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New York Signature Souvenir Jacket

It’s all about where you travel and the memories you make

There’s a new kind of souvenir that tells a story rather than having a million kitchen magnets. We proudly present the first NY Souvenir Jacket. The story behind the souvenir jackets will leave you on the edge of your seat and make you want to purchase quickly right from  Souvenir jackets were given to the American soldiers to commemorate their time overseas and included bright, ornately hand-crafted designs from Japan in WWII. The jackets were noted for solider admiration and something that becomes a part of you.

We had the opportunity to sit with one of our in-house designers who took the lead on designing this NY Souvenir Jacket. Jason explained that he looks at everything and anything that he believes would be eye catching. He finds inspiration from the photos he takes and brain storms different ways on how to create one of a kind master pieces. Another factor that comes into play for Jason is that he grew up in Queens and went to school in Brooklyn. He mentions that everyone in every borough has their own way of style and representing where they are from. The NY Souvenir Jacket is something for people to remember from a trip to New York.

 “This is not a new trend everything old becomes new again and it is special because it is new, but the aesthetic is old but has grown into renewed appreciation” – Jason Mei.

This jacket is meant to be fun and a traditional piece for those who travel to New York. On the back side in the middle is the Statue of Liberty she stands bold and proud watching over the 5 boroughs of New York. The significance of the fact that the jacket is reversible is more of an aspect of discovery. No one would really know that it is reversible by looking at a picture of the jacket. This is the element of surprise.

Jason quoted “I wouldn’t necessarily design a piece like this for another state because this is something that is supposed to be memorable, working and growing up in the streets of New York doesn’t compare to other boroughs in other states. This felt so genuine to me because New York is a part of who I am.”


“The subtle design and impact piece at large is rewarding to someone of curiosity” – Jason Mei.

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Breathe Carolina x Brooklyn Cloth Collaboration

The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived! The Breathe Carolina x Brooklyn Cloth Savages Bomber Jacket is available at for a limited time.


Breathe Carolina started in Denver, Colorado and have now become a very popular electronic dance band. Their music attracts those who are the dreamers and believers. The fans feel a connection by inhaling in the lyrics and exhaling the beat. They produced an album called Savages and wrote a song called Savages. The inspiration behind this powerful word means it is for those who live their life the way that they want to and chase their dreams. The Breathe Carolina fans have a huge impact on the DJs aka the band and are even referred to as savages. The savage way of life is connecting with strangers who turn into friends. They find a sanctuary where they are not judged by others who look down on them. The “savages” are personified as wolves in their own skin meaning they mark their territory, go after what they desire and run with a pack; never alone.

These are the rebels in society who do not want to listen to how they should live their life. They have their eyes set on something and they go for it never looking back. The chorus part of the song really ties into the meaning of Savages. (Wolves in our own skin! (WHAT?!) We're savages, we act so primitive (WHAT?!) We're savages Do the rain dance, like you're on fire).

Breathe Carolina might have created a musical connection first with fans but as the years progressed they created a bond stitched together by one word and embroidered into a jacket. Breathe Carolina does not just produce music they produce a lifestyle that speaks to a certain group. If there are lost souls trying to find who they are the community of savages welcomes everyone and anyone. By this connection, it is a direct reflection on the lifestyle of Breathe Carolina and their fans. The fans find this to be so powerful that majority have gotten savages tattooed or worn something custom made that shows they are a savage.


The future of the savages will only grow and soon will become a global movement. Since this is happening and growing into a movement Breathe Carolina will find more ways to connect with fans and run with the pack. The Savages bomber jacket is just the start of something that brings this group together.


Breathe Carolina will always leave a mark on the hearts of the true Savages.


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Love the Brooklyn Way

I am a hopeless romantic but have never been a huge advocate of Valentine’s Day. Well, that is not entirely true. When I was in third grade we hung envelopes on the side of the desks and then the class went around putting their Valentines in. Afterwards we counted our love notes and I faired all right. It was tradition in those early days. Choosing a box from the Valentine’s aisle in the local pharmacy. Spending an evening addressing them to classmates and then the love fest came and went.


The origin of Valentine’s Day was initially to honor Saint Valentine of Rome and Saint Valentine of Temi. No romantic ties whatsoever. It was not until the 14th century that it became a love fetish tradition within the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer:

Under a tree, beside a welle, I say

Cupyde our lord his arwes forge ad fyle;

And at his fete his bowe al redy lay

Um… huh? Basically something about Cupid with some arrows and stuff ready at his feet. So from there Valentine’s Day evolved into the holiday of lovers. Thus ends our brief history lesson…

            Present day – inundated with heart shaped boxes full of mediocre chocolates and a greeting card Lollapalooza. But all cynicism aside, maybe at the end of the day it’s about making Valentine’s Day your own and ignoring the entire consumer riddled nonsense. After all, there is nothing wrong with showing a little love and what better way than the Brooklyn way.

