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50 Shades of Neutrals

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and some of our moods have definitely lighten with the change in weather. Yes, you may have noticed: Spring is here! And with it Brooklyn Cloth is releasing a whole new range of Spring Neutrals. Bright and Bold colors are definitely in this spring. That is why we’ve created a line of Joggers, Tees, and Printed shorts in colors like Oatmeal, Tobacco, Cinnamon and Khaki.


We get it. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right outfit to wear as the weather starts to get nice. But don’t worry, incorporating our pieces into your wardrobe will be the least of your worries. These neutrals can go with almost everything in your closet.

For example, you can pair our khaki jogger shorts with a bright tee and some white kicks and you’ve got yourself lovely daytime look. Or you can style our Tobacco Joggers with a crème muscle tee, some high tops and a jean jacket and have a fun night in the city. But maybe you’re looking for something a little more eye-catching? Well, take a look at our printed shorts featuring red lobsters or flirty flamingo. Pair it with a white button up and some boat shoes and you’ll have people stealing two or three glances at you as you flaunt a casually elegant look.




These pieces can be dressed down or dressed up, it all depends on how you want to rock your look. The choices are endless when it comes to our Spring Neutrals.

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What's in Nico's Closet?

There have probably been countless times when you just find yourself staring at your closet looking at your wardrobe thinking to yourself "What in the world am I going to wear today?" Probably trying to think of ideas of how you can mix up your outfits without seeming like you wore the same thing over and over during the week. We have all been there and probably still are, but have no fear because your current favorite or new favorite blogger is here to save your fashion day! His name is Nico and he lives in Canada! He has been a fan of fashion for years and has been blogging for a couple of years now in men's fashion and various other topics.

Nico is one of our favorite bloggers that we do collaborations with and have been for a little while now. Nico took the time out of his day to speak with us about one of our pieces that we sent him that he loves. Nico has his own blog and does his own look books that we Brooklyn Cloth were actually featured in as well as an article that he wrote. Nico's blog is called pourlamode and it is everything you will need to survive the "outfit double feature" for the same week.

Nico's favorite piece that we gave him is our Black Nylon Bomber Jacket. You can find this bomber jacket at Nico is a relaxed guy and loves that the fabric we use in the bomber jacket is really a light weight jacket and perfect for spring and even cool summer night. Nico likes to enhance his look instead of having a focus point unless there is a statement piece which in this case wear more basics to make your statement piece shine. We were impressed to learn that he likes to style the black bomber jacket with army inspired boots.

"Black goes with the army print and I believe that fashion was inspired by the army and wanted to give a more army vibe for the spring season" - Nico "In real life I like to wear my army boots with some awesome Ray Ban shades with an army vibe and can see that in my images, I wanted to make this look clear."- Nico

On the weekends he likes to wear his bomber because you can dress it up or down it is so versatile, it looks great with a basic tee, your favorite pair of distressed denim jeans and a pair of casual lifestyle white sneakers. Nico likes to gather different outfits together especially for summer because even though it is hot out you can still dress in style with some shorts or jogger shorts.  

"Style is a balance of personality and taste which should express you!" - Nico


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Ultra Music Festival X Brooklyn Cloth


When the clock strikes 12:00 AM on March 1st everyone knows what time of year it is, that's right it is the start of music festival season! There are so many different type of music festivals touring the country, worldwide you name it there is a festival in town! The first music festival to kick off the season as always is the wonderful Ultra Music Festival or known as UMF takes place in beautiful Miami, Florida


People from all over the USA come together in peace, love, unity and respect to share the experience with friends and make new ones. The music festival culture is friendly and welcomes all who want to experience having good times with good vibes. 



There are many DJ's and electronic bands that come from all over the globe to perform at the music festivals. Two of our favorites are Martin Garrix and David Guetta which were the headline DJ's at Ultra Music Festival 2017. We can just dance the night away listening to Titanium or The Only Way is Up



As always we collaborate with Ultra and this year we designed baseball tees, leotards and introduced our signature Brooklyn Cloth "dad hats." The baseball tees are a lightweight material with buttons in the front and the Ultra logo embroidered on the front chest and on the back of the tee in a very pretty blue color. We even did leotards for women featuring the Ultra name on the straps. As we break into the warmer weather we know the sun can be brutal especially at all your favorite music festivals so we designed our signature Brooklyn Cloth "Dad Hats." You can grab your favorite dad hat at They come in black and blue with different embroidered designs. Grab yours today to kick off the music festival season



You can best believe that we will be attending more music festivals in the year 2017, so let's spread those good vibes Brooklyn Cloth Style



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ENB x Brooklyn Cloth Collaboration


How did ENB all begin, you say! Well we got the exclusive with the two guys that started it all. Ethan and Alex grew up originally in London and became friends at the age of 4 years old. As the years went on they found a shared passion which is a love for music so they would have parties in high school and hang out with their friends just jammin out.

