Upgrade Your Work from Home Wardrobe: Our Top 10 Pieces for Men and Women

Almost a year has passed now since we started working from our living rooms instead of going into the office every day. As hard as it may be to actually get dressed while working from home, it is time to start enhancing our “work from home” style. Instead of wearing last night’s pajamas to our meetings, aim to try a trendy, comfortable set instead.


Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we want to make sure you feel your best while you are hard at work. Both looking and feeling good can actually improve your outlook for the day, often increasing focus and productivity. We want to help you achieve that! We have curated a guide to the Top 10 Men’s and the Top 10 Women’s pieces to help you upgrade your work from home wardrobes!


Top 10 Men’s Leisurewear Items


Gentlemen, we have everything you need to look great, feel comfortable, and get things done! With our joggers, tees, and hoodies, you’ll never have to worry about what to wear.




  1. Yellow Marble Savage Jogger: this is such a perfect statement piece to wear while taking on your workday. Along with tie dye, the marble print trend is on the rise and these joggers are the perfect way to jump on that trend. We suggest pairing these poly fleece joggers with a solid black or white hoodie along with a beanie to complete this trendy streetwear look.

 Men's Black Marble Hustle Joggers by Brooklyn Cloth

  1. Black Marble Hustle Jogger: similar to our White Marble Savage Joggers, these Black Marble Hustle Joggers will also put you on the marble trend. While wearing these joggers, you will continuously be reminded to continue hustling and working hard throughout your workday thanks to the “hustle” patch on the hip. We suggest pairing these urban style joggers with a black denim jacket or black puffer jacket to complete the look.

 Men's Charcoal Grey Side Zipper Pocket Twill Jogger Pants by Brooklyn Cloth

  1. Charcoal Grey Side Zipper Pocket Twill Jogger Pants: want to achieve that office-chic look while also feeling ultimate comfort? These Side Zipper Pocket Twill Jogger Pants do just that. The poly fleece is comfy enough to wear while just relaxing at home or working from the couch.

You can absolutely pair these joggers with a hoodie, but we also love dressing them up to wear with a sweater and loafers when it’s time to get back to the office. They come in both grey and khaki so you can wear them with all of your favorite tops!


Men's Diagonal Heat Seal Jogger by Brooklyn Cloth
  1. Diagonal Heat Seal Jogger: these are the perfect bottoms to both lounge in and wear out and about. These versatile joggers offer the perfect sleek look while also giving you maximum comfort. We suggest pairing them with our light wash denim jacket while out on the weekends to complete a trendy look while also keeping you warm. 



 Men's Multi Color Tie Dye Hoodie by Brooklyn Cloth

  1. Multi Color Tie Dye Hoodie: we want to brighten your day in any way that we can. On those sunny beautiful days that you are stuck inside working, try wearing bright colored clothing that will light up your day along with your mood! This Multi Color Tie Dye Hoodie does just that. It is ultra-comfy and would look great paired with our Black Core Fleece Cargo Joggers and a pair of white sneakers while running errands.

 Men's Open Your Mind Hoodie by Brooklyn Cloth

  1. White Open Your Mind Hoodie: we have all had to be more open minded during the past year, especially when adapting to our new “normal” lifestyle of working from home. Our “Open Your Mind” hoodie will continue to remind to you go through each day with an open mind.

The Japanese symbols meaning “your mind is free.” This mantra, along with the graphics along the sleeve, gives this hoodie such a unique look that we love with our black and white Heat Seal Fleece Jogger Pants.

 Men's Dusty Rose Drip Marble Swirl Hoodie by Brooklyn Cloth

  1. Dusty Rose Drip Marble Swirl Hoodie: this is part of the same marble trend that our marble joggers belong to, however it gives off a different vibe because of the water marble design. Not only is this sweatshirt design very unique, but it also gives your look a subtle pop of color. We offer this design in mustard and sand as well. We suggest pairing this hoodie with our White Fleece Core Jogger Pants for a comfortable fit or our White Twill Jogger Pants for more of an on-the-go look.

 Men's Sand Drip Square Hoodie by Brooklyn Cloth

  1. Sand Drip Square Hoodie: if you like the design of our Dusty Rose Drip Marble Swirl Hoodie but are looking for something more subtle, this Sand Drip Square Hoodie is the perfect pick for you. This sand-colored sweatshirt with the pop of purple will really upgrade your work from home wardrobe. The polyester fleece is perfect to wear under a denim or bomber jacket while out to eat at brunch on the weekends or with a pair of shorts while hitting the gym after a long day at work. We also offer this hoodie in dusty black.

 Mens's Sand Stop the Hustle Hoodie by Brooklyn Cloth

  1. Sand Stop The Hustle Hoodie: combining unique graphics and bright pops of color will definitely keep you feeling vibrant. These Stop the Hustle hoodies are here to remind you of simpler times in life and to enjoy the little things. Although life used to be much easier, some good things have had to come out of the change. Look on the bright side: now you are able to work from the comfort of your own home in hoodies and joggers!



  1. Looking for a brand new hoodie that is super dope and extremely cozy? Try out the Red Allover Verbiage Hoodie for a hoodie that makes your fashion statements for you. Details include graffiti-style lettering across the entire body, an attached hood with drawstrings, and a front kangaroo pocket. 
    We suggest pairing this hoodie with Black Twill Joggers to wear during your workday and also out to dinner after.



