What to Look for in Women’s Sweatpants

Ladies! We know that after a long and cold winter you want to kick back and relax. For summer, you might be thinking all about shorts, but let’s talk about the best lounge wear and sweatpants for this season. Whether you’re looking forward to chilling with the AC on inside or throwing on a pair of sweats over your bathing suit, we have a go-to-guide to help you pick the best sweats for you!

At Brooklyn Cloth, we know that shorts might not be for everyone. Some people hate the feeling of their legs rubbing together, or simply don’t like the look. That’s why we created this guide to show you different fabrics and styles of women’s sweats to help you know what will make you look and feel your best.


What to Look for in Women’s Sweatpants


Model Wearing Women's Red Take Care of Yourself Sweatpants

This summer, the weather is so unpredictable with blazing hot days and chilly days in between. That’s why having a pair of sweats this season may not be such an odd idea after all. In a season of beaches and boardwalks, sweatpants may not be the first thing that you think about, but their versatility means that you can use them all year round.

The whole point of wearing sweatpants is for comfort! So, whether you’re looking for a more lightweight or thicker pair, at Brooklyn Cloth we have all of the styles that you need to create the most stylish looks this summer.

For a self-care day inside, add a pop of color to your look with our Women’s Red Take Care of Yourself Sweatpants. Or, if you’re looking to switch up your bonfire look, throw on a pair of our Women’s Sand Sunshine Tie Dye Sweatpants for a fun but neutral tie-dye pattern.


Sweatpants vs. Jogger Pants

Well, we know what you’re probably thinking - why should I opt for sweatpants instead of jogger pants? Our short and sweet answer would be that it depends on the look and feel that you want.

If you’re looking for something that is a little bit more breathable, and love working out, then jogger pants might be the right choice for you. While both are equally as comfy, sweatpants are best for lounging and are typically made of a thicker material. Still, no matter what you prefer, we have you covered with women’s joggers and sweatpants for all of your summer needs.


Add a Pop of Color

Women's Blue Wash Angel Jogger Pants

Sweatpants are a great way to add a splash of color into any look. As much as we love our classic gray and black looks, we also love to switch up our wardrobe with cool new graphics and trendy colors that breathe new life into your look.

If you’re looking to go out of your comfort zone or just want something new, we suggest checking out our Women’s Lavender Tie Dye Sweatpants or our Women’s Blue Wash Angel Jogger. These bottoms are a great way to play around with look by using fun colors while not going too overboard.

Still, we get if you’re not into adding color to your sweats collection. So if you’d rather stay on the neutral side this summer we think you should check out our Women’s Olive Fleece Cargo Jogger or our Women’s Oatmeal Marl Core Cozy Jogger.


What Pockets Work Best for You?

Women's Lavender Tie Dye Sweatpants

A pair of sweatpants would be incomplete without a pair of pockets for you to throw in everything you will need on the go. Your phone, wallet, and keys can be a headache to carry all at once, that’s why it’s important to make sure your favorite pair of sweats has pockets that can hold everything that you need.

When looking for sweatpants this summer, the key is to look for pockets that are easy-open side pockets. This style is simple to put your hand in to stay warm or if you’re just on a stroll on the boardwalk. We know women’s pants always have those annoying fake pockets, that’s why our Women's Joggers and Sweatpants Collection features real, easy-to-open pockets for maximum comfort.


Why You Need an Elastic Waistband

Women's Oatmeal Core Jogger

For maximum comfort, you’ll want to make sure that any pair of sweatpants or joggers you purchase includes an elastic waistband and drawstring. This is to ensure that you feel secure in your sweatpants all day long.

Including these features allows you to change how loose or tight your sweatpants fit throughout the day. Especially if you’re going for a certain kind of look, having these features is important to have whether you’d like a more laidback loose feel or secure tighter fit for on the go.


Why the Material Matters

Women's Olive Cargo Jogger Pants

When looking for sweatpants and joggers it is important to look out for what type of fabric they are made of. The two most common materials you will find out there are cotton and fleece. Typically, cotton is going to be the more lightweight material of the two and is usually used for jogger pants. While for sweatpants you will see that they are often a fleece material or fleece-lined for lounging.

Regardless, when looking for bottoms you want something that is durable and will stand against the test of time. Make sure that you find a high-quality pair of sweatpants or joggers that isn’t too thin! Both of these materials offer a great way to achieve a look for a day of relaxation this summer.


Find Sweatpants That Work for You

At Brooklyn Cloth, we know that everyone’s experiences and feelings of comfort are different. We want to help try and take the stress out of shopping for you with this guide for how to pick the right sweatpants. Size charts and fabrics can feel overwhelming when online shopping, so we want to help find what looks and feels best for you!

We hope that this guide has been able to help you find pieces that are authentically you. As always, we want to give back to our #BKFAM with the latest and greatest style advice throughout the year. We look forward to seeing what you are able to create with your Brooklyn Cloth wardrobe. So, next time you post your fit don’t forget to tag us @brooklyncloth and use the #BKFAM for the chance of being shared on our social media pages.

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