Top Trends for Ladies This Winter

Ladies! We have just what you need this winter to improve your wardrobe game. Winter is here, so it is time to jump on the trend bandwagon and start thinking about all of the stellar winter fits that you are going to rock this season. We have clothes for you to wear during every activity that you partake in this season.


Photo-Worthy Winter Fashions


Womens Matching set by Brooklyn Cloth



Winter may just be the most photographed season. Think about it; photos being taken of you in front of the holiday decor, sipping a delicious hot cocoa, ice skating with your friends and family, the list goes on and on.


Now, think about all of the outfits you will need for these events. We know how stressful it can be to plan out so many outfits, but don’t worry, that is where we at Brooklyn Cloth come in. We have everything that you will need to make sure that your outfits are photo-ready.


Winter 2021 Style Trends


We have created this list of our favorite fashion trends for women this winter. We hope that this guide is useful and lessens your stress while trying to pick out the perfect winter outfits.


We want our #BKFAM to feel confident and trendy in everything that they decide to wear, no matter the time of year. If you already have some winter staples that you just can’t seem to let go of, we can incorporate them into suggested outfits.


Feel free to mix and match your new and old pieces to create trendy outfits that will fit right into the current trends.


Some of our newest sets and pieces should definitely be added to your winter wardrobe because we can guarantee that they will provide you with tons of comfort and coziness during this season. Winter is full of neutral and warm colors, but that doesn't mean you can't wear bright colors to add a little pop to this season’s fashion styles and outfits.


Many people, like us here at Brooklyn Cloth, can confidently say that winter is their favorite season solely because of the clothes that they get to wear. We love the fact that you can wear a pair of jeans and a sweater outfit with a pair of boots or heeled booties or a matching sweat set with your favorite pair of sneakers or moccasins during this season and look equally cute and trendy. Many of our pieces can be dressed up or down to achieve whichever look you are going for.


Some of our favorite pieces include our self-love promoting sets, our color-block hoodies, and sweatpants, and, of course, our beloved tie-dye sets. If you are still interested in the tie-dye trend--which we encourage because it looks amazing all year round--we offer so many pieces in bright colors that will fit right in with winter styles.


Our Favorite Brooklyn Cloth Pieces for Winter


  • Self-love promoting sets
  • Color-Block hoodies and sweatpants
  • Tie-dye sets


Self-Love Collection


Self Love Club Matching Set by Brooklyn Cloth


Our Self Love Circle Embroidered Set is one of our favorites because of the positivity it spreads. This set is offered in dusty blue and is made up of a crewneck sweatshirt and a pair of cozy sweat shorts. Although half of this set is a pair of shorts, don't let it discourage you from purchasing them during cooler weather. This set is comfortable year-round.


There is nothing better than cozying up on the couch with a hot latte while watching your favorite holiday movie. You do not want to overheat while under all of those blankets, so the shorts with this set will definitely come in handy.


They may also come in handy for when you break a sweat decorating your massive Christmas tree. Along with this dusty blue shade, this set is offered in a dusty rose color. We all may need a little pick me up at some point throughout the year, so why not wear this self-love promoting crew neck to spread a little positivity to yourself as well as all of the people that you pass by while rocking it.


Sticking to the self love promotion trend brings our Self Love Club Tie Dye sets to mind. Everybody should want to be a part of the self-love club here at Brooklyn Cloth because we are here to encourage everybody to love themselves just as much as they are loved by those around them.


Our Tie Dye Self Love Club sets come in two different colors for you to choose from, including a bright aqua and our black tie dye. Our blue Radiate Love Tie Dye Hoodie is another option that you can wear this winter season that can help to spread love and positivity all throughout your community. If you are aiming for the positivity from this set but are not about the bright colors in a set, our black tie dye is a great alternative to get the best of both worlds. You can pair this set with a white or sand-colored vest to mix it up a bit.


Color Block Hoodies and Sweatpants


Color Block hoodies by Brooklyn Cloth



Another of our staples here at Brooklyn Cloth that we are excited to share with you this winter season are our Color Block ¼ Zip Crew Necks, along with their matching sweatpants. We offer two different color-block crew necks for you to choose from.


Our colors include a dusty rose and lavender. The other two colors on these crews are white and black blocks, which really make the bright rose and lavender colors stand out on the piece. If you are in need of a pick-me-up one day, wearing bright colors is a really great way to achieve that source of happiness, and we can guarantee you that wearing this set will bring you that feeling of joy.


