Beanies are Back This Winter – Here’s How to Style Them

Beanies are Back This Winter – Here’s How to Style Them

Beanies are Back This Winter – Here’s How to Style Them

Hey, everyone! This frosty season is right around the corner. We’re looking ahead to snow days, fireplaces, and ice skating. It’s going to start getting chilly and this winter is going to be a cold one, guys! It can sometimes be difficult to put together a dope outfit while you’re trying to not get hypothermia. In the winter, when you’re getting dressed, you seriously just want to feel cozy and comfortable because you know you're going to have to brave your morning commute and deal with horrible weather once you step outside. Keep reading to find out how to style this winter's hottest accessory!



Looking Cool While Keeping Warm with Beanies

Everyone always talks about how stylish winter outfits are, but have they ever experienced freezing temperatures? It’s so hard to maintain your style when all you can think about is how to not go numb once you go outside. This can cause dilemmas when you go to pick out outfits in the winter.

A super easy way to pull any outfit together and keep you warm during the cold season are beanies! You may be thinking, “well, hats don’t suit me,” but trust me, you just haven’t found the right one yet! They are so versatile and there are so many different styles, prints, shapes, and colors to choose from. Even if you feel like your outfit is not doing any justice, your beanie can really pull you together.


Why Beanies Should Be Your Go-To Winter Accessory

A beanie is a go-to accessory in the winter. One of the many benefits of beanies is to protect your head and keep it dry from falling snow or rain. It also protects your face and ears from the severe weather conditions you may experience during the season. Especially frostbite on your ears, which is so easy to get!

Beanies are great to travel with because they are relatively small and compact - and usually pretty easy to cram into a bag or backpack. This makes it a perfect winter accessory because we all know how annoying it is to shed layers when you’re going inside where the heat is blasting to outside where it feels like the Arctic to back inside again.


Incorporating Beanies into Your Winter Style

Sometimes we think of accessories such as beanies as more of add-ons to outfits. If you have a really dope beanie you want to wear and style, you can totally base your outfit around it. There are so many ways to style and play with the designs of your hat whether you want to focus on the look - is it skater, preppy, grungy - or the graphic on the hat itself.

You also have to think about how you want to wear your hair underneath the cap. A beanie can be super helpful if you are having a bad hair day or simply do not want to deal with it that morning.


Top Ways to Wear Beanies

  • Basic
  • Single Cuff
  • Fisherman
  • High-Top
  • Robin Hood
  • Slouch

     1. The Basic Beanie Style

The first and most classic way to style your beanie is “the basic.” This is going to be the most effective at keeping your head and your ears warm and cozy. This method doesn’t involve any cuffing, so it covers your ears and the front panel rests above your eyebrows.

  1. Single Cuff Beanie Style

The single cuff vibe works for casual settings and bad hair days. The method to this style is to first put the beanie on top of your head then cuff it once. It should lay about halfway down your ears. The single cuff still keeps your head and ears warm, but it also gives you a different look and more edge than the basic.

  1. The Fisherman Beanie Style

For the classic fisherman look, roll or cuff the beanie twice. With this method, you want to wear it at the top of your head, so the front of your hair is sticking out. It can be worn forward or backward depending on how much hair you want to show

  1. The High-Top Beanie Style

This look isn’t so much about the warmth but more about the cool factor. You want to place the beanie as far toward the top of your head as possible. It’s supposed to rest above your ears so it’s vertical and well rounded.

  1. The Robin Hood Beanie Style

This look is definitely out there but it’s a bold statement to pull off. You want to leave the beanie uncuffed in the front and cuff it once in the back. The cuff should form an angle that starts and stops at either ear.

  1. The Slouch Beanie Style

The Slouch is for the seriously chill look where you wear the beanie as far back as possible. The extra fabric should slouch in the back. You can cover your ears just slightly and let some hair come out in the front.


Finding Your Perfect Beanie Fit

When you’re looking for your ideal beanie, you want to start by analyzing the shape of your face. A round or square face is suited best by a plainer beanie. When you wear it, you don’t want it to cover your whole forehead and ears. This will elongate your face. If you have more of an oval face shape, any style of beanie can really work for you, but cuffed beanies will be your best bet.

Beanie Choices by Hair Type

After deciding what style works best for your face shape, you want to take into account your hairstyle. You want to look at the length of your hair as well as the texture. When choosing your perfect match, you want to avoid anything that is too overpowering to your overall look. So, avoid anything that makes your face look too big or much smaller than it really is.

The types of hair that determine what beanie is right for you are:

  • Long hair
  • Curly hair
  • Short hair
  • Bald/Shaved head
  • Facial hair


Styling Beanies for Long Hair

First up are my long-haired people. If you have longer hair, you might notice it actually gets more damaged in the winter weather. The great thing about beanies is that they can actually protect your locks and mask a bad hair day.

So, if you have long hair, you really want to go for an uncuffed beanie. With this style, you can pull it down your forehead and let your mane come out the sides of the cap to frame your face. You also have freedom with your hair style and can put it in a low ponytail, bun, or just wear it down. You can also opt for roomier styles like high top and slouch beanies.

