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Catching Up with Photographer Andrea Kyriacou

Catching Up with Photographer Andrea Kyriacou

Andrea Kyriacou recently took some photos of her friends (and models) wearing Brooklyn Cloth gear. She later sent them our way, and we couldn’t be more excited about the images. They have a certain aesthetic to them that appeals to us, her subjects appear really comfortable in her presence, giving off a relaxed vibe without losing a fashion editorial feel.

Andrea is only 19 years old and lives in London. She has been studying photography in college and hopes to continue pursuing photography in University. Her goal is to be a fashion photographer, and we nave no doubt in our minds that she will do well.

In addition to photography, Andrea has her own Youtube channel where she discusses the latest fashion trends, reviews her newest purchases and vlogs about her everyday life. She is also an admin for The Basement and Supreme Talk in the UK. They have been featured in magazines such as Dazed Digital, Hypebeast, The Daily Street and Complex.

Check out some of the images she took below and be sure to check out her Instagram and webpage for other great photographs.



Two of the models featured in Andrea’s Brooklyn Cloth shots are Jack Talbot and Ainsley Mahoney George.

Jack is 21 years old and lives in Central London. He currently works as an advisor for Jaguar and spends a lot of his time skateboarding. He is heavily involved in streetwear culture and has recently begun modeling for Nazir Mazhar.

Ainsley is 20 years old and a full time model. He is based out of London, and when he is not modeling he stays busy hanging out with his friends and skating around the city. 

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