Another color block style that we offer here for our #BKFAM is our Women's Multicolor Color Block Celestial Embroidered Hoodie and our Women's Charcoal Grey Be Kind Color block Hoodie. Our Women's Multicolor Color Block Celestial Embroidered Hoodie has various embroidered graphics on the pieces. We offer both our embroidered butterflies as well as our celestial pieces.


This hoodie can be paired with various bottoms to create either a more formal or more of a casual look. A perfect pair of bottoms to pair with this hoodie to achieve a comfy cozy look to wear this winter would be our Women's Black Cosmic Sweatpants.


Feel free to pair this outfit with your favorite pair of slippers or moccasins if you are just lounging around the house. However, if you need to run a couple of local errands and you plan on being out and about for the entire day, throw on a pair of your favorite closed-toe shoes, like a pair of Air Force Ones or slip-on Vans, so that you remain comfortable throughout your outing.


As we always say here at Brooklyn Cloth, accessories make or break the outfit, so be sure to make this look your own with the help of your favorite accessories, like hats, bags, and jewelry.


Tie-Dye Sets


Tie Dye Set by Brooklyn Cloth



Tie-dye is a trend that you all know we adore here at Brooklyn Cloth. We never want to see our BKfam stop wearing tie-dye sets. Especially during the winter. We love seeing how all of you style these sets to make them your own.


Lately, we’ve seen these sets worn with a puffer vest or a puffer jacket on top. You can also throw a long peacoat and a bucket hat on with your tie-dye set to go for a chic but trendy look. I have also seen many influencers walking around with their joggers tucked into a pair of tall combat boots or Doc Marten-style boots.


Another way to style these tie-dye hoodies is by wearing a bomber jacket over them for the extra chilly winter days. Bomber jackets are making an even larger comeback than normal this winter season, so make sure you hop right on that trend.


If you go the bomber jacket route, feel free to throw on a pair of platform Converse to finish off the trendy streetwear look. There are so many creative designs that sneakers are incorporating these days; therefore, feel free to spice up any outfit with a dope pair of kicks.


Some of our favorite tie-dye sets that we encourage you to wear this season include our Cotton Candy Tie-Dye Hoodie as well as our Pink Tie-Dye Hoodie. These simple yet bright and cheery hoodie options are perfect for this winter season and will definitely keep you warm while sitting outside on the bleachers rooting for the local football team.


We hope that you are as interested in this tie-dye trend as we are. Both of these hoodies come with matching sweatpants. You can also wear them with a different option for bottoms if you do not want to rock the matching set that day. Our black women’s Be Kind Sweatpants would be a great alternative to wearing the matching sweatpants if you wanted to wear them with our Pink Tie-Dye Hoodie. The embroidered graphic design on the sweats matches the pink of the tie-dye perfectly.


Another way to finish off these jogger x hoodie outfits would be by pairing them with an oversized denim jacket. Depending on the shades of the sweat set, you can decide on what wash of denim you want your jacket to be in. We have many denim jackets for you to choose from that come in a variety of shades.


If you wanted to go ahead with this Pink Tie-Dye Hoodie paired with our Black Be Kind Sweatpants, we would recommend going with a light-wash denim jacket. Our denim jackets are on the men’s tab of the website, but we encourage everyone to rock these unique denim jackets. You can size up in these jackets to go for an oversized grunge look to wear over your hoodie.


Comfort and Confidence Through Winter Fashion


We hope that we’ve helped you envision some great winter fashions with this guide to the top trends for ladies this winter. As you know, we want our Brooklyn Cloth family to be fully stocked for this season. There are so many different styles that you can go for during this time of the year because the weather is so inconsistent. One day you can rock our matching set with shorts and a crew neck, but then the next, you can rock a matching set consisting of a hoodie and joggers with a puffer vest finishing off the look. Unless you want to rock a boot of some sort, feel free to go with a trendy pair of sneakers.


Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we take a ton of pride in making sure that all of you are comfortable and confident in your clothing choices. We hope that our pieces and outfit ideas help you feel more positive about the clothes you wear and how you feel in them. Feel free to rock any of the suggested outfits that we had mentioned above or to create your own outfits using the new pieces you get from our collections, as well as pieces that are already in your winter wardrobe. Happy Winter!

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