Who’s Excited to See Heritage Plaids Make a Comeback?

We hope that you are settling into your fall attire nicely! We here at Brooklyn Cloth have so many different outerwear options for you to choose from for this upcoming season. You may be thinking to yourself that you own way too many jackets, but the truth is, you can never have too many.


As we mentioned in our Halloween costume blog, we adore our buffalo plaid jacket. We created Halloween costumes with it and now we are going to talk about how to style it on a day-to-day basis.


Before we get into the styling guide for our plaid pieces, let's talk about the print: plaid. Some of the most famous brands in the fashion industry use plaid print as their logo. Burberry pieces are covered in their iconic plaid print. As we can see, plaid doesn’t go out of style and to be honest, it circles back around each and every fall season.

Plaid Thrives in Fall

Plaid by by Brooklyn Cloth


Plaid is the print of the fall season. We often see plaid flannels, jackets, blazers, pants, scarves, and so many more pieces covered in plaid print. The pattern became popular in the 1970s and was originally worn on the inside of men’s suits and on women’s and kid’s blouses. Plaid tends to be a very busy print; therefore, it is important to pair a piece of plaid clothing with solid pieces.


Iconic Plaid Outfits


In 1995, when the movie Clueless was produced, grunge music was at an all-time high on the popularity charts. Alicia Silverstone, who played the character Cher in the film, mentions how this music inspired the iconic yellow plaid set in one of the most recognizable scenes in movie history.


History of Plaid


Plaid was originally called tartan. This name was later changed to plaid when the print became popular in American and British manufacturers. Tartan was a symbolic name in Scottish culture to recognize different clans. The woven pieces that were made by these clans represent the same print as what we call plaid today. When the print was adapted by the American and British factories, the name was changed because they didn’t want the symbolic meaning that the name carries associated with their version of the pattern.


Buffalo plaid, more specifically, is an extremely important and symbolic print in Scotland. This red and black print is often referred to as a Rob Roy, a folk hero. This print is now often seen in clothing, home decor, and especially Christmas decorations. It is extremely common to see an entire family in their matching red and black checkered pajamas sitting in front of the Christmas tree. We even see stockings and blankets made out of this print during the holiday seasons. According to sites like piecework.com, “buffalo plaid moved its way from the rustic fringes to become the dominant plaid during the holiday season.”


Heritage plaid is another type of “tartan” that became popular during the rbc heritage golf tournament. The winner of the tournament is given a heritage plaid jacket to slip on when they are given their award. These jackets are hand woven with fabric from Scotland. Dennis Jarowski, the creator of these jackets, made 24 of these jackets this past April in all sizes so that whoever won the tournament would have a handmade jacket that fit them perfectly.


How to Style Plaid 

Buffalo Plaid by Brooklyn Cloth


As mentioned previously, plaid is a pattern that is often seen being worn during the cooler months including the fall all the way until the winter. We here at Brooklyn Cloth want to share with you our plaid pieces and how we style them for every occasion.


Our most iconic piece is our buffalo plaid sherpa. This top is perfect for literally any occasion. This unisex piece can be worn by any gender, as well. Within this guide, we are going to share with your ways to style this piece both formally and informally so that you’ll never have to take off this cozy piece.


Formally Styling our Buffalo Plaid Sherpa for Women


Let's think about the places you may wear this piece. You may want to wear it while apple and pumpkin picking in the fall. You may also want to wear it while visiting the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center during the holiday season or to your Thanksgiving dinner. The possibilities are endless with this plaid sherpa. The soft and comfiness of this sherpa material are definitely going to make you want to wear this top to as many places as possible. Throw on this sherpa and a pair of joggers or jeans to make it a bit more formal. You can wear this outfit with a pair of sneakers or a pair of boots to make it seasonally appropriate. We prefer a pair of suede boots to get the full fall effect for this outfit. If you are wearing it during the winter, a pair of Timberlands will match the season’s attire.


For more of a feminine look, we suggest pairing this buffalo plaid sherpa with a skirt or a pair of black jeans. Why not rock a suede skirt either in tan or black? This fit would look great!


We suggest pairing this outfit with a cute pair of platform booties or knee-high boots to really dress it up. Imagine what your friends and family will say when you show up to Thanksgiving dinner in this trendy look.   


You will definitely be right on trend with this outfit for the season. Adding accessories to any outfit is another great way to spice up a look. For this particular look, why not add in a thick headband or some ruffled socks peeking out from your ankle bootie? If you choose to go for the knee-high boot look, a pair of black stockings would look super cute as well.


