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Brooklyn Cloth Festival Wear

Summer time calls for festivals and there are so many different kinds of festivals that you can attend over the summer. The heat can make it tough so when it doubt don't sweat it out. Keep rad in the Brooklyn Cloth festival attire! Food truck festivals are the best because who doesn't like to sample a little bit of everything and anything in one day. IF you are from the Chicago area they have the annual Chicago Food Truck Fest on June 24th and June 25th! They have an estimated of 40 to 50 different food trucks and also a Sangria Garden! This event not not only has food and tasty treats but they also bring their guests live but also have games such as corn hole and jenga.

Image result for chicago food truck festival

Image result for chicago food truck festival


Now what should you wear to this festival?! Rock out in our Windy City Chicago apparel! Represent Chicago the best way possible wearing one of our Chicago tanks or Windy City Tee and don't forget to accessories with our Chicago pins. 


 A different type of festival would be the Governor's Ball Music Festival located at Randall Island in New York City. The festival launched in 2011 and features a broad style of different music genres from electronic to rock. This music festival brings in so man different kinds of people because of all the different music styles offered. You don't have to bounce around from stage to stage if you want to wait to see your favorite performers you can enjoy some great food, play games and even enjoy the New York City  arts by meeting some of the finest New York street artists. 


Image result for governors ball music festival

Image result for governors ball music festival

At Brooklyn Cloth New York means everything to us, this is our home! So we have the perfect outfit for you to wear to Governor's Ball  

Sun's out gun's out! Enjoy the Governor's Ball rockin one of our tank tops from the tanks collection for men on brooklyncloth.com. One of these tanks will get you noticed and other s will be asking where you got the dope apparel from. We are all about The Jogger and The Jogger Shorts so instead of wearing jeans you can rock the cargo shorts because they have additional pockets on both sides that have a button flap to close. These shorts play it safe when it comes to your car / house keys and your wallet.

 Charcoal Twill Cargo Jogger Shorts

There are so many different festivals and we wish we could list them all!

If you have a favorite festival in your area we would love to hear about it as well as your experience!

Leave us a comment below 

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How to do Botanic Garden the right way

The warm weather brings out the happiness and the allergies, but that doesn't stop us because we love vibrant color and all things colorful and Brooklyn. When you have a day stop by the Botanic Garden in Brooklyn, New York. This place has everything from different walking trails through multiple path ways, even celebrity trails so if you want to stalk your favorite Hollywood star they might be hiding on this trail. There are so many different areas to visit! You can either go to a different garden, conservatories, see popular collections and features.

Since they are open from March to October you can find out which flowers are in bloom to go see in person. You can even track the progress of the new blooming flowers on the Brooklyn Botanic Garden website.

If you love plant life there is a gardening resource center where you can learn what to plant in what month. Also great news for teachers if you are looking for a fun new field trip to take the students you can take them to the education and activities center here they can learn a variety of different things, this could be helpful in the classroom for a life science class.

If you just want to come for some fun you can go on a guided tour around the Botanic Garden and see everything and learn about the different gardens. You will learn about the inspiration behind the gardens, the plant life, and wildlife. Seems like a great time and it is only available in Brooklyn, New York. You won't get an experience like this anywhere else. In some of the gardens you can sit down and just enjoy nature. When you have a stressful week just close your eyes and take a deep breathe because you found a little piece of an escape from reality.

When your stomach starts to rumble in the afternoon hop on over to the Yellow Magnolia Cafe for some delicious food. You can find the entrance for the canteen next to the Steinhardt Conservatory. The Cafe has a full service dining on Tuesday to Sunday their menu is extensive offering a wide range of choices for entrees and also offers alcoholic beverages.

Yellow Magnolia Cafe Opens At Brooklyn Botanic Garden

If you are more in the mood for something quick try the Yellow Magnolia Canteen which overlooks the Lily Pool Terrace. You can order any type of sandwiches, soups, salads and snacks, I am just getting hungry thinking about all this good food.

Image result for yellow magnolia canteen

If you go in the morning I think it is safe to say that everyone could use a cup of Joe to put a pep in their step. So if you are feeling like you need a wake up call you can venture to the Visitor Center and go to the Yellow Magnolia Coffee Bar. 

If you have a favorite spot at the Botanic Gardens and want to share your experience with us leave a comment below! 

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Style Guide: How to wear Board Shorts

The heat is coming and we can start to feel the humidity take a hold on us! It is time to cool down and jump in the ocean or the pool whatever you prefer. Don't forget your favorite board shorts from Brooklyn Cloth! At Brooklyn Cloth we have 2 different types of swimwear for men, the first is the traditional board shorts and the second is the volley shorts.

We want to share with you how we wear our board shorts!

Here is our Hula Girl Floral Board Shorts, there are so many different colors going on here so you can wear a pink tank, purple tank, white tank, black tank, beige tank or red tank. We keep the vibe tropical!

 Above we have our board shorts paired with a light pink distressed scoop hem tank when you chill this summer you can really make the board shorts stand out wearing a lighter color. Wearing a plain tank is easier to match with because it will pick up the colors in the board shorts.

 Looking for board shorts that you can wear to a BBQ backyard party? We have the beer pong volley shorts that would be perfect for chillin with friends on a flamingo pool float while listening to some awesome music. 

 You can these swim shorts with either a red, blue or white tee or even a tank top. You can even wear these for Fourth of July weekend! Get ready to sink all the cups this summer!

