9 Gifts for the Artist in Your Life

10 Gift Ideas for the Artist in your life

We paint ourselves with clothing to represent individuality, gender, and present our souls outwardly. In some way, we are all artists — whether we use our hands to sculpt with clay or build websites using technology. For any artist, no matter which art form they pursue, they definitely dress to express themselves. At Brooklyn Cloth, we believe in representation through denim, joggers, tee’s, and accessories for the not-so-everyday artist. Check out these nine gift ideas for your beloved artist.

10 ten gifts for artist in your life                                                      

      1. Akinyemi Coaches Jacket 

"The jacket is inspired by my namesake Akinyemi, which means "fated to be a warrior", hence the ‘warrior’ on the sleeves and the ‘fated’ on the rib side. The artist in your life will love the quote on the back represents what Akinyemi believes a warrior embodies. Wear this jacket when you’re feeling like voicing your opinion, being loud and bold, or even when chilling home and resting. It’s light enough to wear on a cool summer night and layered enough to keep you warm during a breezy fall day. Stay true, fellow warriors

 Great gifts under $50 to give artist


      2. New York Patch Denim Jacket

    We want to praise our fellow tattoo artists out there for having super steady hands when they inked that polar bear skiing down a hill, sipping on a can of Sprite. We applaud that! A perfect gift for our polar bear creators is the New York Patch Denim jacket. This jacket has a skull with a rose protruding from its head on the left sleeve, as well as NYC-themed embroidery on the back. So, if you’re looking to give your tattoo artist a little extra tip when you get that red raspberry on your forearm, this denim jacket is the perfect piece to gift them — maybe your next tat will even be half off.

     New York Patch Denim Jacket


          3. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

    Capture moments and take in memories with Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera. Keep it personal by choosing the camera in your photographer’s favorite color: Cobalt Blue, Flamingo Green, Ice Blue, Lime Green, Smoky White, or Mint Green. This camera includes a wrist strap for a better grip when taking snapshots of outings, loved ones, nature, and momentous times through a vintage-like lens.


          4. New York Reversible Jacket 

    Ready to hear a jiggy beat? Wanting to bust some *sweet* dance moves on the floor? Treat your DJ right with this wicked cool jacket. Our New York Reversible  Jacket is the perfect style for your favorite DJ to rock at their gigs. Details of this jacket include hand drawn inspiration embroidered details on the back, ribbed contrast collar + sleeves, two side open pockets and slim fit.. This jacket will have your fellow DJ so in tune with their inner artist, they’ll be mixing and beat-matching all night. Get your boogie shoes on!

    New York Souvenir jacket  


          5. Ivory Sherpa Fleece Jacket 

    This isn't your old school fleece jacket, this updated classic, warm and comfy every day wear for the cold weather. This Brooklyn Originals Garment classic Ivory Sherpa Jacket is constructed of soft Sherpa on the outside, fleece lining, contrast nylon front chest pocket zipper, 2 side zipper pockets and true fit.

     Ivory Fleece jacket for dad gifts


          6. “That’s What” –She Hat

    Loving this whole funny hat gift idea? If you are looking for a present for a theatre geek or TV writer, this hat may be the perfect gift. Our “That’s What” -She Dad Hat is the perfect accessory for our fellow “The Office” fans. Details of this hat include an adjustable strap with a clasp.  When wearing this hat, prepare to hear people delivering one-liners from the famous TV show all day long.


          7. Torso Female Clothing Tripod Stand

    For any Blair Waldorf wannabees, this next item is the perfect gift to give your fashionista. A Torso Female Clothing Tripod Stand is a gift like no other. This item is great for styling and designing clothing, so whether your beloved fashionista is sewing a formal wear gown for prom or making a patchwork denim jacket for fashion week, this mannequin is a great go-to gift.

     Torso Image


          8. Light Wash denim Sherpa Jacket

    We've taken the old denim jacket and added our own cozy vibes to it. Gift the artist in your life the level of warmth, softness and comfort from the denim sherpa jacket. This jacket is great to have when the cold months come along and it can be layer with a favorite hoodie + pair with some jogger pants and cool kicks. Details include denim all over, lining is sherpa, drop shoulder, full length  button front, sleeve cuffs and modern fit.



          9. Single Note Baseball Cap

    For musicians, a single note baseball cap is a great way to deliver some sweet-sounding jazz tunes or filling the club with guitar riffs. This handmade cap comes in your choice of color: black, white, navy, grey, beige, light pink, baby blue, and almost every other shade within the rainbow. Just trying to keep our fellow musicians looking and feeling as laid back as they should.

     Single Music Note baseball cap

    Whether you are on the hunt for a gift for your favorite DJ, fashionista, or any other artist out there, we at Brooklyn Cloth serve the right dose of dope-ness and unique style to our clothing. When you are trying to come up with the perfect gift for your beloved artist, look no further than Brooklyn Cloth’s website for a signature piece.


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