            Make it a date night – how bout’ the classic dinner and a movie with the right amount of hipster? Syndicated in Bushwick hits three birds with one stone – movie theater, bar, and restaurant. I have it on good authority that it will be showing Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet and Steven Shainberg’s Secretary.  Di Caprio, Danes, Spader, Gyllenhaal – the definitive dark romance odyssey. Start with a cocktail. I recommend Kiss of Death, followed by a Hanger steak, or the Bitter Greens Apple salad if you go green, and end with some canoodling in low light, sipping another cocktail, how bout’ Cinema Paradiso to set the mood and you have yourself the most efficient Valentine’s Day night out!

            If that is too much multi-tasking for one night, keep it sincere with aphrodisiacs and snogging. A little on the pricey side but well worth it, Maison Premiere in Williamsburg is for the romantic at heart. With oysters and drink mixology at it’s finest – you can’t go wrong. If it is not too chill of an evening, the waterfront is a short jaunt away. Taking in the city skyline will put anyone in the mood.

Or maybe a just deserts kind of V-Day. Mediocre chocolates will not do. Not the usual ambiance with a fusion of European and Japanese inspiration, Patisserie Tomoko is cozy and orchestrates a saccharine pairing of wine and desserts.

Whatever your mood on Valentine’s Day, make it your own. If that fails, love the Brooklyn way; there is always something right around the corner.


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Brooklyn Love

To say there is a lot going on in the world is an understatement. I have spent more time reading the New York Times in the last two weeks than I am used to. Every morning I feel like Captain Picard asking – “Damage report?” More than anything I feel a sense of hopelessness. It is like watching a terrible car accident happening and not being able to do anything to stop it. These are uncertain times. 

Brooklyn Love

            Community has become more important in this country’s current state of unrest than it has been in a long time. There is a thirst for action, solidarity, and expression for tolerance and inclusivity among a vast majority. As Dylan Thomas still reminds us, “do not go gentle into that good night.”

The prime minster of Canada, Justin Trudeau, gave an eloquent address in the wake of the recent shooting in a Quebec Mosque. I was in tears as he ended with, “Canadians will not be intimidated, we will not meet violence with more violence. We will meet fear and hatred with love and compassion. Always.” So as we enter February, a month for the hopeless romantics, I hope as a country we move forward with love as well.

            On a Friday I decided to spend an hour outside the Prospect Park Q subway station in Brooklyn doing just that, answering the fear and hatred we have been inundated by, with love. With a shabbily scribbled sign that read, Hugs For All, I offered hugs for an hour to strangers entering and exiting the subway station. A little apprehensive, there was no telling how this would be received. And then I remembered – Brooklyn is all about the love.  And with it being the most densely populated borough in New York City, it equates to a lotta love.

Bear Hugs      


Sweet hugsCool guy hugs     

Brooklyn is home and happens to be a cosmopolitan of diversity in regards to race, nationality, and religion. We simply… cohabitate. And like any family, there are disagreements – but at the end of the day it is still home. In its diversity it is unequivocally human. It doesn’t get any more natural than this.

            While there were those that were a hesitant about my intentions, there were many that welcomed me with open arms. And what a feeling… I encountered tenderness and a true sense of community in such a short amount of time. Men, women, young, old, from a plethora of backgrounds – dogs too and one tiny little boy named Steven who turned around before leaving so he could ask me my name.

            There was no agenda, no ultimatums, and no divisiveness. Many had expressions of candid surprise that ended with a sincere moment that took the ordinary out of the day for both of us. Each moment was intimate and it was real. A gentleman asked me how much it would cost him. “Free!” I stated and he replied, “Well in that case, “ and we hugged it out. Another asked me why I was doing it. “Just to spread some love.” And he too, let me. What would happen if we answered every trespass with an act of random kindness? And as Trudeau reminded the world, “We must come together in order to move forward, we will not close our minds, we will open our hearts.”

Group hug 

Group hugs


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SantaCon aka Santarchy, Santa Rampage, Santapalooza and The Red Menace started in December 2014 when the cover of the Village Voice wrote about how this event had evolved from "performance art that's full of joy and fun"which originated in San Francisco, to a "drink & crawl to every pub" with your peeps. 

SantaCon Outfits


You need to dress in Santa Claus costumes or other Christmas characters from Rudolf, Frosty, Elf, Mrs. Clause (Sexy or not) and Frosty. 

You spend the day with friends going from one pub or bar to another. This year, SantaCon is on Saturday, December 10th and just in time for the festive occasion, we've got our Holiday Jammy Joggers both in ELF and SANTA options. Be the COOL SANTA during Santacon and rock ours! And what's great is that you can use it all season long! 

Elf and Santa Jammy Joggers

HO HO HO.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS from your Peeps at Brooklyn Cloth! 

Cool Santa Outfit

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