favorite sweaters and sweatpants.


Fall is all about the clothes that we get to wear. What’s not to love about them? You can wear sweaters, cardigans, jackets, flannels and on top of those options, the accessories are endless. You can style each outfit with a scarf, a hat, boots, and high socks to make them your own!


There are so many Fall activities that you will need outfits for including apple picking, hitting the cider mills, watching Halloween movies, and carving pumpkins. All of these Fall activities will most likely be photographed and posted on social media, so you want to make sure you are photo ready with the perfect Fall attire before you do so.


Luckily, here at Brooklyn Cloth we can provide you with clothes for all seasons of the year. Let us guide you to the trendiest Fall looks for you to rock this upcoming season.


 Women's Biker shorts from Brooklyn Cloth


Top 10 Looks for Women This Fall

We have curated a list of the top 10 Fall styles for the women in our #BKfam to wear this season. These styles include joggers, hoodies, matching sets, and lots of Sherpa! Feel free to use these recommendations as a guide for you to wear and add your own styles, too.


Biker Shorts:


Don't let the cooler weather during the Fall season fool you, biker shorts are still a must this season. Biker shorts don't only need to be worn during the summertime. They can be worn all throughout the year to the gym, while lounging or even out and about during the weekends.


To make sure you are still staying warm during the Fall in your trendy biker shorts, feel free to pair them with an oversized hoodie, crewneck or jacket. We have also seen biker shorts worn with chunky boots and high socks to keep our feet nice and warm.


If you want to wear a pair of biker shorts and a large graphic tee to the Fall festival feel free to throw on a turtle-neck under the tee shirt to give yourself some extra warmth. To achieve even more Fall vibes, throw on a flannel with your biker shorts or even tie it around your waist in case you want to add it to the fit mid-day.


Women's Hoodie from Brooklyn Cloth




Our hoodies here at Brooklyn Cloth are a great addition to your upcoming Fall wardrobe. Think about all the comfy days you will have while wearing them. Some of our most popular pieces are our women’s hoodies because of all of the unique colors and designs that are incorporated into them. One of our most popular hoodies is our multicolor color block butterfly embroidered hoodie. This hoodie is full of bright colors that will give your closet the pop of color that it needs. Feel free to pair this hoodie with a pair of leggings or joggers if you are going for a comfy look or a pair of jeans if you are going for a more formal look.


Women's pullover from Brooklyn Cloth




Another sweatshirt that we adore here at Brooklyn Cloth and urge you to add to your Fall wardrobe is our women’s black color block ¼ zip pullover. This ¼ zip is a staple that every woman needs in her closet this Fall because of the subtle yet beautiful purple color it has on the sleeves. This particular pullover goes so perfectly with our favorite lavender pop color joggers.


Just like our other comfy outfits, this one would be perfect to lounge around in during the cooler days in the Fall. Feel free to finish this outfit off with a pair of platform sneakers or a pair of UGG slippers if you are just hanging around your home while wearing it. If just the sweatshirt isn’t enough material to keep you warm, definitely add a Sherpa jacket or a vest to the outfit to give you an extra bit of warmth.


 Women's self love joggers from Brooklyn Cloth


Self-Love Collection:


Spread some love this Fall with a piece from our Self Love Club Collection. This collection is extremely inspiring and will encourage you to show yourself some extra love throughout the day while you are wearing it.


It is important to love every inch of yourself and we are here to remind you to do so. Our aqua tie dye self-love club hoodie is a perfect piece from this collection to rock this season. Feel free to pair this hoodie with a pair of solid black or white joggers to complete the look. We hope that this hoodie gives everybody who wears it a little extra boost of confidence and self-love because you all deserve it.


Sherpa Lined Corduroy Jackets:


One of our Brooklyn Cloth staples is our Sherpa Lined Corduroy Jackets. These jackets come in a variety of colors for you to choose from including Navy, Olive, Light Grey, Khaki, Charcoal Grey and Tobacco. These jackets can be worn by anybody and everybody!


