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June 15, 2018



“My name is Paolo Del Castillo and I was born in the Philippines and raised in Florida. My artistic background is rooted in painting and illustration but photography has always peaked my interest since high school. When I finally had the means to buy my first camera 2 years ago, one of my homies shot around with me and showed me how to properly operate a camera in manual mode. After seeing the work that goes into photography from start to finish, I was inspired to shoot more frequently on my own and quickly fell in love with it. Pursuing photography as a career is what ultimately led me to move to New York, and its a medium that I now combine with painting and illustration. I currently work full-time as a photographer for ICER Brands in New York City.”


Paolo is the co-founder of the Barangay Bois and will be showcasing June 22nd.

Paolo Del Castillo Work

 Paolo Del Castillo Work


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