For a more soft tone try on a pair of our fish bone volley shorts, now we can easily pair this with white and red because of the fish on the shorts but we like to mix it up!   


Sometimes matching is no fun but these volley shorts look great with our graphic tank "Trust No One" This tank has a really great ombre paint splatter design that pairs well with anything you wear on the bottom because it is neutral. 

To make you feel more at home on the beach kickin back with a drink in your hand get in our Aerial Beach View Print volley shorts, even if you can't make it to the beach you can wear these in the backyard just to chill.  

Whichever you prefer they are both comfortable for diving off the diving board, sittin pool side, relaxing on a tropical beach or skim boarding in the sand! 

If you have a certain way that you like to wear your board shorts we would love to here from you! Leave us a comment and we will respond back as soon as possible.


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Top 5 best things to do in Coney Island

Being native to the New York area Coney Island is a must visit destination for summer. We have ventured to Coney Island for fun and found some fun things to do with friends. 

Ride the two famous rides Wonder Wheel and Cyclone

These two rides have been around since the 1920's and have made a name for themselves you can see the Wonder Wheel as you go over the Verrazano Bridge so people have made a connection with Wonder Wheel and Coney Island. The Wonder Wheel has 3 different color cars and the difference between this Ferris wheel and others is that some of the cars swing back and forth as the wheel goes around. Some may think this is terrifying and others find it awesome. So grab a friend and take a spin on the wonder wheel this summer. The Cyclone is the second most well known coaster at Coney Island and was built in 1927, only 7 year years after the Wonder Wheel. Cyclone gives you an authentic wooden coaster experience like no other. Go back in time to when wooden coasters were built get ready to reach new heights, turns and drops on this one of a kind beauty. 

Image result for wonder wheelImage result for the cyclone

 When your stomach starts to rumble you need to fuel your body

Grab a slice of pizza from Ferrari's Pizza in Coney Island. If you authentic brick over pizza this spot is for you. They have everything and anything on the menu from plain pizza to specialty slices. You name it they will make it. If you're in the mood for something quick walk over the Luna Snacks for some delicious treats that you eat while walking along boardwalk. Don't forget the cotton candy! On hot days the best treat is ice cream! Make your way down the boardwalk to Coney Cones for some delicious gelato. They have some really good flavors that will keep you cool and your taste buds happy. 



Challenge your friends to a game and see who is the best

There are many games games to play along the boardwalk for a good laugh you can test your skills against your friends to see who wins or play random people. The water racing games are always fun because the odds get tougher as more people play and it decreases your chances of coming home with that 4 ft giraffe! Who knows the odds may be in  your favor this time.  There are so many other games to choose from from balloon dart games to catching a plastic fish and weighing it to see what kind of prize you win. 



Events in Coney Island

Coney Island is known for putting on quite the shows or having different events that attract locals and tourists. Coming up Coney Island will be celebrating The Cyclone's 90th Birthday we don't know too many coasters that have a birthday but we hope to share in the celebration. 

When we were thinking of a photo shoot to do our summer campaign we couldn't think of a better place than the Coney Island Boardwalk. This boardwalk has been through the ups and downs for years and now is a great summer destination. Here at Brooklyn Cloth we stand by a culture surrounded by family, friends, good laughs and good times which is why we chose this spot. Everyone grew up going to Coney Island and it holds a place in their hearts where you can just kick back and relax, play games, eat and go on so many rides until you are dizzy. We had a great time doing our summer campaign here because the inspiration came from what we know and what we grew up with.

So go out with some friends and have a blast this summer Brooklyn Cloth Style!

If we missed something that you like to do in Coney Island leave a comment we would love to hear about more things to do here! 

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Beach Please!

We are just counting down the days until Memorial Day weekend is finally here! We are so close to the start of summer and we can't wait. Summer time means beach + friends + sun kissed skin. If you stay in the New York area we have the perfect guide to seeing all the beaches this memorial day weekend. 

During the summer we love to catch some sun but also be able to go get something to eat without going far or having to drive somewhere especially if we wanted to stay the whole day. Coney Island Beach is one of our favorite beaches because not only does it have a beach but also has a boardwalk, food and rides. This beach as it all whether you hang out with the fam or with friends grab some rays by day and some rides by night and don't forget the cotton candy, summer is nothing without it. Coney Island also has a Mermaid Parade where everyone dresses up as a mermaid or a mystical creature for the day. 

Image result for coney island beach

 Image result for mermaid parade

If you are looking for a spot that is more low key and not too family oriented then you may want to take a trip passed Coney Island and head to Brighton Beach. Brighton Beach may be a part of Coney Island but it doesn't have all the attractions and is more peaceful to take a nap in the sand and listen to the waves crash along the shoreline.

Image result for brighton beach

Another beach in Brooklyn is the Manhattan Beach Park. This beach is perfect for families to hang out in the sun. You can bring your own picnic baskets and have a barbecue or go play in the sand and swim in the water. In the park section you can play different kinds of sports from tennis to basketball which makes it fun if you don't want to lay on the beach all day long and be active.   

Image result for manhattan beach brooklyn

 Another beach that is growing in popularity but more for locals is Rockaway Beach in Queens. This beach is a collection of smaller beaches where residents live and can walk to the beach in minutes. There are more relaxed things to do there like get breakfast, lunch or dinner after a day at the beach. There is not too much going on and doesn't get overly crowded like other beaches where people from all over come to visit. 

 Related image

Whichever beach you decide to go to this summer make it a Brooklyn Beach!

Happy Summer homies!

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