Top 10 Women’s Loungewear Styles

Unfortunately, it looks like we're going to be spending another winter season stuck in the house. However, that doesn't mean that we shouldn't be looking our best for our runway grocery trips or school zoom meetings. Loungewear is all the talk this season and here at Brooklyn Cloth, we want to help you look your best.


We've created this style guide on the must haves for loungewear for our #bkfam. That way, instead of worrying how to be comfy and cute at the same time, you can instead focus on keeping calm while being trapped in the house with your family. Whether you’re just looking to be solely comfortable or to have a stylish loungewear moment, we've got you covered.


We have created three distinct categories for each kind of loungewear moment you're trying to create. That way, you don't have to struggle with deciding whether you'll be under dress or overdressed.



Loungewear for Being Your Coziest


Brooklyn Cloth Cozy Picture


  1. Women’s Leopard Cozy Hoodie

 Brooklyn Cloth's Women’s Leopard Cozy Hoodie

For our first extra cozy women’s loungewear style, we have the women's leopard cozy hoodie. This hoodie is the ultimate relaxation garment, perfect for cuddling up on the couch to watch movies or read a book. While this hoodie is a part of our super cozy loungewear section, there's no denying that it's also super cute with its gorgeous leopard print pattern and pink detailing.


  • It's super soft and comfy 100% polyester fleece material will leave you feeling warm in wanting to take an extra-long nap.
  • It was designed to be loose fitted and includes attached drawstring hood to guarantee you the perfect fit for feeling relaxed in comfortable.


One of its best features is it that it has an extra-large kangaroo pocket which makes super a perfect place to shove snacks in when you're running in between commercial breaks or even between zoom meetings. Not only is it super cozy, but it is also on sale right now so hurry up and grab this before it's too late!


  1. Women’s Light Grey Core Cozy Jogger

  Brooklyn Cloth's Women’s Light Grey Wake Pray Slay Tank Top

You didn't think we'd leave you hanging without some super cozy bottoms to go with your cozy top, did you? The light gray core cozy joggers are excellent women’s cozy loungewear style for you.     


These simple cozy guys are made up with 100% polyester blend which makes it super comfy and flexible. They’re also super warm and we're sure they'll be your favorite go to bottoms to wear all day long, especially when you're feeling like having a self-care day. Pair them with one of our core cozy sweatshirts and you're guaranteed to be in comfort heaven.

They feature:

-elastic ankle cuff

- elastic waistband with drawstring

-easy open side pockets


While they are meant to keep you extra cozy this winter, they will be giving you a true and flattering fit in case anyone catches you getting up while you're in online class. Snag this cozy essential loungewear peace and you won't even be mad about staying inside all winter long.


  1. Women’s Light Grey Wake Pray Slay Tank Top


Brooklyn Cloth's Women’s Light Grey Wake Pray Slay Tank Top

Maybe you want that cozy loungewear but you're on a budget. We've got you. You'll be slaying with this wake pray slay tank top all season long. This tank top is perfect for layering or just great for wearing around the house when the heat is turned up too high.

This tank’s flattering loose cut will make you feel most confident in front of the mirror when you're practicing your TikTok dances. The calligraphy like typography on the front of the shirt makes for a cute and relaxed type of style. The cotton and polyester blend formula will leave you feeling surrounded by soft comfort along with some added warmth. This tank is sure to become a staple in your cozy loungewear for at home this winter. Did we mention it’s on sale? Snag this tank for 50% off right now for only $9.


Loungewear for the Perfect Combination of Cozy and Cute

 Brooklyn Cloth Cool and Cozy Loungewear


  1. Women's 5" Inseam Camo Bike Shorts

 Women's 5" Inseam Camo Bike Shorts

We can all agree that biker shorts are super trendy right now. They also show off that awesome body you have. The problem is, it's a bit too cold to be wearing these bad boys outside. That's why we picked these 5-inch seam black biker shorts as one of our top styles for women’s loungewear that'll make you feel cute while inside the house.


The five-inch inseam makes for the perfect length to keep your thighs warm well flattering that behind. Made from our signature performance fabric, they will be the perfect piece for either that 30-day workout challenge you've been doing on YouTube or for a cute lazy look for when your boo is coming over.


The simplistic black color makes these shorts a great addition to your closet. Pair them with one of our cute graphic tees or an oversize hoodie for an effortless and cute loungewear. You'll be as comfortable as you are cute in these awesome staple piece shorts.


  1. Purple Pop Color Ladies Jogger

 Brooklyn Cloth's Women's Purple Pop Color Ladies Jogger


Next up on our cozy but cute at home essential loungewear styles, we have the purple pop color lady’s jogger. Being at home all the time can get a little dull when you’re stuck repeating your everyday routine that feels like it is going to continue on forever. That's why adding these vibrant and fun purple joggers will light up your wardrobe!


Lavender is super in right now so you'll be the talk of the house when you're sporting these bright and cozy pants.

