Top Six Tips for Updating your Son's Wardrobe

Your little ones are always growing, which can make it harder for you to buy clothes to keep up with them. As the seasons change, it’s normal for your son to have outgrown most of their clothes from last year. It is pretty much guaranteed that you’ll need to replace everything in his closet. However, if you do this each season, it can get very expensive, especially if you have more than one child.  

It’s not that complicated for us to change clothes with the seasons because we can bring back the clothes we wore the previous year and wear our favorites over and over. If we do end up making some changes to certain items, it’s usually because it may not be in style or something we don’t like to wear anymore. It’s rarely about size (though some of us might be feeling like things are a little snug post-quarantine).

Your son will likely outgrow clothing at very different rates from one year to the next. There may be some instances in which you can get away with adjusting them a bit, but in many cases, growing up requires redoing the whole wardrobe and getting entirely new pieces.

If your son has outgrown almost all of his clothing, there is no need to panic. Before you get your credit card and embark on a stressful shopping spree with your son, here are the top eight tips for updating his wardrobe.

1. Shop for Comfort

You will want your son to be as comfortable as possible in his clothes, of course. That’s why we have the Boy’s White Savage Marble Print Hoodie. These hoodies will be sure to keep your son comfortable all day long, no matter what the occasion is. He could be shooting some hoops with his friends, lounging around or going to school; whatever he is doing, he will stay comfortable. You can pair both tops with his favorite jogger pants for a complete look.

There are also other options such as the Boy’s Brooklyn Black Streaky Tee. The t-shirts are made of soft cotton poly blend so comfort is one of the main components. Kids love to run around and play all day and that’s why t-shirts are great. They are breathable and can adapt to growing individuals. T-shirts are also versatile pieces that can go with anything, making them essential for kids who are always active and on the go.

If your son wants a whole outfit, he can layer the t-shirts with a denim jacket and a pair of black twill jogger pants from Brooklyn Cloth when he goes to school. For a relaxed look when he is playing in the backyard, he can pull on his favorite soft knit shorts and one of the shirts for a cool athletic look just like dad. If he's just at home and he is going to have a sleepover with his friends, he can wear a pair of his favorite loungewear bottoms with one of the t-shirts while having a pillow fight or building a fort.


2. Look for Size Flexibility  

Our joggers have an elastic on the waist and ankle so it is able to grow with your son. We also add poly to the cotton to maintain its shape because the kids can be tough with their clothes. We love these joggers because all of them have an adjustable drawstring to adjust he grows: 

-Boy’s Black Cali Black Vibes Jogger

-Boy’s White Printed Space Dye Jogger

-Boy’s Camo Fleece Jogger

Your son can easily pair these joggers with a t-shirt and wear them when he’s relaxing at home playing video games, going out to hang out with some friends, or if it’s even when he goes to run errands with you.

3. Consider Style

It’s easy to stay stylish and trendy with pieces such as the Boy’s Khaki Twill Jogger Pants, the Boy’s Poly Pique Striped Shorts in White, the Boy’s Black Marl Fleece Jogger Pants, and the Boy’s Camo Twill Jogger Pants.

Joggers will always be something that is versatile and will never go out of style because of how lightweight and comfortable they are. They taper to the ankle and tend to have an athletic and slim fit that can be similar to sweatpants. Your son can easily wear them when he is lounging around at home or when he goes to play sports with his friends. 

Camo is another thing that seems to never go out of style as well. Camo is a functional, practical print that looks good no matter what you wear it with. It’s something that may symbolize being tough and strong. Camo is a little something that helps your son stay on trend.

4. Choose Convenience

Every season, you are most likely starting from scratch and looking for clothes in a brand-new size. It can get tiring trying to mix and match clothes between many different brands with all different sizes. You may find yourself going back and forth, looking at shopping carts on many different sites or going to an endless number of stores only to fall short in your search.

When you shop at Brooklyn Cloth, you can find everything all in one place and online as well, which is even easier and saves you time. Our clothes for your son are long lasting. There are many different clothing options he can wear for any occasion and any season, and he can easily grow into them so you don’t have to keep buying a set of new clothes each season.

5. Shop Sales

Another tip is to buy out of season since winter clothes normally get reduced drastically in the summer and the same goes for summer things in winter. If you aim to get all of the out of season pieces in the next size up, you’ll find you are able to buy everything close to half the price or a fraction of it.

You may find yourself taking a long period of time, searching for so many different clothes in all kinds of stores. You’re looking for the right clothes that are durable, wash well, and look good on your son. At Brooklyn Cloth, our boys’ clothing fits all of those descriptions.

6. Choose the Basics 

The basics are always going to do well in your son’s wardrobe. You need staples that can easily be worn during any season because they can be layered and will never go out of style. A wardrobe with a reliable foundation of clothes can make it easier for you to dress up your son. Buying fewer things that are better quality also reduces clutter and waste.

The more basics your son owns the better your chances are of mixing and matching items. You don’t need to aimlessly follow trends; you can just think smart and get classic items. These comfortable, versatile pieces could form the building blocks to your son’s every day, stress-free style:

-Boy’s Poly Pique Striped Shorts in Black Marl

Kids White Printed Space Dye Jogger

-Boy’s Royal Blue Single Striped Tee

Kids Cozy Knit Desert Stripe Hoodie 


When purchasing clothing for your son, you may need to consider the longevity of an item in terms of your child's rate of growth. Of course, you should always keep the clothes your son can wear and the ones he feels comfortable in. You should involve him in the process too. If he doesn’t like a piece of clothing you’ve picked out, it’s most likely just going to take up space in his wardrobe. As you learn to respect your son’s choices or preferences, you will save money because you'll know exactly what to shop for. Changing your son’s wardrobe as he grows does not need to be stressful!


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