For their college years they both moved to the US and kept the partying going in the dorm room. As college graduates that decided to move to the "Big Apple" preferably in Brooklyn. In 2012 they continued the party at their apartment on Friday and Saturday nights. Soon they realized that so many people wanted to come that they needed a bigger space. Ethan and Alex thought out side the box and decided to find a place preferably in a basement that can hold tons of people.


They found a place called Cameo Bar, unfortunately this bar is no longer in business but when it was the basement parties with Ethan and Alex were the ones you wanted to be at! The two did everything they could to make their first event go viral, they even created a Facebook event and the attendance list turned in 1,000 people.

They even received press for their event and Brooklyn Bowl reached out to Ethan and Alex to perform. This was a dream for them because they have gone to Brooklyn Bowl before and would see a lot of their favorite bands playing. Brooklyn Bowl even has a location in Vegas so Ethan and Alex flew out to Vegas for an event. They were introduced different DJ's and bands. Now 2 years later after Vegas they are traveling for their own event that is called ENB, they mostly travel in the US but do some shows international. 

"We are trying to build one epic experience after another" - Ethan and Alex 

Ethan and Alex will often throw after parties for big named bands, they do not produce their own music because they want to keep this nostalgia and want to promote new and upcoming bands. When these two are at events they are not shy they love to talk to people especially in the front row and connect with the people.

This leads up to the shirt that was designed for ENB and the shirt says Scream. Dance. Rage. Repeat by Brooklyn Cloth. Ethan and Alex loved designing this shirt because it is a connection they share with the people in the same room. 

"Brooklyn Cloth really represents a lot of what we believe in and what we stand for" - Ethan and Alex

I don't about you but if this shirt doesn't make you want to jam out to some New Found Glory, Yellowcard or My Chemical Romance then you are missing out!


"We play the songs that have made the people into who they are and if we come across new music we play that as well" - Ethan and Alex



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New York Signature Souvenir Jacket

It’s all about where you travel and the memories you make

There’s a new kind of souvenir that tells a story rather than having a million kitchen magnets. We proudly present the first NY Souvenir Jacket. The story behind the souvenir jackets will leave you on the edge of your seat and make you want to purchase quickly right from  Souvenir jackets were given to the American soldiers to commemorate their time overseas and included bright, ornately hand-crafted designs from Japan in WWII. The jackets were noted for solider admiration and something that becomes a part of you.

We had the opportunity to sit with one of our in-house designers who took the lead on designing this NY Souvenir Jacket. Jason explained that he looks at everything and anything that he believes would be eye catching. He finds inspiration from the photos he takes and brain storms different ways on how to create one of a kind master pieces. Another factor that comes into play for Jason is that he grew up in Queens and went to school in Brooklyn. He mentions that everyone in every borough has their own way of style and representing where they are from. The NY Souvenir Jacket is something for people to remember from a trip to New York.

 “This is not a new trend everything old becomes new again and it is special because it is new, but the aesthetic is old but has grown into renewed appreciation” – Jason Mei.

This jacket is meant to be fun and a traditional piece for those who travel to New York. On the back side in the middle is the Statue of Liberty she stands bold and proud watching over the 5 boroughs of New York. The significance of the fact that the jacket is reversible is more of an aspect of discovery. No one would really know that it is reversible by looking at a picture of the jacket. This is the element of surprise.

Jason quoted “I wouldn’t necessarily design a piece like this for another state because this is something that is supposed to be memorable, working and growing up in the streets of New York doesn’t compare to other boroughs in other states. This felt so genuine to me because New York is a part of who I am.”


“The subtle design and impact piece at large is rewarding to someone of curiosity” – Jason Mei.

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