5 Men’s Outfit to Wear to Thanksgiving 2018

5 Men’s Outfit to Wear to Thanksgiving 2018

The holidays are just around the corner and the team at Brooklyn Cloth have 5 Men’s Outfit to Wear to Thanksgiving 2018. Choosing the right outfit is the last thing you want to think about during the holiday season. You already have to worry about that “Aunt” who’s going to want a kiss and hug from you followed by questions about “that special someone” or “why you don’t have that special someone”, so why not be comfortable and look good?


Our GO TO “what to wear for Thanksgiving” is our Joggers in different colors but we think Tobacco Twill Joggers and Black Twill Joggers are the best bets. Styles can come in Moto Joggers, for that “rock and rock” vibe without trying to hard. Or if you want to follow the “work wear” trend, then our cargo joggers or pinstripe joggers is your answer.


Here are 5 Outfits that can be worn with any of our joggers


OUTFIT 1 (CLASSIC not Basic)  

Look good for the Family (but more importantly, yourself)

Start with our black twill joggers, which has an elastic waistband but “true fit” which means you feel like you’re wearing sweatpants but look put together. Add a basic white buttoned down shirt, black belt, clean white sneakers, and a distressed denim jacket. It's classic yet on trend. No Pumpkin Spice drinking “basic” here.

Twill Black Joggers  


If you want to go against the grain and “disappoint your parents” then wear the REBEL look. Start with the Black Moto joggers. The moto details on the knees, slim fit, elastic ankle gives you a slick look but the elastic waist keeps you comfortable. Add a black stripe tee with an elongated body and dope denim jacket. We’re loving our Dirtyphonics Limited Edition Jacket and if any of your family members are driving you crazy, just walk out of the room and pop the collar (which has a F*#K Off) for all to see. Add some black army boots, black belt and silver necklace and your set.

 The Rebel look

OUTFIT 3 (Workwear)

Cargos are making a comeback so start with the Khaki Cargo Joggers. The pocket details, “true fit” which is not too loose or too tight will have you feeling comfortable & relaxed the whole day. Add a long sleeve thermal in fall color, Sherpa Denim Jacket, dark brown worn in boots and belt and you’re good to go.

 Sherpa Denim Jacket



If you’re holiday is more formal, then our Pinstripe Joggers in black is a must-have. It gives the look of being “dressed up” yet has all the details of our joggers. Add a pop color sweater and black bomber, and black boots and you’re good to go. You’ll look and feel “fancy” but “comfy”

 Dressy clothes for men on thanksgiving


If you’re about the food and really enjoying it the whole day of eating, then the look has to be COMFY. Comfy aka comfortable doesn’t mean you have to be a slob or wear some dingy old sweatpants. Start with our Grey Marl Cozy Knit Joggers, add a pop of color with a hoodie, and classic coaches jacket. Sneakers have to make a statement to tie the whole look together. You can be confident going to your holiday party, comfy but not sloppy.

Comfy clothes to wear for thanksgiving

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