Women’s Summer Shorts and How to Style Them

As the weather gets hotter, we get rid of the long pants and bring in the short shorts. How do we style our summer shorts? How do we make them look chic? Why are they a super important part of a woman’s summer wardrobe? Well, we here at Brooklyn Cloth have all the answers for you.


While for a cool night out on the town women’s summer shorts can be dressed up, they can also be dressed down for a day at the beach. This summer, there are so many different possibilities when it comes to women’s shorts, you won’t be able to have enough!


History of Women’s Shorts


Did you know that short shorts were banned by law for women in New York City up until 1942? They were originally worn by female Hollywood stars for publicity photographs. After the tennis star Alice Marble shocked everyone by wearing knee-length shorts to a tennis match, it took 40 years for shorts to begin becoming acceptable for women.


In 1971, the trend referred to as “Hot Pants” came around, making it acceptable for women to wear skintight short shorts to almost every occasion. Women had felt covered up for too long and it was time for them to make their statement. Can you imagine not being able to slip on a pair of cool summer shorts during the intense summer heat? We certainly cannot.


Now we can thank the women of the past for creating trends and fighting for our freedom every time we slip on our favorite pairs of shorts this summer.


The Short Shorts


We here at Brooklyn Cloth think that the most important pair of shorts for you to have this summer is a comfortable pair of short shorts. Short shorts can be worn while lounging at home, running errands during the day, going to the beach, or while embracing nature on a nice hike. However you choose to spend your summer days, these shorts will be perfect.


Yes, the phrase short shorts can be misleading, but we don't want your short shorts to be too short. When choosing what size shorts you want, make sure they aren’t too tight or too short in order to keep a classier look.


Luckily, the super comfortable and well-fitting material of our shorts shouldn't give you a problem at all and will look just right for all of your summer outings.


Depending on what occasion you are going to, the way you style your shorts will vary. They could be styled with a simple tee, hoodie, bathing suit top, or tank. Shorts are very easy to add your own personal touch to any outfit. There’s no limit to the color, pattern, or style. Let’s dive into all the exciting ways for women to wear shorts this summer.


A Casual Summer Day


If you are super busy and need something quick to throw on without worrying about if you’ll be too hot or uncomfortable, a simple pair of comfortable short shorts are a great option. By keeping the shorts simple, you’ll be able to easily throw on a coordinating top.


The outfit does not need to be anything crazy and over the top- sometimes less can be more. This will give the perfect athleisure vibe. We want you to look effortless yet chic!

 Sand Cosmic Print Short for Women

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As if the heat is not hot enough, if you’re running around trying to get things done in time to hit the town with friends at night, you might need to worry about those awful sweat stains. Let’s eliminate those worries by wearing a cute tank instead of a tee.


Tanks are super breathable and versatile. They are a great option to pair with shorts. Depending on your preference, the tank can be fitted or loose!

Women's White Self Love Print Short 

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In case you don’t have a super busy day and have the luxury of being able to lounge around at home or chill in your backyard while soaking up the sun, short shorts are still the perfect option. A pair of jean shorts may not be the most comfortable choice but putting on a pair of comfy cotton shorts will make you feel cozy yet dressed and ready for the day. Maybe you’ll even get a chance to sit outside and tan your legs; but beware of the tan lines!

 Dusty Rose Garment Wash Shorts for Women

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A Day at the Beach


Are you ready to smell the ocean breeze, feel the sand on your feet, and hide your food from the seagulls as you try to take a bite? Well, before worrying about the seagulls, let’s worry about your outfit! It’s time to style those short shorts for the perfect beach day.


Yes, we’ve all been saying we need to work on our beach bodies for months hoping that it will magically make us feel better about ourselves, but the #bkfam knows that no matter what, you’re going to look awesome while relaxing at the beach. Before we get excited about what to wear on the beach, we need to make it to the beach.


Putting a pair of short shorts over your bathing suit as you make your way to the beach is super cute. Pairing the shorts with a casual flowy tee or cute beach cover up top will bring your beach day outfit to the next level.


Whether you’re driving or walking, you’ll want to still feel comfortable. Short shorts won’t make your legs sweat or stick to your thighs. Besides the umbrella, there won’t be much shade, so we suggest wearing a light color that won’t attract the sun and make you overheat.