  • 100% polyester fleece which ensures you're going to be super warm.
  • ankle cuffs allow for a finished look
  • elastic waistband with drawstrings inside pockets ensures that you'll never want to take these off

Impress all your friends, limit of 10 please, while wearing these when they come over for Netflix and charcuterie board night. Your eccentric and vibrant personality will be apparent when you're wearing the purple pop and that's why we included them as a part of our top 10 cozy women’s loungewear styles.


  1. Women’s Soft Camo Cozy Hoodie

 Brooklyn Cloth's Women’s Soft Camo Cozy Hoodie

Don’t want to be seen sneaking to the kitchen to get a snack? Let’s show some love for the cozy and cute soft camo cozy hoodie. Even, if you do get caught, we promise you’ll get lots of compliments wearing this adorable and trendy hoodie.

  • attached drawstring hood
  • kangaroo pocket and
  • cozy loose fit
  • polyester fleece for warmth

 This can easily be styled with a pair of black joggers or some mom jeans for a more put together look. Looking for an ultra-trendy fit? We suggest wearing these with our Black Bike Shorts and some chunky sneakers for a cool, cozy, and collected fit that will make you feel your best.


Cool and Trendy (While Still Cozy) Loungewear

  1. Sand Blessed Rainbow Hoodie

Brooklyn Cloth's Women's Sand Blessed Rainbow Hoodie

So maybe you're not the type to want to rock a flashy sweatshirt and jogger combo out in public but you still want the level of comfort that they bring. Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we get that and that's why we created Sand Blessed Rainbow Hoodie. This hoodie brings the coziness of patterned loungewear with the look of a put together graphic hoodie. That's why we had to make this our first pick for cool in trendy loungewear styles for women.


The softness from this hoodie is insane and even after spending all day out, you're still not going to want to take this off when you come home to relax. It's 100% polyester material makes it oh so soft to the touch. It features an attached drawstring hood and a drop shoulder fit for a modern and trendy look. We suggest pairing this adorable and cozy loungewear sweater with some fun jeans and cute boots for a put together and effortless relaxed look.


  1. Women’s Dusty Rose Oil Slick Hoodie

 Brooklyn Cloth's Women’s Dusty Rose Oil Slick Hoodie

We created this category for when you're trying to be on trend with the latest loungewear looks. Your ultimate goal is to be cool and stylish and this hoodie is undeniably trendy. This trippy design will grab the attention of anyone you're with this winter.


It's unique pattern and gorgeous muted grayish pink color make this hoodie a fun and unique loungewear style for you. The flowing lines promote positive vibes and give you a cutting-edge style no matter the occasion. You can pair it with some yoga pants for an on-trend athleisure look or wear this hoodie with your favorite pair of bootcut jeans for a groovy vintage look. Its thick polyester material will leave you warm while looking cool and trendy all winter long. 

 9.  Women’s Orange Tie Dye Boyfriend Jogger

  Brooklyn Cloth's Women’s Orange Tie Dye Boyfriend Jogger

We're continuing on the groovy, happy vibes with our second trendy women’s loungewear style. The women's orange tie dye boyfriend joggers are undeniably vibrant and adorable. With tie dye coming back into style, keep up with the trends and wear these funky pants to any occasion. Aren't we so lucky to live in a time where it's fashionable to wear our loungewear out of the house? Now we don't make the rules, but we definitely support this one.


  • easy open side pockets,
  • elastic waistband with drawstrings
  • our loose boyfriend fit to get that baggy pants look that you've been seeing everywhere


When wearing a statement piece like this there is no need to sweat about putting together the rest of your outfit. Simply pair these with a white crop top or even a cropped hoodie. These joggers will provide you with that escape from boring pants and you'll be thankful for it.


  1. Women’s Black Cosmic Sweat Hoodie

Brooklyn Cloth's Women’s Black Cosmic Sweat Hoodie  

For our last trendy women’s loungewear piece, we decided to take a trip to outer space with the black cosmic sweat hoodie. The detail and artistry that went into the making this hoodie is crazy and it is definitely on trend with the latest style of graphic hoodies.


This hoodie’s incredible detail continues on to the front where a small and cute sun is pictured towards the middle front. This draws attention upward to that beautiful face of yours. The details don’t stop there, featuring four dope galaxy designs on the left arm. If you're going for that solely trendy loungewear look you can pair these with your Brooklyn Cloth black joggers, cool sneakers and you'll be ready to go. However, considering how elegant this hoodies design is you can easily pair this with a pair of black jeans, black boots and a denim jacket for a comfortable and trendy date night outfit.


Looking fashionable yet cozy has never been easier, making loungewear styles a great option for you this winter. Even if you are unsure about hopping on the loungewear fashion train, after seeing all these options, I'm sure you found one that's great enough for you. Loungewear has never been so versatile, cozy, and fun as it is now. We hope we've opened your eyes to realize the comfortable and trendy world of loungewear. If you like what you saw here, check out the rest of our women's loungewear and never run out of options again!

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