They are comfortable and will keep you warm all throughout the brisk Fall months. They are also unbelievably trendy and can be worn with just about any outfit. You can wear it with a simple pair of joggers or make it the center of the outfit and wear it over a tee on top of a sleek pair of jeans and boots. This popular jacket is perfect to be a go-to Fall jacket because the colors and material fit into the Fall wardrobe perfectly.


Pops of Plaid:


Plaid is the go-to style for the Fall season. We tend to see plaid prints on various piece of clothing throughout this season, including flannel tops, pants, scarves, and even shoes. You can never have enough flannels during the Fall season because it goes with just about anything and can be worn to every occasion.


If you are hanging at your house and want to throw on something over your t-shirt, a flannel will do the job. If you are going apple picking and want to wear a bodysuit and jeans but may be too chilly in just that, a flannel will provide you with that extra bit of coverage. We have seen oversized flannels become such a major hit last season. Our Buffalo Plaid Polar Fleece shirts come in many colors for you to choose from. When pairing these flannel shirts with a pair of leggings and your favorite pair of boots or sneakers, you will be on trend and comfortable.


Jean Jackets:


Denim is also such a major part of Fall collections. Whether it be denim jeans or denim jackets, we are here for it all. Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we can provide you with a large variety of jean jackets for you to choose from.


We have multiple types of washes of jackets and various styles including knit sleeved jackets and different graphic designs on each jacket. Some of our favorite denim jacket styles include our Light Wash Savage Doodle Denim Jacket and our Lavender Medium Wash Denim Jacket. Both denim jackets are unique for their own reasons.


Our savage doodle denim jacket is full of graphics which are unique to Brooklyn Cloth. Our Lavender Medium Wash Denim Jacket is a lighter wash material and it has knit sleeves instead of the typical denim sleeves, which improves comfort. You can pair these jackets with any bottom that you prefer. They can be dressed down for a casual fit or up for a more formal outfit. They will look cool and trendy either way.


 Women's matching set from Brooklyn Cloth


 Matching sets:


These are a popular trend that we think all members of the #BKFAM should get onboard with. We offer a variety of matching sets that we believe you will need to add to your Fall wardrobe as soon as possible!


Some of our favorite matching sets that we offer here at Brooklyn Cloth include our Black Blessed ombre set and our jogger crew sets which are available in both soft moss and dusty rose. We believe matching sets are such a great addition to have to your closet this Fall because they make picking out an outfit so simple and quick and still allow for on-trend comfort.  


Women's Tie Dye joggers from Brooklyn Cloth


Tie Dye:


Tie dye is still hitting the fashion world by storm. We love it because it can make any outfit or piece of clothing brighter and more cheerful. Fall colors tend to be more dull than bright, so sometimes you may need a pick-me-up during these cool months. Tie dye is just the thing that you will need. Sticking with the matching set trend as well as the tie dye trend, we recommend you adding our tie dye kindness hood jogger set to your fall closet. This matching set is a must have and can be worn all year round.


Hoodies, again:


Last but never least, we strongly recommend you add one of our favorite hoodies to your fall collection. Our Women's Blue Radiate Love Tie Dye Hoodie is an absolute favorite of ours here at Brooklyn Cloth. From the color to the designs on the hoodie, we love everything about it.


As we mentioned before the bright color tie dye may be just want you need this fall, so why not stock up on a variety of these pieces so that you do not run out halfway through the season? This hoodie can easily be paired with so many different bottom choices from a pair of blue tie dye joggers to a pair of leather leggings.


We hope that this guide to women’s Fall styles has helped you gather your thoughts and ideas so that you can come up with new pieces to add to your trendy and stylish Fall wardrobe for this upcoming season. We love everything about Fall here at Brooklyn Cloth and we can't wait to see the outfits that you put together and rock this season.


We hope that these recommendations have inspired you to step out of your comfort zone and try new trends that you normally would not try. Trends are ever-changing and we hope that you are trying each and every one to see which ones work best for you and your fashion sense and style choices.

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