Inspo #1:


  • White lightweight shorts
  • A white flowy tank or tee
  • Cute sandals
  • Your favorite sunglasses


Once you’re at the beach, you might be ready to show off whatever cute bathing suit you have on underneath, but you may not be ready to completely strip down! So that’s why it is completely acceptable and trendy to keep just your shorts on. Short shorts can act as a form of cover up while at the beach. Whether you’re rocking a cute bikini top or gorgeous one piece, you can keep your shorts on while taking a walk along the beach, playing games, or while wading in the water.


Inspo #2:


  • Neutral lightweight high waisted shorts
  • Your favorite bathing suit
  • A cute beach hat
  • Sunglasses


A Day Spent Outdoors


If you’re all about embracing nature this summer, you may find yourself on a hike. Do you know what the perfect attire is for a long summer hike? You guessed it! Shorts!


If you haven’t already noticed, women's summer shorts are super versatile and easy to style. We’ve covered how to style an athleisure look and beach look, so now we’re going to show you how to make a pair of short shorts sporty.


The great thing about wearing shorts while going on a hike or just being active outside is it gives your body a lot of room to breathe and move. The only reason you’ll have to worry about overheating is because of the temperature outside and not because of what you’re wearing.


Active shorts come in all different styles, so you can still look fun and cute while doing what you love. Biker shorts are a great option for your outdoor activities. The simple style of biker shorts also allows you to have more fun with colors, prints, and patterns!

 Women's 5" Inseam Brown Leopard Bike Shorts

Inspo #1:


In case you’re going on a sunset hike or decide to head outside when it's cooling down, it is important to have layering options. Start with a tighter shirt when it is still hot and bring a light sweater or long sleeve shirt to throw over top when it cools down. If you’re worried about carrying the sweater, you can always tie it around your waist or over your shoulders. That’s a trend, too!


Inspo #2:


The Jean Short


Since we here at Brooklyn Cloth value being comfortable and stylish at the same time, we had not yet brought up the possibility of a jean short. But finally, the time has come. When it comes to a jean short, opinions vary and so do comfort levels. Every style and feel of the material is different, so it’s up to you to experiment!


The great thing about jean shorts in summer is that they are super easy to style. You can dress them up or down and pair them with almost any top. Consider what the occasion is and go from there. Whether it’s a tee and sneakers or button down and sandals, jean shorts are always a great go-to summer staple.


The Ultimate Women’s Summer Shorts


So, why do we love the idea of short shorts in the summer so much? There are so many styles and ways to style them while keeping cool. You are able to be comfortable and not have to worry about the breeze exposing your undergarments like when you’re wearing a cute summer dress.


If you’re looking to dress up the comfy chic shorts vibe, accessories are always an option. To keep it easy it is best to layer gold or silver jewelry. This will give your look a more put together and edgier vibe. You’ll look like a fashion expert. Many celebrities and influencers took the concept of dressing more casual and adding lots of jewelry to a whole new level. Why don’t you try it out as well?


Having a cool pair of sunglasses or a cool hat could also take your summer outfit to the next level. If you’re opting for a more neutral tone outfit, consider adding a pop of color with the accessories you pair with it.


Summer shorts have also become a trend in the evening. Although we don’t recommend wearing a pair of cotton or jean shorts for a night out or to dinner, a pair of linen loose fitting shorts would look very nice. Pair those shorts with a nice blouse and cute sandals and you have the perfect summer evening chic outfit.


Wear Stylish Shorts this Summer


The only issue that is yet to be brought up is when your legs are rubbing together on a hot and sticky day and you’re just sick of wearing shorts. In this case, we have a solution! Although shorts for summer are a must, linen pants are a great alternative. They are lightweight and allow for a lot of air flow. They can be worn during the day or at night; however, we don’t suggest wearing them on a hike.


Let’s not get tied up on that, though! Overall, shorts are the perfect summer staple that is needed to improve everyone’s summer wardrobe. Remember short shorts come in all different styles and materials, so there are options for everyone. There are boy shorts, booty shorts, Jamaican shorts, high-waisted shorts, biker shorts, crochet shorts, cotton shorts, jean shorts, and so many more. Have fun with trying out different styles and figuring out which ones best represent who you are.


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