Top Tips for Spring Cleaning your Closet

Top Tips for Spring Cleaning your Closet

The sun is finally out and shining and the weather is starting to warm up! It’s safe to say most of us are excited for the warmer months that are approaching, but you know what that means #BKFAM! It's time for you to change your closets over from your winter collection to your spring and summer wardrobe. Some of us dread doing this and think of it as a chore because our spaces become a complete mess during the process, but it’s a great way to feel organized and refreshed. You don’t want to be faced with that frustrating feeling of digging through your closet full of winter coats on a beautiful warm day in search of that one tank top that you know would complete your look. You also know that you'll never be able to find it beneath all the sweaters and scarves still invading your closet.

Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we are here to help you and walk you through this process to make it not as dreadful. We want to make it as fun and easy as possible for you so that you will have room to restock your wardrobe with new spring styles!

Some of our must have spring styles include…

  • Knit shorts
  • Denim Jackets
  • Windbreakers
  • Tee shirts

 In order to have these new essentials, it may be necessary for you to make room for them in your closet, and that means a little spring cleaning.




Instead of taking the easy way out and just transferring all of your clothes from the bins that were stored away in your attic to the hangers hanging in your closet and vice versa, it would be more beneficial for you to actually go through all of the garments. As dreadful as it might be, it’s time to say goodbye to some so that you can make room for new. Although this can be a very time-consuming task, when you finish you will feel much better and satisfied by the outcome.


We are all guilty of being slight hoarders when it comes to our clothes. We tend to hold on to specific pieces that, for some reason, we feel so attached to. The need to keep them around because we believe that one day we might need them for an outfit or event even though we haven’t thought about them or worn them in years is unrealistic. The reality is that we probably won't ever wear them again so it's time to say goodbye.



We suggest the best way to transfer your wardrobe from one season to the next is by first trying on all of your clothes and trying to make outfits out of them. While doing so, if you can’t make an outfit or you are unable to think of a time when you might wear them, add them to the donation or recycle pile. It doesn’t have to be such a sad process though. Every season is another chance to start new and maybe even jump on trends or styles that you normally wouldn’t partake in.


When going through your clothes, if you are having trouble letting go and making decisions whether or not you should keep something, you can put on a mini fashion show for your friends and family and have them decide whether or not it should stay in your closet or if it should be added to the donation pile. It is important to filter through your wardrobe and get rid of some pieces not only for your sake so that you feel fresh but there are so many great things you can do with your old clothes. You can...


  • Sell on social platforms like Poshmark or thredUP
  • Bring to consignment shop like Plato's Closet
  • Donate to organizations like the Salvation Army or local nonprofits who donate to people in need
  • Recycle


If the piece has seen better days and the time has come for it to be retired completely, instead of just throwing it in the garbage, it is important to remember to recycle it. Along with plastics, glass and paper, clothing and textiles are responsible for making up a large percentage of landfill. There are organizations that you can give your old clothing to that will create new products and garments out of them.




Although we are looking forward to the sunny days ahead, we do have to unfortunately get through the April showers that bring the May flowers. We aren't totally dreading these rainy days thanks to our new outerwear arrivals.



Outerwear plays a big role in the spring and summer because the weather changes from cool to warm day to day. It is essential to have staple outerwear pieces in your wardrobe to choose from so that you are comfortable and prepared no matter what the weather is for that day.


 Our Anorak hooded jackets are the perfect piece to replace your winter coats with for the spring season. These lightweight jackets will protect you from the wet weather while also making you look incredibly trendy. We offer these windbreakers in multi dye patterns. We suggest pairing these jackets with your favorite pair of either twill or knit shorts as the weather warms up. This piece can be worn year-round, not just in the spring. This is a great jacket to have during the summer months as well. It will protect you from the morning dew and the cold breezes we experience during the summer mornings. You can also wear this with your bathing suit in case it starts to rain while you are at the beach or pool. Many seasonal professionals like lifeguards wear windbreaker type jackets to protect them from the wind while they are on duty early in the morning or late at night. Both of these patterns are perfect for the sunny summer months because they are full of such bright colors.

Denim Jackets

 Denim jackets will be your new best friend during this season. They are the perfect choice so that you are both unbelievably trendy while wearing this jacket and also warm enough in case the temperature drops. These jackets look cute paired with an outfit like shorts and a t-shirt for a casual look if you are just running errands and also over a more formal outfit like a sundress or matching skirt and crop top set while at a BBQ or graduation party.

