Women’s College Essentials

Women’s College Essentials


We all know how stressful it can be to pick out an outfit for a night out, let alone an entire wardrobe for a whole semester away at college. If this is your first year going away to school, we understand that you may be a bit flustered and confused about what to pack and bring along with you to your new home.


We are here to help you decipher what to bring with you and what you can leave at home. We know that you want to take all of your clothes from your house to your new dorm room but you can’t possibly fit all of your clothes in a shared dorm room so we are going to list out some essentials that you will definitely want to have with you for your college fall semester.


Your College Wardrobe


 Women's wake, pray, slay tank by Brooklyn Cloth


The distance from your college to your home determines how often you will be able to switch your wardrobe throughout the semester. Some of you may be staying from move in day all the way through to the end of the semester while others may be going home frequently. This matters because as the weather changes, you are going to want to switch out your wardrobe, but if you cannot go home that often, we here at Brooklyn Cloth are here to help you come up with some versatile pieces that you will be able to rock all year round.


Our Favorite College Packing List Items


- Tees

- Tanks

- Biker shorts

- Joggers

- Hoodies


We offer a wide variety within all of these categories that you can choose from to make your college wardrobe exceptionally trendy.


We know how nerve-racking it can be to start a whole new chapter in your life that you have not experienced before in an entirely new place. While starting this exciting time, you want to make sure that you maintain a positive and confident attitude. The best way to have a positive and confident attitude is to be in clothes that make you feel this way. Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we want your clothes to make you feel trendy and comfortable no matter where you are wearing them, especially in a brand-new environment. We hope that they give you a little more comfort as you enter this new chapter of your life.


Biker Shorts for College


Women's biker shorts from Brooklyn Cloth 


Let's start with our most popular style, our beloved biker shorts. Our biker shorts are a piece that every young lady needs to try for this upcoming school year. Not only are our biker shorts trendy, but they are also comfortable and your go-to for heading out of your dorm.


Whether you are just lounging around in your room, hitting the dining hall, or even going to the gym to work off those late-night snacks, these biker shorts will fit the bill. We offer a variety of biker shorts in both 5-inch and 7-inch inseam lengths.


Our biker shorts are available in solid colors, prints, and patterns. Some of our favorite prints include our snake print, camo print, cheetah print, and tie-dye pattern.


Oversized Hoodies


One of our favorite ways to wear biker shorts is pairing them with an oversize hoodie and our trendy platform sneakers. For a fabulous back-to-school look, try our snake print biker shorts with our black “Where mind meets soul" hoodie, which can be found in the men’s department.


We love our unisex clothing here at Brooklyn Cloth. Anybody can rock these hoodies by adding their own spin to them. Finish this outfit off with a bucket hat or a baseball cap and a pair of athletic shoes. This is the perfect outfit to wear while walking around campus in between classes or heading to the dining hall with your friends for dinner. It is both a super comfortable and trendy outfit to wear during the fall semester.


If you are not a fan biker shorts for lounging, try one of our other types of shorts. Our cloth shorts also are offered in a variety of prints and colors for you to choose from. Our cosmic shorts are a popular choice that can be found in black or sand options. Opt for the sand cosmic sweat hoodie for a classic collegiate look.


We absolutely love matching sets here at Brooklyn Cloth and we definitely think that you should rock them while walking around your college campus this semester. They are such a fun and easy way to look trendy without even trying. This cosmic sweat hoodie also comes in black and dusty rose.


Embroidered Shorts


Women's embroidered shorts from Brooklyn Cloth

Similar to our cosmic print shorts, the angel embroidered shorts for women come in three different colors including soft moss, dusty blue, and dusty rose. This particular pair of shorts does not come with a matching hoodie, but we do suggest pairing it with a matching tank top. Our women’s dusty rose angel slick tank top is a perfect match for the shorts. On warmer days, rock this matching set to stay cool as you make your way to class.


Tie-Dye T-Shirts


Our Evolve Butterfly tie-dye T-shirts are some of our best-selling women’s tops. This line makes it easy to mix and match all of your favorite college wardrobe staples. This dorm-closet necessity comes in pink tie-dye, lavender tie-dye, dusty blue tie-dye, and grey tie-dye.


Who doesn’t love a great tie-dye T-shirt? There are so many different bottoms that go great with this T-shirt. You can opt for joggers or a pair of shorts depending on the weather. We recommend pairing this T-shirt with loose-fitting shorts like our women’s black self-love club shorts. If you want to buy the T-shirt in an oversized look, try wearing it with a pair of our biker shorts.


Women’s Adult Joggers and Sweatpants


Women's joggers from Brooklyn Cloth 


If you prefer pants, try our comfy joggers. A great pair of joggers that match well with a variety of our T-shirt are our women’s good vibes only doodle jogger. They’re simple, so you can top them off with bright hues, like your college colors, to show school spirit.


Joggers are essential here at Brooklyn Cloth. They’re what we’re best known for, so you can trust that we can provide you with comfort and quality. Joggers aren’t only worn during the colder months of the year; they are worn year-round. Our joggers come in a variety of solids and prints, so your look stays fresh all semester long.


For a laid-back look to rock while relaxing in your dorm or hanging with friends, the “Take Care of Yourself” sweats can be found in both red and hunter green. Simple and bright, these pair with any shirt, from tees to tanks, and hoodies.


Bold tie-dye joggers and hoodies come in an array of colors, from the muted light gray tie-dye Peace of Mind boyfriend joggers to the cotton candy and even indigo tie-dye sweatpants. Many display unique graphic designs so you’ll stand out among the campus crowd.


Sweat Sets


Women's matching set from Brooklyn Cloth 


Some of the sweatpants come with matching hoodies for a complete set. We definitely suggest that you take multiple matching sets with you to college because they can obviously be worn together as extremely trendy sets, but they are also extremely versatile and can be worn as separates for more outfit options.


Some of the sets that we offer include our pink tie-dye hoodie and sweats, our cotton candy hoodie and joggers, and our indigo hoodie and joggers. All of these matching sets can be accompanied with a pair of your favorite sneakers or slides that can easily be thrown on between classes.




During the fall or winter months, feel free to throw on a vest over your hoodie or a lightweight jacket to keep you warm, but not too warm. We also offer a variety of fleece crew sets that you can rock this semester.


Fleece for College


These fleece sets come with a pair of fleece joggers and a fleece crewneck. The colors that we offer these sets in include soft moss and dusty rose. We also offer hoodie and shorts sets for the warmer months of the semester. Styles include white banded and heather gray banded options.


Choosing Your College Packing Essentials


We hope that this guide to your college essentials has helped you decide on what to bring with you and what to leave at home.


Feel free to stock up on any new items that you may need to have an in-trend wardrobe while you’re away at college. If this is your first year away from home, cozy clothes can bring you a sense of comfort. Our soft staples will give you a sense of home in your new dorm room. They may even help you make some friends, because, trust us, your roomie is going to want to borrow your cool clothes.


If you fill most of your college wardrobe with matching sets, make sure you add a little of your own flair. We are here to guide you in the right direction, but we are looking forward to seeing what you do to make these outfits your own.


We hope that you have a great semester, and that you make memories and friends that will last a lifetime.

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