Beanie Styles for Curly Hair

For all my curly haired people, you don’t want to shove all of your curls inside the beanie similar to anyone with long hair. You want to let your curls fall out the cap onto the sides of your face, shaping it. If this is you, try going for a cuffed loose-fitting beanie. This will avoid making you look super bulky up top.

Styling Beanies for Short Hair

If you have short hair, a tight-fitting beanie is going to be a great look for you. One with a pom pom on the top could look really great on you as well. You want to stay away from anything super chunky or loose or else it might look like it’s overpowering you.

Pro tip: if you want to avoid creating cowlicks or flat hair, sweep your hair back from your face first and then put the beanie on starting at the forehead.

Beanie Styles for Bald/Shaved Head

If you’re bald or have a shaved head, you’re definitely going to want to go for a fisherman beanie. The fisherman is inspired by hats that are worn by dock-working fishermen. Recently this style of beanie has become super popular, especially in the skating community. It sits right on top of your head featuring a thick cuff and doesn't really cover your ears.

Beanie Styles for Facial Hair

Last but not least are those with facial hair. If you’re working on your no shave look or growing out your beard, pretty much any style of beanie would work with you. Since your face is already framed by your facial hair, you don’t have to worry about that aspect. You can basically rock anything with or without cuffs, loose or tight fitting.


Styles and Occasions for Beanies

Now that we’ve figured out what style of beanie fits you the best, let’s style it! There are so many different ways to style beanies for any occasion. Beanies have become more mainstream and can totally be worn in a number of different settings, including:

  • In the office
  • With a casual outfit
  • Streetwear style
  • Night look


Beanies in Streetwear Looks

Going for a streetwear aesthetic, you can opt for a fitted beanie with a modern leather trench and sneakers. A great fit choice if you’re working with a grunge look, go with oversized cargos and a loose-fitting hoodie paired with your favorite designer kicks. Pair your favorite designer logo with a plain neutral beanie to tone the print down. For the cold weather go with an oversized puffer and sweats for a comfy vibe. We styled our streetwear look with the XX Sad Face Beanie, which has the ultimate streetwear graphic.

xx sad face beanie 

Winter Classics Beanie Looks

These options are for when you are warm is the only thing you can think about when you’re picking out your outfit in the morning. Grab your big winter coat, a hoodie, and some cargos to pair with a merino wool beanie for extra warmth. Style your thick beanie with knitwear or boots as well. For color, go with more cool toned colors for the season such as darks, neutrals, and blues such as our Blue Tie Dye Beanie. You can even go for earthy colors if that’s your preference.

blue tie dye beanie Beanies for the Color Crazy

If you’re into color, using a bright beanie can spice up your outfit that might be otherwise plain. Mix and match colors, fabrics, and texture for a more dimensional look. If you go for this look, wear a beanie that matches one of the hues in your outfit. Colors that would complement this style are orange, yellow, and red. Going for a super yellow fit, the Yellow Hustle Beanie creates a loud and bold look.

yellow hustle beanie

Monochrome Looks with Beanies 

Monochromatic pairings are still in this year. If you’re going to use your beanie in a monochrome look, you want to keep it more neutral with the color, so the full outfit is balanced. Head-to-toe black is a classic fit for a city vibe. Especially for winter, an all-white or all-cream or all-gray look could be super cool as well. An all-gray look paired with the Black Tie Dye Beanie creates a nice cohesive outfit. Other colors such as forest green and tans go perfectly if you’re sticking to all one color for the day.  


Casual Styled Beanies 

Although a beanie can be styled up or styled down, it’s really known for being a more casual accessory. Pairing it in a more casual setting can be the most versatile. Go with any wash of denim, a bomber jacket or parka, and your favorite boots. High top beanies look dope with oversized jackets. For the really chilly days, pair with a neutral coat, graphic tee, and light wash denim with a classic, solid black beanie. Go for a comfy look with a hoodie and sweats with laid-back outerwear and canvas sneakers.


Beanies for a Smart Casual Look

Smart casual is going to dress up your casual pairings. For this style, you want to use the beanie to dress things down. Stay away from vibrant colors and keep the vibe subtle and neutral. Opt for gray, navy, or black if you want to play it safe and go with orange, burgundy, or brown for something a little more seasonal. Dress down your smart casual look with the Blessed Beanie.

white blessed beanie

Bringing Beanies into Your Wardrobe This Winter

This winter, beanies are going to be a go in your wardrobe. Whether you are looking for something casual and comfortable for the day or something more put together, beanies can fit your any and every mood. They’ll keep you warm, elevate your look, and give you an overall edge to your outfit. Finding the right style and fit for you is crucial to how you’ll feel in them so take time when you’re looking for the right one.

These cozy hats are going to be a must once the temperature drops so start thinking about how you want to style them! There are so many different outfits you can put together with your beanies. The possibilities are seriously endless.

At Brooklyn Cloth, we love to see how you style your favorite pieces from us. Post your fave look wearing Brooklyn Cloth and tag us @brooklyncloth and use the #BKFAM for the chance to be featured on our social media!

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