If you don’t want to pair a skirt with this top but still want to dress it up formally, try a pair of jeans or joggers. Wearing this sherpa with a pair of jeans would definitely be a comfortable outfit to wear to the office or to school. You can choose either a light wash or a darker denim pair for different looks. Pair this outfit with platform sneakers or UGGs, depending on the weather.


Informally Styling This Buffalo Plaid Sherpa for Women


For a more comfortable outfit, there are tons of ways that you can wear this top. This sherpa is definitely made and worn to provide comfort, so why not achieve ultimate comfort while wearing it. Why not cozy up with a mug full of tea and watch your favorite movies while curled up on the couch in this cozy Sherpa? We can promise you that if you do that you’ll never want to get up. To finish off this cozy fit, throw on a pair of your favorite joggers or fuzzy pajama pants.


Some of our favorite black joggers that we believe would look great with this look include:


Women's Black Be Kind Sweatpants

Women's Black Fleece Cargo Jogger

Women's Black Intertech Zip Jogger

Women's Black Peace of Mind Boyfriend Jogger


If you think that you will be a little too warm in a sherpa top and fleece joggers, you can also pair this outfit with a pair of comfy shorts!


Some of our favorite shorts that would look great with this sherpa top are:


Black Butterfly Gradient Short

Dusty Black Cool To Be Kind Short

Women's Black 7" Inseam Biker Short

Women's Black Cosmic Print Short


Some of the time it is more comfortable to wear a pair of shorts and wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket instead of wearing a pair of long sweatpants. Finish off this outfit with a pair of fuzzy socks and your furry slippers that you lounge around the house in.


Formally Styling This Buffalo Plaid Sherpa for Men



Plaid by Brooklyn Cloth


Hey, guys! We know that you may not love dressing up so much for the holidays. But we may have found you a solution! This sherpa buffalo plaid top is a perfect alternative to wearing a button-down shirt to your holiday dinners. It is the same amount of festive and put together as a button-down would be but way more comfortable. A perfect way to style this top piece would be with a pair of joggers of any shade. Of course, you can go the jean route and pair it with a pair of dark denim jeans, but why not be a tad trendier? Joggers are also the perfect alternative if you do not feel comfortable in a pair of jeans.


Some of our favorite joggers that we think would pair nicely with this sherpa top would be our:


Black Elevation Hit Twill Cargo Jogger

Black RipStop Jogger Pants with Bungees

Tobacco Elevation Hit Twill Cargo Jogger

Khaki Twill Jogger Pants


We definitely recommend finishing this outfit off with a pair of your favorite sneakers or boots. A pair of simple sneakers like Air Force 1s or a pair of black Converse or Vans would look really great with it. If you wanted to dress it up a bit more, a pair of suede shoes or boots would be right on trend.


Informally Styling This Buffalo Plaid Sherpa for Men


To make this outfit a little more casual, there are many options that you can pair it with. First off, you have to decide if you would rather wear this sherpa top with a pair of cozy pants or shorts. Depending on the temperature, of course, or what you plan on doing in this outfit can ultimately make that decision for you.


Some of our favorite sweats and cozy joggers that we think would really bring this outfit together include:


Black Allover Doodle Jogger

Black and White Diagonal Heat Seal Fleece Jogger Pants

Black Drip Marble Box Jogger Pants


If you want to pair the sherpa with a comfy pair of shorts and a pair of fuzzy high socks, we have tons of shorts for you to choose from.


Some of our favorite knit shorts for men include:


Black Fleece Cargo Shorts

Black Zip Pocket Knit Shorts

Hunter Green 7" Solid Knit Short (if you want to be extra holiday festive)

White Static Zipper Pocket Shorts


To finish off this ultimate comfy outfit that you can rock all the way from Halloween through to the new year, feel free to throw on some accessories to really make it your own. You can wear a beanie so that you feel extremely winter-like while wearing this outfit. This outfit has all the winter vibes that you need to make this holiday season as festive as possible.


Putting your own Spin on Plaid


We hope that this guide to styling our favorite buffalo plaid sherpa pullover has given you a ton of outfit ideas that you can wear all throughout this chilly season.


We here at Brooklyn Cloth absolutely adore versatile pieces. Why would you want to buy two different pieces of clothing when you can just style one piece multiple ways to make it acceptable for all occasions?


This sherpa especially needs to be in everybody’s wardrobe this season because of how useful it will become. Not to mention the amount of comfort that it will bring you every time you wear it. I don’t think that it is possible to be uncomfortable while wearing an outfit with this pullover.


We can’t wait to see how everybody in our Brooklyn Cloth family decides to wear and style this piece. We hope that our outfit suggestions gave you some inspiration. We know how important these upcoming holidays are to some people, so we want to make sure that you are all fully prepared for them, outfit-wise. We hope that you have a wonderful holiday season!

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