What to Wear During the Fall Weather

As Fall is right around the corner, it means that it is layering season! The long sleeves, sweaters, pants, and jackets all make their way out of the closets and onto the shelves. What that also means is that it is time to get some new clothes for those perfect Fall days and those chilly nights. Here in New York, the days are sun filled with a breeze around every corner that with not being properly prepared will have you feeling both hot and cold at the same time. Those night time plans require a whole new outfit that is warm enough to keep from freezing while on the way but upon getting inside the destination will won’t overheat. Brooklyn Cloth has you covered with the top picks for the Fall below:


  1. Paintbrush Print Woven Shirt

Dress for success. Step into the first day of classes feeling your best with a lightweight woven shirt while it’s still warm out to stay cool while turning heads.


  1. Olive Twill Jogger Pants

Who doesn’t love when it’s time for pants? Stay comfortable with a pair of olive twill jogger pants. Extremely comfortable, perfect color for Fall, and can be used for casual settings or dressing up, there couldn’t be a better option for bottoms. Not into olive? Check out our other twill jogger pants.


  1. Sherpa Denim Jacket

Denim is making the comeback and it’s time to stay on trend with one of the softest and all day styled pieces of this season, the sherpa denim jacket. This slim denim jacket with sherpa lining the inside will be stylish and soft to keep the heat inside. 


  1. Black Snow Varsity Stripe Jogger Pants

Stripes on stripes. Clean patterns on a comfortable pant is an A+ in our book. This is a hot piece that won’t last for long. 


  1. Barangay Bois T-Shirt

There is nothing like it, simple as that. With these exclusive collaborative t-shirts flying off the website, better get one quick before they are gone.

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