Denim jackets for guys  

Think about pairing your denim jackets with a pair of dark blue or black jeans or a pair of khaki or camo joggers for a night out on the town. To complete the look, think about a graphic tee and your favorite pair of sneakers. Our denim jacket would also pair well with a button-down flannel and loafers. For a more casual look pair it with a solid colored knit short. This outfit would be perfect to wear during the day this spring.

 Streetstyle Denim Jackets

We offer a variety of denim jackets for you to choose from. We offer our sherpa lined denim jackets to give you some extra warmth, our Medium Wash How Are You Denim Jacket

 for your everyday denim jacket needs, and our knit sleeve denim jackets that we offer with both white knit sleeves and lavender sleeves. All of these denim jackets are perfect for you to wear to any event.


Warm Weather Calls for Shorts

We also are offering a variety of color knit shorts that can be paired with staples and made into various outfits for both men and women. Even though it will be summer when you bring out these shorts, some of us will still be working from home so the comfort aspect is of the utmost importance. Being comfortable while working from home is extremely important because it makes you more productive. Not only will you feel comfortable, but you will also feel super trendy in these clothes. You will look and feel great while wearing these which will show in the work that you accomplish while wearing them. When you look good you feel good which motivates you to do your best. Our shorts will…

 Knit Shorts for guys and girls by Brooklyn Cloth

  • Provide you with ultimate comfort
  • Come in handy to wear to the beach
  • Wear well while working out
  • Keep you cozy while just lounging


We are offering our #BKFAM men’s knit shorts in dusty rose, dusty blue, yellow, soft moss, golden sun, koi, terrain, scuba blue, viola and dusty black sun ft. The women’s shorts come in dusty black, aqua, lavender, dusty rose, dusty blue, and soft moss. Along with our solid color knit shorts don't forget about our colorful men’s  tie dye knit shorts that are offered in warm tie dye, blue tie dye and grey tie dye. Our print shorts for women are also staple pieces that will help you upgrade your wardrobe. These print shorts include our camo print which comes in both black and heather grey colors and our ombre shorts that come in dusty rose, lavender and grey.


T-Shirts for All

This variety of shades and prints will definitely help you upgrade your spring and summer wardrobes and inspire you to use them to put together trendy outfits. We suggest pairing these cute camo and ombre print shorts with some of our new simple women’s tee shirts. Our women’s repeat tee comes in a variety of colors and words written on them. We are offering two of these styles in white. One with the word “faith” and one with the word “blessed” printed around the garment. The “blessed” repeat tee shirt also comes in heather grey and dusty rose.

 Womens Long Sleeve Blessed tee

Our tees are...


  • Made from a lightweight and breathable material
  • Made of 60% Cotton 40% Polyester
  • Has a crewneck and modern fit


Of course these tees would look cute and trendy paired with a pair of our solid or patterned shorts, but we also love these tees with a pair of our comfy joggers and sweats for the cooler days in the spring or during anytime throughout the year. You can wear t-shirts no matter the time of the year under a hoodie or while you work out, so adding basic tees to your wardrobe is always a good idea.

Joggers for guys 

We are also excited to offer our new women’s boxy pocket tee shirts. These basic essentials are perfect to wear with any outfit. This causal piece comes in both light olive and dusty rose. We are so grateful for these essentials that we printed the word “grateful” directly on the shirt to let everyone know. These tee shirts can also be worn under a flannel or cardigan to work or school. After school and work you can trade the cardigan or flannel out for a sports bra and hit the gym with your favorite pair of workout sneakers. Everybody needs versatile pieces in their wardrobe, and you can start with this one!

 Womens Boxy Print Tee

All of us here at Brooklyn Cloth hope that these twelve tips and recommendations on how to complete your spring cleaning and upgrade your seasonal wardrobe were helpful to you. We also hope that this made you even more eager to start your spring cleaning and shopping.


We know that cleaning and reorganizing isn’t what everybody wants to do, but once you complete the task you will be able to start refilling your closet with all new pieces! These new spring essentials will make you feel totally comfortable and trendy when you wear them. Just because they are our “spring essentials” doesn't mean that they are only for this season. These pieces can be worn year-round if paired with the right outerwear pieces to ensure your warmth and comfort. We wish you a happy spring and a happy cleaning!

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