Top 10 Work from Home Clothing Staples for Women

Ladies, we all appreciate a legging and know we look great in jeans, but all day in your home office should warrant a little more comfort. Our collection of joggers and various tops will have you looking good and feeling cozy while you work!


Comfortable Bottoms

 Women's Purple Pop Color Joggers by Brooklyn Cloth

  1. Purple Pop Color Ladies Joggers: make working from home a little more exciting with these Purple Pop Color joggers for women. Every wardrobe needs at least a couple statement pieces and these joggers need to be one of them. Pairing these bright joggers with a neutral-colored top will make for a perfect professional look while on video chat meetings with your boss. They’ll think that you are wearing your normal office outfit consisting of uncomfortable slacks, but in reality, you’ll be in your comfiest pair of joggers.

 Women's 5 Inch Inseam Black Biker Shorts by Brooklyn Cloth

  1. Women’s 5-Inch Inseam Black Biker Shorts: biker shorts are back! This trend was gone from our lives for a while, but we are so glad it’s back to help you upgrade your WFH style. Biker shorts are one of the most versatile garments. Of course, they were created to make exercising more comfortable, but we are constantly seeing such trendy outfits being created with them. Pair any of our sweatshirts or tee shirts with our biker shorts and high platformed boots or sneakers to create a comfortable yet Instagram-worthy outfit. We suggest sizing up in hoodies or tee shirts when pairing them with biker shorts to achieve that “oversized” look.

 Women's Natural Yarn Dye Space Dye Varsity Striped Shorts by Brooklyn Cloth

  1. Natural Varsity Striped Women’s Shorts: complete any of your daily tasks in style while wearing these Natural Yarn Dye Space Dye Varsity Striped Women's Shorts. These comfortable shorts are a great staple to have because they pair well with basically any top! Whether running errands, working out or working from home during the summer, these shorts will offer extreme comfort while wearing them. We suggest pairing these with a tank top and sneakers to keep you cool and comfortable while on the move during the warmer months.


Tops for Any Temperature


Women's Cotton Candy Tie Dye Hoodie by Brooklyn Cloth
  1. Women’s Cotton Candy Tie Dye Hoodie: tie dye and butterflies! We can’t think of anything more in style right now than these designs. Not only do the colors incorporated into this hoodie complement each other well, but the butterfly embroidery is what really makes it pop.

Pairing this hoodie with white sneakers and leggings will give you the confidence to conquer any task you need to complete that day. While out during the colder months, definitely pair this outfit with a puffer jacket or a fuzzy Sherpa jacket to make this trendy outfit a little warmer. 

Women's Dusty Rose Oil Slick Hoodie by Brooklyn Cloth 

  1. Women’s Dusty Rose Oil Slick Hoodie: this not only ups your work from home outfit game, it also looks amazing while outside adventuring. Pairing this sweatshirt with a pair of our 5- or 7-inch biker shorts and a pair of sneakers while outside on a hike would make for a great Instagram selfie post. While wearing this hoodie in the comfort of your own home, we suggest pairing it with a pair of black joggers and fuzzy socks.

     Women's Black Blessed Ombre Long Sleeve Tee by Brooklyn Cloth

    1. Black Blessed Ombre Long Sleeve Tee: such a classic! This cotton long sleeve shirt would go great with any of our joggers or shorts to achieve a comfortable look, but it can also be paired with jeans and a puffer jacket to wear while out of the house. This shirt is a great reminder to remember how blessed you are during these unprecedented times.


    Women's Light Grey Wake Pray Slay Tank Top by Brooklyn Cloth
    1. Women’s Light Grey Wake Pray Slay Tank Top: slay the day away while wearing this light grey tank top. This cotton and poly blend tank top with its scoop armholes makes for such a comfortable option for working out or working from home. Pair this with a pair of biker shorts or leggings while working out or a pair of our joggers while just lounging.

     Women's Pink Tie Dye Hoodie by Brooklyn Cloth

    1. Women’s Pink Tie Dye Hoodie: this bright and beautiful hoodie is exactly what you need to brighten your days while working from home. We all know the sluggish feeling of wearing your pajamas all day, so why not upgrade your style to something just as comfortable but way trendier. Pair this tie dye sweatshirt with our blessed tie dye pink joggers or any of our solid color joggers to complete this look. This hoodie would also work well with a pair of jeans, a puffer jacket, and Doc Martins while strolling around the city during a chilly day.

     Women's Soft Camo Cozy Hoodie by Brooklyn Cloth

    1. Women’s Soft Camo Cozy Hoodie: just like tie dye, the camo trend is at an all-time high level of popularity. This Soft Camo Cozy Hoodie is exactly what we need on those snowy days to keep us warm. Whether you are snuggled up on the couch watching a movie and sipping on hot chocolate or finishing up your work for the day, this hoodie is the perfect fit. Dress this hoodie down with a pair of joggers and warm fuzzy socks or dress it up with combat boots, black jeans and a beanie. Either way, everybody will be loving this cozy poly-fleece must-have.


    Working from home during this tough time may be occasionally boring, so what better way to spice it up then with clothing? Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we are here to help you upgrade your WFH wardrobe with the comfiest yet trendiest pieces. Maybe you’ll even wear our favorite pieces to the office when the time comes!

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