A day in my joggers

A DAY IN MY JOGGERS - How to Wear Joggers

A DAY IN MY JOGGERS - How to Wear Joggers

For those of you that are not familiar with me, I am a men's blogger from Chicago. I am partnered with Brooklyn Cloth who was generous enough to equip me with fall products.

Trying Their Joggers

One of the products sent to me were Joggers.  I must admit that Joggers are essential in my wardrobe, as many of you may feel. You can wear them when having a casual weekday or a Sunday “bum day” because there are many ways to style them.

 Twill Joggers

How to Wear the Joggers

The sweatpants look is treading and I’ve seen it worn by college men to professional athletes. Joggers are at their most natural when worn with a T-shirt, but to ensure that GQ look, reach for a solid or striped tee over your washed out band T-shirts. I have paired the Marl French Terry joggers with a jean jacket, perfect for running errands, and as you can see I have a striped shirt on.

 The Jogger

Other ways to wear Joggers

  • Wear them with a leather jacket
  • Grab a nice cotton blazer
  • Hoodie or sweater
  • Overcoat jacket

How to Wear Joggers: Finding the Proper Fit

Last but not least, it is important that the joggers fit properly. They shouldn’t look baggy or oversized. The correct term is fitted. Rocking this combination of tan twill joggers is great. They are very versatile with pretty much anything I listed above. I have a hooded shirt that is a great piece to own. Lightweight and has a hood. Genius!! Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out these looks by clicking on the links attached!

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