5 Best Bars in Brooklyn to Celebrate Halloween

5 Best Bars in Brooklyn to Celebrate Halloween

Halloween time has finally arrived! New York City is a thrill on Beggars' Night with spooktacular events and activities throughout October. Discover the top 5 Bars in Brooklyn that are the perfect haunts to spend Halloween!

House of Wax

House of Wax is the bar inside of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Downtown, Brooklyn.  They definitely have the eerie atmosphere that you would be looking for on Halloween. Displayed all around is a rare selection of waxwork sculptures containing model fetuses, monkey skeletons, realistic displays of anatomy, pathology, anthropology, and even death masks of famous celebrities.  They serve a bunch of specialty cocktails and delicious food.


Duff's Brooklyn

Duff's in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a heavy metal bar that is a stop off for many heavy metal bands passing through New York City on tours. There is a cage, electric chair, coffin seating, and metal memorabilia covering every inch of the walls. With cheap drinks and BYOF (bring your own food), the atmosphere is cool and so is the crowd!  Even if you are not into heavy metal, it is still a great hang out spot because of the feeling it gives off of Halloween spirit. 

Barley Disfigured

Barely Disfigured bar has speakeasy vibes inside.  You can sit at the candlelit bar, the red-lit lounge room with cushions and a bed, or outside in the cute little patio with string lights. The location was a brothel back in the day, which the owners wanted to keep that atmosphere, by including a bed in the bar.  They even have a sign in the window mentioning that that is not a brothel, but still has the Brooklyn haunt.  There are good creative cocktails and delicious food served.



Sunshine Laundromat & Pinball

Sunshine Laundromat & Pinball is a speakeasy in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. On the outside, you would only think it is a laundromat with the sign and washing machines. This place is a fully functional laundromat and a wonderful pinball arcade. Once you open the door that is made from washing machines, you enter the bar and arcade. The bar has a selection of beers and they serve pizza!  This bar isn’t spooky, it just has different quirky vibes that are great to spend at on Halloween, playing old fashion games and drinking away with friends.

Zombie Hut

Zombie Hut is a bar that has a nice big backyard patio, which is hard to find in Brooklyn. There is a tiki bar, a backyard which is perfect if it is nice weather and they always play good music. Even though they give off tropical vibes, with the name Zombie Tiki, they incorporated the Zombie part into their awesome drink list.  Who wouldn't want to spend Halloween in a fun beachy themed bar?!

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